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Hey Nintendo Fans and Collectors! Keep Smiling While Gaming! I shoot family friendly videos that exclusively focus on Nintendo related content ranging from games to consoles, controllers to accessories, and posters to figurines. I value quality over quantity - I collect the great, good or rare games for consoles. I started gaming when I was 5, and bought the N64 with saved up Birthday money when I was 10 years old. I began collecting in 2007 and have roughly 50 consoles, 500 of the better or rare games, over 100 official controllers, 300 figurines, beyond 100 magazines and 100 posters. It is my goal to have the most complete Nintendo Collection in the world.

If you would like to send anything to me or make a donation, please send to:
To: Nintendo Collecting
3288 Golden Eagle Drive, Burlington, ON, Canada, L7M2R8

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Ken Amiibo Unboxing / Review | Nintendo Collecting
Ken is one of the original clone fighters - he joins the battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. Released April 12th, 2019....
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Daisy Amiibo Unboxing / Review (SSBU) | Nintendo Collecting
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Young Link Amiibo Unboxing + Review | Nintendo Collecting
Based on the design from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Young Link is Young Link is based on a faster and lighter clone of Link. Released...
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Swap Meet and February Pick Ups | Nintendo Collecting
Virtual Boy, 3DS Systems, and some great games were added to my collection in the past month. I save the best for last in this video - happy...
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Ridley Amiibo Unboxing | Nintendo Collecting
Ridley finally has joined the Super Smash Bros. universe, and the villain looks better than ever! Let me know your thoughts on Ridley in Smash...
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Mar10 Day - Best Mario Games by Series
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Inkling Girl Amiibo Unboxing | Nintendo Collecting
Is this Inkling Girl Amiibo worth a purchase or is it a redundant release from Splatoon for the Super Smash Bros. line? Most of the time the...
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Birthday and January Pick Ups | Nintendo Collecting
My birthday was just over a week ago, and that combined with a few trips to local gaming stores helped me obtain nearly 20 new games to play,...
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Part 5 - Building the Nintendo Room Version 3.0 | Nintendo Collecting
The collection is moving in! Smash Bros. display is set up, and the Zelda wall is on its way too. These are 5 updates for Part 5 - and a special...
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Zelda Creating a Champion: Hero's Edition Unboxing (Breath of the Wild) | Nintendo Collecting
This extensive look into the creation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great addition to any Zelda collection. This deluxe slipcase...
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