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United States

Sovereign Sage is an American content creator on YouTube with at least 1.38 thousand subscribers, publishing around 13.44 thousand videos which altogether total approximately 621.53 thousand views.

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About Sovereign Sage

Welcome to my Channel. My name is Sovereign and I like and play video games of various styles. I've been gaming since I was 5yrs old back in 1998 and I started my Channel when I was 15yrs old back in 2008. Here, on my Channel I only upload games/things that I personally like and enjoy. I don't do videos for Likes, Views or Money. My Channel is non-profit and unmonetized. I do video's for fun and on my own time.
My Channel is mainly a "Koei Tecmo" Channel, though I do play games from other developers that I like, too.
I don't take or do requests of any kind for any given game or for any given character/characters.
Also for some unknown reason, people who show up to my Channel always assume that I'm a "Male" when I'm actually a "Female".
I don't have an upload schedule, I upload whenever I feel like it and in clusters of 10-15-20 video's at a time on the same day.

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