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Bitplex (formally Eyspire): Retro and NextGen games reimagined in creative ways.

Ever wondered what classic sonic would look like super fat? Or wondered what an old 8 or 16-bit game might look like in 3D? Been itching to see something rumoured in an upcoming or current game? Original tracks and music videos are also occasionally released on the channel.

Thank you to everybody that has supported this channel over the years - it now has over 5 million views under its belt. If you have a request for a video idea, get in touch - there are plenty of ideas to go around!

All of the music featured on this channel is composed by Bitplex.

Enjoying the music on this channel? Follow my musical journey:

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Mortal Kombat 1 (1992) reimagined as a 3D game!
Click to Subscribe: _ All MK1 fatalities, characters and arenas reimagined in their 3D glory! Mortal Kombat...
2019-03-21 6:03:14 AM ● 592,967 views ● 4:01 93.82% liked
Off-camera moments you've never seen in games!
Subscribe to Bitplex! What do all of our favorite heroes, mascots, baddies and sidekicks get up to when we're...
2018-12-24 6:34:33 PM ● 8,096 views ● 3:31 97.54% liked
All Sonic Mania zones in 3D!
Subscribe to Bitplex! Due to popular demand, after months of hard work and countless requests...I FINALLY proudly...
2018-11-02 9:14:28 AM ● 285,083 views ● 5:26 97.80% liked
Gameboy Games reimagined in 3D!
Subscribe to Bitplex! _ The Dot Matrix was the working title for the Gameboy system before it was officially...
2018-08-09 4:52:16 PM ● 8,757 views ● 3:19 99.04% liked
Super Mario Kart (1992) Reimagined in 3D graphics!
Enjoying the vid? Subscribe to Bitplex! _ Super Mario Kart is close to many of our hearts, and being such a...
2018-06-04 4:50:02 AM ● 17,011 views ● 2:31 97.90% liked
90's games reimagined with 3D graphics (part 1)
Click to Subscribe: _ It's finally here! 10 Classic games from our childhood reimagined in 2.5D/3D. This project...
2018-04-17 3:51:03 AM ● 23,550 views ● 4:12 98.86% liked
The Making-of my YouTube! (10k subs Special)
Click to Subscribe: _ Sit back and relax - let me guide you through the journey i've been on, how I started...
2018-03-23 7:46:40 AM ● 1,774 views ● 5:19 99.28% liked
Mortal Kombat 2 (1993) reimagined as a 3D game!
Click to Subscribe: _ Watch MK1 Reimagined as a 3D game (2019 release - bigger and better than this!):
2018-02-21 7:14:33 PM ● 411,569 views ● 2:54 96.96% liked
Rocket League Trails reimagined in creative ways!
Click to Subscribe: We’re always anticipating more engaging items and new features in Rocket League. You asked,...
2018-01-22 3:28:54 PM ● 24,116 views ● 1:11 98.10% liked
The Junkjet Journey
Listen and download for free here! Dedicated to my amazing dad - you are now...
2018-01-22 5:37:57 AM ● 1,314 views ● 3:53 100.00% liked