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sarcasm and terrible gameplay. twitch.tv/Datto for streams.

setup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkUBclmINuc

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Getting Back to Murder Basics - Trouble in Terrorist Town Funny Moments #20
We don't need no fancy tricks, no high tech equipment or any of that. It's time to get back to TTT basics. Get ASTRO Gaming Gear Here! http://www.bit.ly/AstroDatto...
2018-03-15 2:00:03 PM ● 25,480 views ● 17:06 98.59% liked
Destiny 2: The Pyramidion Nightfall High Score Run - 165,829 Points
Coming in on the final day of reset, myself and the team managed to score big in the Pyramidion. Our previous best before this run was a 150k...
2018-03-13 10:00:02 AM ● 22,466 views ● 18:51 96.65% liked
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
Best of Datto Does Destiny - Stream Highlights #10
Time to throw it back for some D1 action. Get ASTRO Gaming Gear Here! http://www.bit.ly/AstroDatto (add CA for Canada, UK for United Kingdom,...
2018-03-09 2:00:01 PM ● 60,169 views ● 6:50 98.52% liked
Destiny (2014)
Destiny 2: Datto's Thoughts on the "Go Fast" Sandbox Update & Buffs
The "Go Fast" update slated for March 27th has gotten a big news briefing. Today, we'll discuss all of the changes coming in the update...
2018-03-09 10:00:03 AM ● 138,915 views ● 17:56 98.19% liked
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
WHERE IS MR. FRUIT?! - Trouble in Terrorist Town Funny Moments #19
I think either my acting skills are getting really good, or I care way too much about this stupid game. Get ASTRO Gaming Gear Here! http://www.bit.ly/AstroDatto...
2018-03-08 2:00:02 PM ● 57,959 views ● 15:13 99.18% liked
Destiny 2: Datto's Nightfall Scoring Feedback & Thoughts
Here's some feedback and thoughts on the current iteration of Nightfall scoring. I'm sure the comment section for this one is gonna be lovely....
2018-03-03 10:00:02 AM ● 63,287 views ● 13:26 96.52% liked
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
Destiny 2: Tree of Probabilities Nightfall High Score Run - 129,242 Points
Wanted to upload a pure gameplay of the Tree of Probabilities Prestige Nightfall with scoring. This run was really solid, great times, great...
2018-03-02 10:00:02 AM ● 38,364 views ● 18:56 95.71% liked
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
Just a Sadistic Game Show - The Darwin Project Beta Gameplay
The Darwin Project is a spin on the Battle Royale genre, where you fight to the death, BUT, there's also a show director controlling the action....
2018-02-28 3:00:03 PM ● 26,687 views ● 13:56 98.47% liked
Monster Hunter World: Hammer Combat Guide - How to Use The Hammer
The Hammer is one of MH:W's more simple to understand weapons due to the lack of memorization required or lengthy combos to master. Nah, with...
2018-02-26 10:00:00 AM ● 45,789 views ● 11:42 98.47% liked
Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter World: The All Out Hammer Utility Armor Build for High Rank
The hammer is one of the most satisfying weapons I've ever used in a video game. Today, we're going to take a look at a build I've been messing...
2018-02-21 10:00:03 AM ● 95,836 views ● 12:03 97.49% liked