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United States

Sonic Gamer TV is an American YouTube content creator with over 1.52 thousand subscribers. His content totals roughly 491.29 thousand views views across more than 3.51 thousand videos.

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About Sonic Gamer TV

Some Info About Irl and on youtube!

My Favorite Hobbies: Video Games,Listening To Music,And Watching Videos

My Favorite Video Game Series: Crash Bandicoot,Super Mario,Sonic The Hedgehog,Friday Night Funkin,and other sega franchises

My Anime Crushs: Foxy Kuro...Yeah if you have an opinion on her then thats fine

My YT Friends: Dayana,Night Mara,Alice Walker,Louise The Dancing Clown,Leah Queen,The Candy Girl,Willow Five,Hannah Gale,Pico,Cuboid,And Others

My YT Family Members: Read My Channel Page For More Info

My Favorite ships (Of Course): Sonic Gamer X Peach (Even tho its not an real ship),Sonic x Amy,And Knuckles x Rouge

And Finally My Favorite Video Games!: Sonic Mania,Friday Night Funkin,Crash Twinsanity (Even Tho I Dont Have The Game TwT),Mario Kart Ds,Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,Sonic Rush,Sonic Rush Adventure,Sonic Unleashed,Rocket League,And BrawlHalla

And thats it!

Make sure to subscribe to my channel! And Like and comment on my videos too! Bye everyone!

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