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GoldenDudez is an American YouTube content creator with around 1.08 thousand subscribers. His content totals over 229.87 thousand views views across more than 1.51 thousand videos.

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About GoldenDudez

A channel of several different people that love to play games, and enjoy doing it with a mic in front of their face. Just so their screams can be heard 'round the interwebs.

Main Crew:
Mike - the editor, promoter, and coordinator...and the one that plays Final Fantasy the most
Nick - the one that hosts the podcasts and content creator
Travis - The furry that enjoys voice-acting
Matt - Our favorite person ever. Does it all without even trying!
Pat- Fearless PC overlord knows all the memes!

Other People That May Be Around From Time to Time:
CJ - from WiiGame4Fame, Travis's #1 sidekick, and a fan favorite
Cody - Travis's little brother, and master trash talker

People That Used To Be Around And Probably Won't Be Anymore:
Erik - Loves Smite & Rocket League
Jake - Celebrity Twitch Chat Mod
Big Mike - shows up to play Tony Hawk and Sonic then leaves

Scooter - I mean, he was here for a couple episodes, so it counts

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