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MY BROTHAS & SISTAS YOU ARE NOW WATCHI......oh..... wrong place LOL. Hello you beautiful bastard! My name is Jeremy or over here on these parts ''TheGamer2323''. I fell in love playing video games at the age of 5 and here we are today still as passionate as ever! The content you can expect over here can vary from video game vlogs, unboxings, game reviews, gameplays, off topic videos, etc. I hope you like what you see and maybe you'll decide to stick around for a bit.

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Anthem: It's Gonna Be A No From Me Dawg....
Still might cop later on down the road, but as far as a day one purchase.....I might hold on to my wallet for a little longer. Anthem gameplay...
2019-02-03 1:58:26 PM ● 18,719 views ● 19:28 92.02% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 Early Unboxing & Resident Evil 2 | Gaming In 2019 Already 🔥🔥🔥
From a childhood want, to an adulthood reality. Kingdom Hearts 3 is indeed VERY real and about to drop in a store near you 😱😱😱 Shoutout...
2019-01-25 6:01:48 PM ● 15,155 views ● 20:39 96.93% liked
A Brotha's Favorite Games Of 2018🎮 And others I played
My personal favorite games of 2018 A brotha's Social Media - ●Follow A Brotha On Twitter - ●Daily Live Streams...
2019-01-14 2:14:36 PM ● 8,850 views ● 33:35 99.10% liked
365 Days Summed Up In One Video...
2018 already over with. Well damn.... Allow me to take yall on a journey of these past 365 days. A brotha's Social Media - ●Follow A Brotha...
2018-12-31 7:35:13 PM ● 11,190 views ● 34:01 99.33% liked
Sometimes You Gotta Humble Your Viewers: INTENSE Super Smash Bros Ultimate Games
Big stream trash talker Goku was going off in the chat per usual. So I told that sucka to PULL UP with that same energy. What happened next was...
2018-12-12 4:03:30 PM ● 7,938 views ● 28:04 98.66% liked
Everything Worth Mentioning At The 2018 Game Awards
Any and everything worth giving a damn over at the 2018 Game Awards. A brotha's Social Media - ●Follow A Brotha On Twitter -
2018-12-09 9:22:38 AM ● 9,087 views ● 15:52 97.94% liked
Today Shall Be SMASHTACULAR!!! Smash Bros, Nintendo Finessing, First Switch Unboxing, My Friend Code
The day has arrived. One of the SOLE REASONS I got a switch a few weeks ago. Super Smash Bros HERE. A brotha's Social Media -...
2018-12-08 4:07:57 PM ● 13,908 views ● 23:12 98.10% liked
Bow down to YOUR game of the year folks! Show respect. A brotha's Social Media - ●Follow A Brotha On Twitter -
2018-12-07 5:13:22 PM ● 13,982 views ● 1:27 94.93% liked
My Favorite Childhood Snacks Growing Up W/ Stories
Strolling through the snack aisles of Walmart one day led to this video 😂 What were some of your FAVORITE go to snacks you use to crave during...
2018-12-01 10:44:34 AM ● 9,564 views ● 30:51 99.17% liked
Hope everyone's holiday season has kicked off on the right foot. Copped a couple of items that caught my eye this Black Friday. A brotha's Social...
2018-11-24 2:05:45 PM ● 15,664 views ● 25:34 98.85% liked