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Don't forget to check my Total War Attila screenshoots gallery!

I'm making cinematic movies about Ancient/Medieval times. Also you can see ones about ''The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones universe. Enjoy!

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Tywin Lannister Saves Kings Landing BATTLE OF BLACKWATER PART 2 IBOOKI
Tywin Lannister and Mace Tyrell saves the city and King Stannis retreats! Here is the second part of the Battle of Blackwater! This video is...
2019-04-04 9:46:12 AM ● 5,541 views ● 10:09 99.35% liked
Battle of the Blackwater Part 1 IBOOKI Stannis Baratheon's Attack on King's Landing Cinematic
King Stannis Baratheon's attack on Kings Landing! As many of you suggested, here is the first part of the Battle of Blackwater. This video is...
2019-02-23 9:27:14 AM ● 261,196 views ● 10:45 94.21% liked
TYWIN LANNISTER VS ROOSE BOLTON l Battle on the Green Fork l The Battle of the Five Kings GoT Lore
Battle on the Green Fork, was an early battle in the War of the Five Kings and also was the first battle to involve forces of House Stark. For...
2019-01-16 9:45:43 AM ● 91,118 views ● 11:36 96.43% liked
OTTOMAN CONQUEST OF TREBIZOND 1461 End of the Byzantine Era  (Narration)
End of the Byzantine era, Ottoman Conquest of Trebizond! (1461) Don't forget to check the subtitles! Mods; Medieval Kingdoms Total War Reworked...
2019-01-02 10:37:18 AM ● 6,980 views ● 13:05 97.43% liked
SIEGE OF JERUSALEM  (1187) Cinematic l Regain of Jerusalem by Saladin l Medieval Kingdoms Mod
Check my epic Total War Attila screenshoot gallery! Mods; Medieval Kingdoms Mod; Reworked Animations...
2018-10-15 9:31:37 AM ● 179,960 views ● 11:18 93.26% liked
SIEGE OF HELMS DEEP Epic Cinematic l  Total War: Rise of Mordor Alpha (Lord of the Rings Mod)
A Total War: Rise of Mordor cinematic; Siege of Helms Deep! For more information (especially about units) please read my comment! :) Mods; Rise...
2018-09-24 2:26:45 PM ● 137,780 views ● 12:36 96.74% liked
BATTLE OF QOHOR l Unsullied vs Dothraki Army l Game of Thrones History and Lore
The Battle of Qohor was a battle fought in Essos. Dothraki khalasar of 20,000 riders was decisively stopped by 3,000 Unsullied slave-soldiers....
2018-09-12 1:43:50 PM ● 468,112 views ● 10:07 93.43% liked
SIEGE OF PYKE l End of the Greyjoy Rebellion l Seven Kingdoms Total War Cinematic
Sıege of Pyke was the deciding battle of the Greyjoy Rebellion and resulted in the victory of Iron Throne. For more information please read...
2018-09-06 8:35:34 AM ● 118,611 views ● 11:52 96.48% liked
BATTLE OF LEGNICA/LIEGNITZ 1241 l Mongol Invasion of Europe l Medieval Kingdoms Mod Cinematic
Battle of Legnica, was a battle between the Mongol Empire and the combined forces of European fighters. That was the most advanced point reached...
2018-08-21 5:54:26 AM ● 42,412 views ● 7:05 94.78% liked
BATTLE OF THE BASTARDS Cinematic l House Bolton v Stark l Seven Kingdoms Total War Mod
Jon Snow face Ramsay Bolton on the fields of Winterfell! This video might be a spoiler for those who do not watch the 6th season of Game of Thrones....
2018-08-19 4:35:38 AM ● 71,192 views ● 11:19 97.73% liked