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At Ars Technica—the name is Latin-derived for the "art of technology"—we specialize in news and reviews, analysis of technology trends, and expert advice on topics ranging from the most fundamental aspects of technology to the many ways technology is helping us discover our world. We work for the reader who not only needs to keep up on technology, but is passionate about it.

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What to Expect From Oculus Quest | Ars Technica
Ars Technica's Sam Machkovech breaks down everything you need to know about the newly announced Oculus Quest. Connect with Ars Technica: Visit...
2018-10-18 10:01:12 AM ● 5,368 views ● 8:05 87.67% liked
How Does the Large Hadron Collider Work? | Ars Technica
Humanity has managed to make some objects travel 99.999999% the speed of light. How have we done that? The answer: The Large Hadron Collider....
2018-10-16 10:00:39 AM ● 7,067 views ● 5:03 98.55% liked
Damien Chazelle's newest film, "First Man," is about the life of Neil Armstrong and his legendary journey to the moon. Ars Techinca's...
2018-10-12 10:31:12 AM ● 1,474 views ● 6:23 94.59% liked
How Serious Sam's Demo Saved the Game From Extinction | War Stories | Ars Technica
Croteam founder Davor Hunski discusses the long development history of the first game in the Serious Sam series. Starting development all the...
2018-10-03 9:46:26 AM ● 8,485 views ● 9:19 98.85% liked
10 Things You Might Not Have Noticed in Fortnite | Ars Technica
Celia Hodent, Director of UX for Epic Games (2013-2017), breaks down Fortnite's UI/UX and goes over the small details that many players may not...
2018-09-13 10:00:55 AM ● 11,462 views ● 13:33 78.13% liked
Fortnite (2017)
How to Play Valve's Artifact | Ars Technica
Ars Techinca's Sam Machkovech vists Valve's offices and learns how to play their new electronic trading card game based on the DOTA universe,...
2018-08-31 1:00:21 PM ● 47,693 views ● 8:34 91.62% liked
Artifact: Exclusive First Look From Valve | Ars Technica
Ars Techinca's Sam Machkovech vists Valve's offices and takes a look at their new electronic trading card game based on the DOTA universe, Artifact....
2018-08-31 1:00:12 PM ● 29,184 views ● 6:55 90.61% liked
First Impressions
How PUBG Changed the Battle Royale Genre | Changing the Game | Ars Technica
Brendan Greene, perhaps better known as PlayerUnknown, helped popularize the "Battle Royale" video game genre with his massive hit...
2018-07-24 10:31:26 AM ● 7,608 views ● 7:01 76.52% liked
Riot Games' Greg Street (Lead Designer, League of Legends) uncovers some unsolved mysteries of the League of Legends universe. Connect with Ars...
2018-06-26 10:01:11 AM ● 321,664 views ● 10:39 90.79% liked
Zone Out | A Sci-Fi Short Film Starring Thomas Middleditch
A sci-fi short film written and directed by Benjamin, an AI. Starring: Thomas Middleditch Elisabeth Gray Humphrey Ker Directed By: ...
2018-06-11 10:02:38 AM ● 139,055 views ● 6:43 91.99% liked