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House of Champs

United States
United States

House of Champs is an American YouTube content creator with over 62.7 thousand subscribers. He published more than 3.53 thousand videos which altogether total more than 32.6 million views.

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About House of Champs

The name describes the people you will see on channel most! Two Champions living in a house playing Yu-Gi-Oh! House O Champions AKA House of Champs!
Jonathan Moore has a SJC win and multiple tops, most famous for being the first ever to top and the first ever to win with The Six Samurai!
Billy Brake is even more well known as a duelist with over 10 top 4 YCS finishes, 4 YCS Championship wins, and perhaps more insight into the game than anyone!
Tons of our friends will come over and play, hang out, chill, and from the most competitive duels to some funny ones, there is plenty to see!

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