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How to Play Tetris 99 | TUTORIAL Beginner's Guide
Since there wasn't a tutorial online for Tetris 99, I wanted to explain how targeting and other mechanics work: using the right stick to switch...
2019-02-14 5:43:17 PM ● 57,335 views ● 7:51 90.91% liked
Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019 Reaction - tetris 99, zelda link's awakening, Mario Maker 2
❤️👾Life’s a Switch, so let’s play! 👾❤️ WE HAVE NEW GAMES: !flipkoin !gamble !8ball !loot + !dyne (type !DyneOps for more info)...
2019-02-13 5:27:40 PM ● 1,067 views ● 1:21:54 95.08% liked
The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening 2019 Remake Nintendo Switch Reaction!
WAHOO!! Nintendo has announced the LEGEND OF ZELDA LINK'S AWAKENING REMAKE for NINTENDO SWITCH!! This is going to epic!!! What do you think about...
2019-02-13 3:44:15 PM ● 2,104 views ● 2:30 90.77% liked
Tetris 99 Reaction Nintendo Direct (Nintendo Switch Battle Royale)
❤️👾Life’s a Switch, so let’s play! 👾❤️ WE HAVE NEW GAMES: !flipkoin !gamble !8ball !loot + !dyne (type !DyneOps for more info)...
2019-02-13 3:29:49 PM ● 4,433 views ● 1:05 77.14% liked
SLANTS! SLOPES!! Super Mario Maker 2 Reaction Nintendo Switch Discussion
SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 WAS JUST ANNOUNCED FOR NINTENDO SWITCH!!! WOOHOOOO!!!! I KNEW IT WOULD!!! I just thought it would happen a LOT later than...
2019-02-13 3:05:40 PM ● 5,025 views ● 1:44 85.89% liked
Super Mario Maker
inkling but no ink | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenge
GUUYYSS!! I finally did it... the inkling but no ink challenge! I hope you enjoy this video - definitely leave me a suggestion about what challenge...
2019-02-12 1:58:13 PM ● 244 views ● 6:55 100.00% liked
How to Enable Streamer Mode in Apex Legends | avoid stream sniping!
Today I'm going to teach you how to enable streamer mode in Apex Legends! This is super useful if you've been getting stream sniped, or are suspicious/fearful...
2019-02-08 9:30:01 AM ● 752 views ● 2:56 96.77% liked
Apex Legends
What to expect in Dr. Mario World (price, controls, gameplay graphics)
GUUYYYSSS!! Today have a discussion on what to expect in Dr. Mario World developed by LINE Corporation and Nintendo in terms of what kinds of...
2019-02-01 3:44:52 PM ● 388 views ● 10:02 95.00% liked
5 Reasons We’ll Miss the Wii Shop (R.I.P. 2019)
GUUYYYSS!! Today marks the end of the Wii Shop, and to celebrate its wonderful life, I thought it would be an amazing idea to list of the Top...
2019-01-30 2:00:04 PM ● 857 views ● 9:00 97.18% liked
My mom hates my new hair ...
SHE EVEN SAID THE F WORD! Hahahahaha! Can we get some F's in the chat for # LongHairKev??? If you missed part one make sure to check it out here:...
2019-01-24 4:36:52 PM ● 868 views ● 10:01 100.00% liked