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Hey, welcome to my TF2 trading channel! I am a student, who in his spare time is also a TF2 Player/YouTuber! I have many different series on this channel which you guys can follow! These include me showcasing some unusuals, Trading from a small amount of keys all the way up to high tier unusuals, also showing what I believe to be the Top 5 Skins in TF2 for each weapon and many more! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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[TF2] I PRAYED To Gaben During An Unboxing And THIS happened...
We're back with more tf2 case opening superstitions! In this episode we do a crate opening but whilst doing some strange methods that will hopefully...
2019-04-10 2:36:10 PM ● 7,515 views ● 11:55 89.58% liked
[TF2] GOLDEN PAN HUNT #1 - this game broke pyrojoe.exe
So here is a new kinda thing i wanna try out where I essentially stream an MVM tour (normally two cities as thats the only thing I play on mann...
2019-04-09 2:42:15 PM ● 6,614 views ● 10:14 98.99% liked
What Happens If Valve ABANDON TF2?
So recently a lot of people in the TF2 community got a bit concerned after a tweet was posted suggesting that most of the tf2 devs are not currently...
2019-04-08 2:26:32 PM ● 15,435 views ● 11:45 96.63% liked
[TF2] A Rocket Jump NOOB Revisits Jump maps...
So you guys seemed to really enjoy the last rocket jump video I did - so we're back trying out new maps!! I definitely feel like im improving...
2019-04-06 4:12:18 PM ● 9,861 views ● 12:18 96.91% liked
[TF2] MVM But EVERY Robot Is Invisible (Memes Vs Machines)
So we're once again back on the new mann vs machine "memes vs machines" mode because you guys seem to love it! The event finishes in...
2019-04-05 11:59:46 AM ● 5,264 views ● 13:30 98.04% liked
[TF2] Memes VS Machines Has Gone TOO FAR...
Another map of memes vs machines! This new mann vs machine has given a whole new meaning to MVM, with many variants on the normal robots... You...
2019-04-03 2:34:41 PM ● 8,474 views ● 12:33 97.46% liked
[TF2] This NEW MVM Mode Is Ridiculous... (Memes Vs Machines)
So if you didn't see it on the Team Fortress 2 website, there is a community event called "Memes VS Machines" in which you can play...
2019-04-02 3:18:49 PM ● 25,544 views ● 11:18 97.29% liked
[TF2] I Made $3000 In One Trade, From One Key... (Rags To Riches)
So I brang back the rags to riches trading series! I go into a trade server with nothing but a key and see how much profit I can make! The goal...
2019-04-01 11:00:52 AM ● 7,554 views ● 4:11 86.55% liked
[TF2] What's The PERFECT Mann VS Machine Update
So today I thought i'd have a look at some of the features and things that the community would like to see in a mann vs machine themed update....
2019-03-31 1:50:26 PM ● 18,387 views ● 11:36 95.84% liked
So it's been a while since I did one of these types of videos but I thought it would be quite interesting to do a video going over the most expensive...
2019-03-29 5:09:38 PM ● 6,741 views ● 10:12 96.83% liked