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Welcome to my channel. I play on a PC, which i'm able to record on via Shadowplay. I also have a PS4, and will upload things from there too via a combination of Remoteplay and Shadowplay (Occasional videos also made via PS4's Share feature). I currently upload little videos now and again of all kinds of games, usually small clips and funny moments. Until i figure out a more professional way to run my channel, small videos is probably how it's going to stay. I also do not upload regularly. I tend to let my recorded clips build, and upload them all at once every few months. That said - if you enjoy my current content, feel free to subscribe! I appreciate all the support and love suggestions for videos. I will not be abandoning the channel any time soon, and though the videos may take a while to come, they are coming.
PSN name: v-Blank-II
If you have any further questions, please inbox me or post on the 'discussion' tab on my channel page.

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Insurgency: Sandstorm - YEET
Quality's bad because I can't be bothered to fix my sony vegas, so i have the W10 movie maker, sorry
2018-09-18 3:49:01 PM ● 1,334 views ● 0:41 91.89% liked
GTA Racing - Funny Moments
Just a few clips of me and my friend group in private GTA races.
2018-05-01 10:46:06 AM ● 38 views ● 3:16 100.00% liked
I got totally fucking owned during a photobomb.
Fuck the heavy assault.
2018-04-12 3:44:32 AM ● 203 views ● 0:23 66.67% liked
'Just Survive' In A Nutshell.
Tons of zombies right now. Nothing else to do but keep running away from them, really.
2017-08-17 5:50:55 AM ● 627 views ● 0:31 100.00% liked
The Division 1.7 - Opening 10 Encrypted Caches
*Apologies for having a banshee backpack equipped, I didn't realise until I'd started recording that skins don't show up well. For reference,...
2017-08-15 6:20:35 AM ● 3,489 views ● 3:44 80.00% liked
For Honor - Funny Moments
Had a lot of funny little clips built up, here's a load of them put together.
2017-05-04 8:35:15 AM ● 2,721 views ● 5:55 66.67% liked
For Honor
For Honor (2017)
Destiny - Funny Moments
A small video of some funny moments i've had with some of my group on Destiny. I'm trying a new editing software. Please let me know what you...
2017-05-04 4:52:46 AM ● 1,270 views ● 2:34 100.00% liked
Destiny (2014)
Rainbow Six: Siege - Funny Moments
This is hopefully the first of many! I will be doing multiple games (I don't play much Siege anymore). I'm trying a new editing software. Please...
2017-05-04 3:11:11 AM ● 1,287 views ● 2:40 66.67% liked
Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer - Human Infiltrator | Mattock Gameplay
I'm not too fussed about views here, I just really wanted to show the world the beauty that is the Mattock. Other notable things in this video...
2017-03-15 6:47:23 PM ● 4,847 views ● 19:07 100.00% liked
Destiny - Get Down Mr President! V3 (Tiny Pole Edition)
Fuck shadowshot. Maining memory of felwinter from now on.
2017-01-31 5:56:56 PM ● 25 views ● 0:12 100.00% liked
Destiny (2014)