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Crazy Gamer, YouTube Content Creator, Fan Translator, Guide Author.
Generally plays a wide variety of games.

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GOD EATER 3 Promotional Video [English Translated]
I translated this video myself and as the author to the translated text, its my right should I wish to keep the English translations exclusive...
2018-11-08 9:47:17 AM ● 422 views ● 4:32 100.00% liked
Super Sumeragi vs Munin Lv2000 [No Damage Solo] - Accel Sword
I'm pretty sure I say this every time I play this guy, but the removal of the Passive Bug REALLY hit Sumeragi hard. He is currently being outdamaged...
2018-11-07 11:22:26 AM ● 229 views ● 4:57 94.74% liked
Asuna vs Beowulf Lv2000 [No Damage Solo] - Accel Sword
Hope you liked the cameo from my second PS4 in the beginning w Hey. This is probably my best No Damage Solo video aside from the Yuuki vs Charon...
2018-11-02 1:23:42 PM ● 178 views ● 5:05 94.74% liked
Super Rain vs Ruhiel Lv2000 [No Damage Solo] - Accel Sword
This is probably the most boring AccelSword video I have uploaded but I was planning on No Damage Soloing all the boss types and it turns out...
2018-11-02 1:22:00 PM ● 39 views ● 2:09 100.00% liked
GOD EATER 3 Demo - Talking About Some of The Changes/Additions
Another video I didn't want to upload. Oh well whatever. Some more things I found in the demo but didn't talk about in the video: -Equips now...
2018-10-25 8:47:03 AM ● 2,223 views ● 15:33 98.52% liked
GOD EATER 3 Demo - Navato Nuada Assault Mission (Variant Scythe)
The demo's play period is over. Scythe is largely the same as it was in previous games. Feels like they've increased the... Cleaving Fang? I...
2018-10-23 8:19:59 AM ● 473 views ● 5:24 100.00% liked
God Eater (2010)
GOD EATER 3 Demo - Fighting Anubis II (Charge Spear)
The demo play period is over. This is the last video I'll be uploading from the demo, unless they hold another play period before release. The...
2018-10-22 11:30:16 AM ● 236 views ● 5:34 94.44% liked
God Eater (2010)
GOD EATER 3 Demo - 8-Player Assault Mission (Long Blade)
Skip to 1:01 for the action. I only included the matchmaking because some people may want to see that (I would). One one of my first runs in...
2018-10-19 11:59:40 AM ● 549 views ● 6:38 96.00% liked
God Eater (2010)
GOD EATER 3 Demo - Fighting Barbarus II (Short Blade)
A lot of the returning weapons feel largely similar to their older counterparts. For example, none of the old weapons have new attacks and their...
2018-10-19 6:30:02 AM ● 391 views ● 3:11 96.00% liked
God Eater (2010)
GOD EATER 3 Demo - Online Multiplayer Gameplay (Boost Hammer)
Grab the demo here before it ends on the 21st of October: https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/JP0700-CUSA13136_00-GODEATER3TRIAL00 Use...
2018-10-16 6:01:26 PM ● 438 views ● 9:28 96.77% liked
God Eater (2010)