Dan Sheppard

Dan Sheppard

United States
United States

Dan Sheppard is an American YouTube channel which has approximately 7.03 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling roughly 847.26 thousand views views across around 1.37 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@officialdanielsheppard

About Dan Sheppard

Howdy! My name is Dan, creator & sort of charming host of Bake With Shep! Dad to my Corgi-Jack Gwennie, self-taught baker, Power Rangers Cosplayer, & avid gamer.

With teaching myself through creative ambition & trial and error over the years, I decided to invite everyone into my kitchen to share my recipes.

And when I'm not in the kitchen baking up something sweet, I'm usually buried in a video game where I've become that guy who cries during video game cutscenes with lots of embarrassing moments, chaotic gameplays, & laughs!

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