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Hey, welcome to my TF2 trading channel! I am a student, who in his spare time is also a TF2 Player/YouTuber! I have many different series on this channel which you guys can follow! These include me showcasing some unusuals, Trading from a small amount of keys all the way up to high tier unusuals, also showing what I believe to be the Top 5 Skins in TF2 for each weapon and many more! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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[TF2] 12 Days Of Christmas TF2 EDITION (12 Days Of Smissmass)
So I thought it may be quite a funny idea for me to cover the 12 days of christmas song but with a TF2 twist. This is the 12 days of smissmass...
2018-12-11 1:59:53 PM ● 2,758 views ● 4:31 97.15% liked
TF2 SMISSMASS UPDATE 2018 - My Predictions + Hopes!
So for the Scream Fortress update I released a predictions video shortly before release. I figured I'd do the same with the Smissmass 2018 update...
2018-12-09 2:09:09 PM ● 10,856 views ● 5:51 97.30% liked
YES!! I GOT MY FIRST WIN In The NEW CSGO Battle Royale Mode! (Danger Zone Win)
So you guys seemed to actually really enjoy my last video on the CS;GO battle royale mode (Danger Zone) so I figured i'd come back on today,...
2018-12-07 2:30:23 PM ● 3,470 views ● 10:43 96.53% liked
So CS;GO just had a massive update! Not only is CSGO now free to play, making it another valve f2p game. But also they have introduced "danger...
2018-12-06 6:11:16 PM ● 9,206 views ● 10:43 95.44% liked
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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[TF2] Opening 50x MANN CO STORE PACKAGES! - Are They Worth It?
So today I decided to open 50 mannco store packages. These are the packages that you receive when you spend $20 in the tf2 store. You can open...
2018-12-06 1:43:17 PM ● 12,917 views ● 11:02 96.73% liked
These Christmas "Life Hacks" Are Awful...
Figured I'd do a commentary style video because i've not done one in so long. This time i'm gonna be talking about "Life Hacks" which...
2018-12-05 1:03:25 PM ● 1,827 views ● 6:55 95.00% liked
Click "OPEN CRATE" w/ Your Foot For An Unusual?! - TF2 Case Superstitions #1
So this is an idea I thought would be pretty funny... essentially this is a tf2 crate opening with a twist. This TF2 case opening is based on...
2018-12-04 1:11:47 PM ● 8,855 views ● 12:10 89.75% liked
TF2: The MOST EXPENSIVE SMISSMASS Cosmetics For Each Class! (Festive/Winter)
So you guys seemed to really enjoy my Most Expensive Halloween cosmetics video I made around the scream fortress time of year, so I figured I'd...
2018-12-03 3:50:27 PM ● 8,508 views ● 10:05 96.44% liked
[TF2] The Gambling Site Withdraw Scam
So I figured i've not actually made a dedicated video about this relatively new scam, I briefly spoke about it in the last funny trades and scam...
2018-12-02 4:34:05 PM ● 2,759 views ● 4:25 98.65% liked
The WORST WAY To Sell Items... (Funny Trades & Scam Attempts)
So we FINALLY have another episode in the funny trades and scam attempts series! This time we take a look at quite possibly the LEAST CONVINCING...
2018-11-29 3:26:58 PM ● 7,719 views ● 10:24 97.94% liked