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About TabbzMania Gaming

Hey guys welcome to TabbzMania Gaming here we like to do long 12 hour livestreams daily
Our content is based on Minecraft Bedrock Edition and many other survival based big MMO Games
Im also a keen guitarist who has been playing and studying level 8 music theory for many years
we host a various amount of server for minecraft if you would like access to our servers/realms
Please support our channel by subscribing and keeping upto date with our daily livestream segments
any feedback on my content is greatly appreciated and if you have any suggestions of games you would
like me to play or songs you may want me to cover please drop a suggestion in our
discussion area thank you all for the seconds minutes and even hours of your time you given me
i hope to be able to entertain you all through the dark days ahead and keep spirits high even when the end is nigh.

All Donations will go to my 6yr daughter My Inspiration

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