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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Netflix58,259,260
2.United States Love Death & Soundtracks32,898,747
3.Russian Federation Evoice Erebus24,614,031
4.United Kingdom Versus Music Official14,553,537
5.United States IGN10,950,086
6.Brazil Universo Paralelo10,646,460
7.United States Jesse Cox10,193,199
8.Ukraine slidan9,710,320
9.United States LastKnownMeal8,146,378
10.Poland The Witcher7,666,289

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1.Brazil Universo Paralelo379
2. veriax326
3.Germany Valdis348313
4.Russian Federation Пакман Play285
5.Germany Blaufuchs237
6.Spain Screamin Doctor220
7. Toegoff216
8.Hungary Grumpsalot177
9.Germany SweetSaya174
10.Russian Federation CatsPlayTV170

Latest Let's Plays For The Witcher

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoUnited States Bacon CreepyThe Witcher | All DLC Playthrough | Which Witcher Will Win Which Witch War?1:48:2166
2020-10-15Germany AidariaLpGerechtigkeit-The Witcher Enhanced Edition[ Part 96-FINALE-Let's Play-GERMAN]21:022
2020-10-09Portugal Viriatus PCThe Witcher LP whit mods : Episode 2656:2814
2020-09-13Germany TobSENTHE WITCHER: ENHANCED EDITION #003 - Triss und die Reise nach Wyzima [German/HD] | Let's Play38:312
2020-09-12Germany IronNerdLP The Witcher E047 - Im Namen der Liebe25:561
2020-09-10Germany gamingmiriEndlich Frieden? – Let's Play The Witcher #85 [Deutsch]27:0210
2020-09-06Germany BlaufuchsLet's Play The Witcher [Revisited] 💰120 - Diese Geschichte endet [Deutsch/HD]27:12103
2020-09-04Russian Federation ИгроманияРемейк Prince of Persia, Ведьмак на PS5 и Xbox Series X, новинки Mario. Игровые новости ALL IN 4.096:56132,199
2020-08-26 Zets' TubeThe Witcher 1 playthrough part 21:19:072
2020-08-22Romania Random JuliaThe Witcher -Helping the Elves? | Part 2320:5121
2020-08-15 HoneyBlueBeeI saw something tangling.... | Let's play the Witcher part 529:271
2020-08-14Germany Studio WinthorTHE WITCHER I |140| Shani und Geralt im Doppelpack - Ein guter Kampf35:2017
2020-07-25United Kingdom Sophos GamingThe Witcher l Part 14 l Needing help with a body27:452
2020-07-24 âmes mortesDeadsouls Plays: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition ► Episode 2430:191
2020-07-22Germany GrozaromКровная вражда: Ведьмак. Истории. | Let's play | 22.07.20201:27:047
2020-07-13 Lets Play Better!Let's Play The Witcher #525 - Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind... [Finale][HD][Ryo]43:4712
2020-06-30 GameShampooThe Witcher Enhanced LP Ep 50 - The Autopsy of a Crime38:3010
2020-06-16Germany Zocker LoungeKloake des Todes - The Witcher - Deutsch - #01530:0734
2020-06-11United States VGamingJunkieLet's Play The Witcher 3 Live [Part 7] - The White Wolf Takes on the Were Wolf!2:03:2612
2020-06-08United States BowskiiLet's Play The Witcher | Side Effects | (Blind) - #03 | A Free Man.. | (Finale)46:3490
2020-06-06United States Jesika PlaysLet's Play | The Witcher | 45 | The White Frost56:59192
2020-06-06Russian Federation Soul PlayСамый Первый Ведьмак! Прохождение игры на Максимальном Уровне Сложности #8 (The Witcher на Русском)1:55:48367
2020-06-05Germany Olli l DreamcatcherLIVE-Let's Play: The Witcher - Enhanced Edition - Part 09 [FHD|60FPS]29:3144
2020-06-02Austria TheLoreyThe Witcher #009 | Zoltan Chivay | Let's Play (German)19:370

Latest Reviews For The Witcher

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-09-14United States NERDSoulNetflix's The Witcher Season 1 Reaction & Review w/ Meriah Hudson | NERDSoul54:48140
2020-08-13United Kingdom Jill Sandwichthe Witcher 1 Gametrailers Review7:2014
2020-07-26Japan VenoixThe Witcher: Enhanced Edition PC Review17:16443
2020-07-14 Harman SmithThe Witcher: Blood of Elves REVIEW!17:2562
2020-04-28United States Nude Clan Gaming Podcast#226 - The Witcher (TV Series) Review2:19:4321
2020-03-29United States COMICS PLUS! by AkasanThe Witcher Episode 2 Reaction & Review!! "Four Marks"12:349,009
2020-03-15Argentina Cultura GeekCultura Geek TV 26: Coronavirus y tech, The Witcher 4, review Moto G8 Power, Warzone y Silent Hills1:59:37297
2020-03-10United Kingdom The Cyber NerdsThe Witcher Season 1 Episode 7 & 8 Review21:492,322
2020-03-08United Kingdom Dr SayusThe Witcher TV Series (Spoiler-Free) Review3:595
2020-02-27 carmineglitchNetflix's the Witcher...not so good? Review from a Witcher Fan9:56277
2020-02-19United States UploadVRThe Witcher VR Mod (Patryk Loan) - Walking Around Kaer Morhen In VR4:503,535
2020-02-14Brazil CojaGamerOutriders Review e o PVP - Darksiders - The Witcher e Mais11:15191
2020-02-13 MaddmikeThe Witcher Review | Maddmike15:52230
2020-02-10United States Resonant ArcThe Witcher: The Last Wish | Book Review18:4010,707
2020-02-10Denmark Kat & SonnyThe Witcher S01E08 'Much More' - Reaction & Review!32:5735,939
2020-02-03Germany Akii The PandaTHE WITCHER (2019) - !SPOILERFREI! SERIEREVIEW ★ Meine "Kritische" Meinung + Story11:1740
2020-01-31United States TheMtVernonKid 🐺The Witcher Season 1 Review22:1061
2020-01-29United States PapaWriteThe Witcher Season One Review | PapaWrite20:0367
2020-01-26 Seifer04The Witcher review - Serie de Netflix19:43420
2020-01-26 N7KateThe Witcher Netflix - Season 1 Spoiler Free Review20:53403
2020-01-25United States Lety Does StuffThe Witcher • S1:E8 "Much More" • Reaction and Review24:225,069
2020-01-22Spain Insertcoin GamesTHE WITCHER | Review/crítica de la serie17:08102
2020-01-22United States Russell EnterprisesThe Witcher Season 1 Episode 7 & 8 Review27:014,221
2020-01-21United Kingdom The_Preacher PlaysShadow Legend: Gameplay, The Witcher in VR? (PSVR PS4 Pro) Gameplay, The_Preacher Plays1:44:14154
2020-01-20United States gamermd83The Witcher Netflix Series Review (SPOILERS)13:259,633