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United States
United States

JoseGazza Yellow Gazza is an American YouTube channel which has around 1.1 thousand subscribers, publishing at least 2.51 thousand videos which altogether total more than 236.26 thousand views.

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Hello Guys this JoseGazza hope you leave alike to my channel and follow me on Instergram I also do livestream when I do it btw I love Nintendo games and Sega and chat with me 😎add me on discord so you could chat with me anytime I hope I get more subs 😁 if you are new be welcome and have some fun on my channel and subscribe I do upload smash 4 videos and Mario kart 8 videos but sometimes I do that all for today don't forget to follow on Instagram and subscribe I am the Best Sonic In Miami Florida Top 6 Best Sonic so far I played Smash Bros a bunch of time because it the most awesome game so it nice to meet you fans if your new welcome to my channel Please Sub to my channel my goals is to reached to 10K that my goal. :)

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