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I do animations, let's plays, and other comedy stuff really. Maybe some action sometime. I'm just trying a change of pace.

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The Ultimate Inkling OC Prequel
Can an amiibo really handle the power of Xeno Blaze before he turns into Xeno Deathblaze? Well, I'mma train one and find out. Except this one...
2018-12-14 4:54:05 PM ● 3,201 views ● 10:21 99.69% liked
This thing needs to be protected but unfortunately, I'm not good enough to do so. And if I see one out on the streets, I'm giving it a knee because...
2018-12-11 6:13:36 PM ● 5,023 views ● 11:03 99.56% liked
This my Inkling OC for Smash Ultimate
With a powerlevel of 2,550,000 Xeno Deathblaze goes to fulfill his own destiny. Join him as he unlocks the 8 gates of Deathdie. ♫Music by Dj...
2018-12-09 6:25:31 PM ● 15,896 views ● 10:13 98.77% liked
Look, it's my first content for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Of course it's staring Inkling because it is an absolute necessity on my honor...
2018-12-07 6:41:38 PM ● 14,281 views ● 10:40 99.56% liked
Splatoon (2015)
This is it bois, the end of splatoon 2's weapon updates. Maybe they'll do a send off with some huge update. Hopefully. Maybe. song - b4 the sun...
2018-12-04 3:12:13 PM ● 10,490 views ● 1:54 99.73% liked
Okay, lets go memeing around with the explosher, what can go wrong, amirite fellas? #nintendo #splatoon2 #explosher
2018-12-04 12:48:05 PM ● 7,925 views ● 2:10 98.95% liked
I've made so many of these, I've decided to start just.. numbering them all, lmfao. But I love the inkbrush though. #nintendo #splatoon2 #inkbrush...
2018-12-03 1:24:36 PM ● 9,603 views ● 2:13 99.57% liked
Rank X is a beast right now - Midnight Hour
Boy, the BEGINNING OF THE MONTH; this is when all the big kids come to the playground and smack around the little kids. I love it. But you know...
2018-12-02 10:00:06 PM ● 2,082 views ● 13:44 99.01% liked
WHY DO PLAYERS DO THIS? - Midnight Hour Splatoon 2
For real, why would you do this when you have people counting on you. Oh well. At least the rapid blaster pro is fun. #splatoon2 #blaster #nintendo...
2018-11-28 10:15:52 PM ● 8,717 views ● 14:06 99.55% liked
Splatoon 2
Splatoon 2 (2017)
Hot Take Bloblobber - Splatoon 2
Oh boy, bloblobber, I love bloblobber, I love to be a bloblobber main. #memes #splatoon2 #bloblobber
2018-11-28 5:19:01 PM ● 8,549 views ● 2:05 99.43% liked
Splatoon 2
Splatoon 2 (2017)