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About 64iOS

Welcome! I am Rey and I live in California and call Las Vegas my 2nd home (Which explains my pfp) and I love modding games, emulation and Android.

My channel focuses on modding Nintendo games, my main focus is mainly Smash Bros. but also mod plenty of Mario Kart games. I showcase mods from the following consoles: N64, Gamecube, Wii, DS, Wii U and Switch. I rarely showcase 3DS mods but sometimes do.

Games I currently / have mainly focused on modding:
- Smash Bros. Ultimate, Wii U, Brawl, Melee & 64 (Smash Remix)
- Mario Kart 8, Deluxe, Wii, DS & Double Dash
- Super Mario Maker 1 & 2
- Banjo-Kazooie
- Super Mario 64 DS

I also focus on Android videos, mostly on emulators and testing various games running on the newest high end phones & make plenty of Mario Maker 1 & 2 videos of my levels which are all recreation of levels from other games.

I'm also a dancer so I sometimes post Just Dance videos, including meme fan mades, me dancing songs from JD & livestream myself playing Just Dance.

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