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About KoroushGhazi

Basic videos to demonstrate actual gameplay. No fancy tricks, no cool soundtracks, no hilarious commentary, no carefully edited demonstrations of amazing skill - just samples of typical gameplay at maximum or close to maximum settings. I keep the focus on the games, not me :)

This channel is not monetized, so the gameplay videos I post are purely based on games I am currently genuinely interested in playing for enjoyment.

All videos are recorded using FRAPS. As of December 2014, Nvidia Shadowplay is being used instead.

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The Aliens Motion Tracker App. Simulates the motion tracker from the movie Aliens on your phone. I'm using the iPhone version. Very authentic...
2018-11-09 3:36:14 AM ● 723 views ● 0:39 85.71% liked
GTA V - PC Gameplay Max Settings
Brief sample gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V on the PC. Settings are shown at the start of the video - basically every graphics setting is on...
2015-04-15 1:22:43 AM ● 13,377 views ● 3:41 95.92% liked
GTX 970 4GB VRAM Issue
Demonstration of a GTX 970 4GB GPU using all of its available VRAM with no significant hitching or stuttering. Framerates are low (around 14-20FPS)...
2015-01-25 1:51:02 AM ● 27,023 views ● 3:23 51.20% liked
Far Cry 4 - PC Gameplay Max Settings
* Select 720p60 or 1080p60 (not supported on Firefox) to reduce choppiness. Some free roaming gameplay from the PC version of Far Cry 4. I'm...
2014-12-22 8:52:36 PM ● 31,278 views ● 16:49 90.35% liked
Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4 (2014)
Alien: Isolation - Crew Expendable PC Gameplay, Max Settings & Difficulty
PC gameplay from the Crew Expendable DLC for Alien: Isolation, which sees the return of the original cast of Alien. The gameplay demonstrates...
2014-10-10 3:52:35 PM ● 3,219 views ● 13:59 96.77% liked
Alien: Isolation - PC Gameplay Max Settings
Sample gameplay from the PC version of Alien: Isolation. Introductory storyline/gameplay begins at 2:28, the second set of general gameplay begins...
2014-10-08 11:08:06 AM ● 32,636 views ● 25:38 89.09% liked
Watch Dogs PC - Reducing Stutter
A video demonstrating the main cause of the stuttering and hitching, and how to reduce it. Lots of sample gameplay included, as well my boring...
2014-05-30 5:03:00 PM ● 19,723 views ● 23:05 91.22% liked
Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs (2014)
Goat Simulator - PC Gameplay
As this sample PC gameplay demonstrates, Goat Simulator delivers on its promise of providing a highly realistic and precise simulation of goat...
2014-03-31 7:27:42 AM ● 1,878 views ● 10:01 94.74% liked
South Park: The Stick of Truth - PC Gameplay
A sample of basic gameplay from the PC version of South Park: The Stick of Truth. The video begins with the intro cinematic, then runs through...
2014-03-06 4:08:37 PM ● 1,517 views ● 35:15 96.55% liked
Dishonored - PC Gameplay Max Settings
A sample of gameplay from the PC version of Dishonored. This is a run through most of the first major mission in the game. It's done primarily...
2013-12-09 4:09:41 PM ● 13,663 views ● 38:35 98.04% liked
Dishonored (2012)