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About ASMR Labs

Hello there and welcome to the Lab! On this channel you'll find a variety of ASMR gaming videos. ASMR is used to create "tingles", help aid in sleep, or even just relax the listener. I hope you can find these videos relaxing and enjoyable. If you want more information on what ASMR is I highly recommend you go on Wikipedia and read up on it.

I have been watching ASMR for 6+ years and I've always been highly engaged in the community. I knew for a long time that I wanted to make a channel and give back to the community. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to be able to create ASMR videos.

My main goals for this channel is to be a steady supply of gaming ASMR. I've watched all types of ASMR videos, but I always enjoyed the gameplay with an ASMR voice over. However, there are only a few channels that consistently upload content. I am glad to contribute to the community in this niche.

I hope you enjoy the combination of ASMR and gaming.

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Among Us
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