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Hey, welcome to my TF2 trading channel! I am a student, who in his spare time is also a TF2 Player/YouTuber! I have many different series on this channel which you guys can follow! These include me showcasing some unusuals, Trading from a small amount of keys all the way up to high tier unusuals, also showing what I believe to be the Top 5 Skins in TF2 for each weapon and many more! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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So essentially this is a video of me and my girlfriend playing tf2. This is her first time playing tf2 and I was trying to show her the ropes!...
2018-09-16 3:12:48 PM ● 9,011 views ● 13:17 96.16% liked
One Medal Spin = One Unbox... TF2 Challenge
Oh boy... why did I do this? So in TF2, if you click the casual rank medal on the menu, there is a small chance of the medal doing a medal flip,...
2018-09-14 3:00:55 PM ● 11,734 views ● 10:05 93.83% liked
[TF2] PyroJoe - The 1 Key Challenge [w/ FaceCam]
So there's been many awesome tf2 youtubers on the one key challenge (menozit, woolen sleevelet, oris etc) but i've never actually done one myself!...
2018-09-13 4:34:01 PM ● 4,915 views ● 10:42 96.94% liked
[TF2] Hey, I got a Facecam. [my stream died]
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2018-09-13 8:01:49 AM ● 1,734 views ● 15:21 98.50% liked
So popular tf2 trading site "TF2 Outpost" which has been an iconic part of tf2 trading is closing down. This is due to them not generating...
2018-09-11 11:55:33 AM ● 11,997 views ● 4:01 97.99% liked
When Finding A Shiny Pokemon Goes Wrong... (Unluckiest Pokemon Moment EVER)
So I was recording for an episode of the Pokemon Platinum Playthrough series and I ended up finding my first shiny pokemon. However, things took...
2018-09-11 6:36:29 AM ● 1,324 views ● 2:40 94.12% liked
My NEW/LATEST TF2 Loadouts (Unusuals, Australiums) (1500+ Keys)
So I realised the last time I took the time to show all of my loadouts, it was nearly a year ago and a lot of my loadouts have changed since...
2018-09-08 3:57:02 PM ● 9,823 views ● 15:21 96.69% liked
TF2: The $10 Loadout (What Can $10 get You In TF2) #1 - Scout
So a lot of you guys seem to enjoy the "What Can $1000 Get You In TF2" series so i figured i'd make one (as requested) where i focus...
2018-09-07 3:42:58 PM ● 10,348 views ● 4:44 96.55% liked
[TF2] The Next BIG Update, The Heavy Update, Quitting YouTube & More - PyroJoe's Podcast
So me and Teal Opal decided to kick off my first podcast by talking about The Heavy Update (which has been rumoured to be following up the Pyro...
2018-09-05 2:38:45 PM ● 9,293 views ● 36:04 98.42% liked
Team Fortress 2
TF2: The FUNNIEST Name Tag Memes (Best Ways To Use A Name Tag)
Another episode in the name tag memes series where you guys send in screenshots of your tf2 items (can be strange, unusual, hats or anything)...
2018-09-04 4:02:19 PM ● 16,329 views ● 4:25 96.79% liked