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Just Jelli is a content creator on YouTube with at least 2.16 thousand subscribers, publishing 465 videos which altogether total approximately 163.68 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@JustJelli

About Just Jelli

My name is Janelle and you can just call me Jelli. My YouTube journey has been so amazing and fun and I am thankful that I have viewers, like yourself reading this, that enjoy watching me share the things I love!

I had been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons since it came out and it is still something I enjoy very much. I started an Instagram for Animal Crossing called jellicrossing then decided to try making some videos for my channel. Now I have found my love for live streaming and have been expanding my gaming and creating to be just Jelli.

In the past I have posted videos of hula hooping which is a hobby of mine I still pick up from time to time; mostly at Dave Matthews Band concert tailgating. I also for a year or so created a Dave Matthews Band poster Facebook group that grew to be bigger than I could manage!

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