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About ToasterGhost

Hey everyone! We'd like to introduce you to our brand new channel: ToasterGhost! Sohinki and Lasercorn have risen from the ashes to bring you guys the best gaming content that Youtube has to offer. With a focus on actually playing games, the dynamic duo has teamed up with some of their best friends, Pam Horton, and MissHabit to create the toastiest gaming content for you! Videos are published at 1pm every weekday except Wednesday, so be sure to subscribe so that you don't miss out on all of the awesome content!

Monday: The Day of the Corn!
Tuesday: Habit Tuesdays!
Wednesday: Day off!
Thursday: Tryhard Thursdays with Sohinki!
Friday: Horton hears a Friday!

Names subject to change... almost definitely.

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Ethan Nestor A.K.A. CrankGamaplays finally reaches level 70 Diablo 3 Follow CrankGameplays on twitter ➤ Don't forget...
2018-08-10 2:00:02 PM ● 1,748 views ● 13:31 92.09% liked
Diablo III
Diablo III (2012)
Let's Play
Pamhinki In The Hard West! [Hard West Gameplay]
In today's adventure, Pam and Sohinki set out on a turn based adventure in the Wild West. Will they escape a horrific, Oregon Trail type fate,...
2018-08-09 2:00:00 PM ● 2,884 views ● 12:08 99.52% liked
Goblins Murder Us in Lost Castle
This week we are playing Lost Castle. It's a 4 player co-op game where you run around a castle fighting goblins, suits of armor and fire pits....
2018-08-07 3:47:49 PM ● 3,813 views ● 17:51 98.77% liked
One year ago, we decided to take the leap of faith in starting a new channel together to celebrate games and to make people laugh. We hope we've...
2018-08-06 11:00:01 AM ● 3,707 views ● 4:02 99.81% liked
Banzai Royale Is Our Bread and Butter! [Banzai Royale Gameplay]
In today's video, Sohinki, Lasercorn, Pam, and Amy try their hand at yet ANOTHER Battle Royale style game. This one is called Banzai Royale,...
2018-08-02 2:00:00 PM ● 2,755 views ● 14:11 99.51% liked
Part 2 of our adventures in Fortnite Season 5. Can Aimbot convince Lasercorn and Sohinki to play more of this game in the future? Does anyone...
2018-07-30 2:00:03 PM ● 4,693 views ● 10:56 98.51% liked
Fortnite (2017)
CrankGameplays Ethan smears his makeup [Diablo 3 ep. 2]
Ethan Nestor A.K.A. CrankGameplays joins Pam for some more rifting . . . . and tears Diablo 3 Follow CrankGameplays on twitter ➤
2018-07-27 2:00:01 PM ● 1,730 views ● 14:29 96.58% liked
Diablo (1996)
Let's Play
Just a couple of Viking Boys [Die for Valhalla!]
Amy and Sohinki become Valkyries that take control of Vikings . . . . . . . . . among other things Don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification...
2018-07-24 2:00:01 PM ● 4,043 views ● 18:57 99.68% liked
There's Jet-packs! [Super Bunny Man]
Sohinki, Lasercorn and Amy revisit Super Bunny Man to play the new game type 'Carrot Grab' . . . . . . There's Jet-packs Don't forget to subscribe...
2018-07-23 2:00:00 PM ● 4,015 views ● 11:32 99.69% liked
The basics of Rifting feat. Crankgameplays [Diablo 3 ep. 1]
Ethan Nestor A.K.A. CrankGameplays joins Pam for some heavy rifting. Follow CrankGameplays on twitter ➤ Watch CrankGameplays...
2018-07-20 2:00:02 PM ● 2,335 views ● 14:42 98.90% liked
Diablo (1996)
Let's Play