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5.United Kingdom The Spiffing Brit1,337,528
6.United States IGN955,022
7.United Kingdom Sandokan Battles929,651
8.United States SurrealBeliefs928,793
9.United Kingdom RepublicOfPlay838,969
10.United States Intel Gaming833,585

Latest Let's Plays For Total War Saga: Troy

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
10 hours agoGermany OdinLetsPlayLet's Play TOTAL WAR SAGA: TROY 🏺 102: Ausbau, Frieden, Tourismus? Klingt Das Nicht Toll? (Odysseus)1:03:011
15 hours agoUnited States Serious TriviaNestor Embraces the Hydra | Legendary Odysseus Hydra Mythos DLC Total War Troy Let's Play E1748:56269
4 days agoGermany DrProof - Imperator der SpielkulturA Total War Saga: TROY - Mythos 👑 Agamemnon 🔥 Let's Play 👑 #022 [Deutsch/German]51:28217
6 days agoGermany DEMPI DER GROSSEÄNEAS IST ZUR STELLE - Lets Play Troy: A Total War Saga Hektors Kampagne (German) #8845:2026
2021-09-18Netherlands Heroes of the greeksAge of Mythology 2# - Total War Saga : Troy - Hector Mythos Campaign let's play36:0535
2021-09-02United States Costin GamingMythos Launch Stream - Hector Legendary Let's Play, A Total War Saga Troy Mythos2:36:39470
2021-08-20Germany Tante GünnaWie Aeneas versuchte, eine Hydra zu fangen - Troy MYTHOS Let's Play (D | HD | Sehr Schwer) #92:07:58850
2021-08-03United Kingdom The Medjay of FaiyumTotal War Saga TROY: Agamemnon at the Oracle of Delphi I Ambience, ASMR, Studying, Relaxing I1:32:40226
2021-06-02United Kingdom The Rahma Let's PlaysThe Rahma Tries: A Total War Saga: TROY!37:5625
2021-05-24United States Jarl of the Appian WayUsing Clever Argos Plays Troy Multiplayer Battle #8711:00165
2021-03-31 RuinousInsightTotal War Saga: Troy | Hippolyta - Amazons Campaign #22 | End of an Impasse37:28315
2021-03-09France 119 Minutes🎮 [FIN Les Amazones : Penthésilée #46 [FR/VÉTÉRAN/FEA] Total War Saga: Troie57:2470
2021-02-25Germany Mister MoerpTotal War: Troy | Ajax & Diomedes | 18 | Let's Play Together mit Tante Günna | Veteran33:53291
2021-01-25United States Lummox: A Hired HoodlumWingsOfRedemption says he plays video games because he’s a fat loser | Epic WarZone win12:5013,224
2021-01-13Switzerland Sin's Gaming ChannelSinsGC is playing... HELLPOINT: THE THESPIAN FEAST13:221
2021-01-11United Kingdom Keep it FrostyHector lets play A Total War Saga: Troy EP 1059:2250
2020-12-25Germany Almost Awesome - Let's Play auf DeutschTotal War Saga: Troy 🗺 Deutsch ⚔️ ENDE ⚔️ Let's Play2:1621
2020-12-02United Kingdom Viking GamerMYCENAE IN FLAMES! Full map completion finale! Paris of Troy Campaign let's play Total War Saga Troy37:0371
2020-10-03Germany NussherndlAchilles vs Hektor | #28|Hector|Veteran| Let's Play: Total War Saga: Troy39:014
2020-10-02Czech Republic GAMEHoodTotal War Saga: Troy CZ/SK 2020 LetsPlay Part /32/ Vítězství nad Trojským Hektorem (konec)👍1:08:38543
2020-09-27United States HaveYouPlayedTotal War Saga: Troy Agamemnon Campaign - Hunting Paris Ep 8 (Let's Play)37:3944
2020-09-26Taiwan, Republic of China NeoGAMANIA糖吵栗子#限時免費#無料#FREE#《全軍破敵傳奇:特洛伊DLC亞馬遜人.》[繁中] Total War Saga - TROY DLC[Amazons] #PV【糖吵栗子】0:3546
2020-09-25United States Deadly DeityAgamemnon Campaign Legendary Difficulty - Part 2 Playthrough Gameplay1:18:1331
2020-09-24India Low Budget GamingFREE DLC - Amazons - A Total War Saga : Troy1:376,412

Latest Reviews For Total War Saga: Troy

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-05 HappyCompyTWReview: Troy Mythos Is AWESOME, but Overpriced13:189,587
2021-09-02 ChichesMYTHOS - TROY A Total War Saga - La Mitología Griega Llega A Total War y es ESPECTACULAR30:1529,522
2021-09-01United Kingdom The Medjay of FaiyumA Total War Saga Troy (Review): The POTENTIAL Age of Mythology Total War?14:33734
2021-09-01United States HavocSelling You What Should Be FREE | Steam Release Review for Total War Saga: Troy | HForHavoc13:102,204
2021-09-01United States ItalianSpartacusTotal War Saga: Troy Worth it in 2021? (Mythos DLC Review)29:5236,659
2021-09-01Canada Andy's TakeTOTAL WAR SAGA TROY MYTHOS EPIC REVIEW | Worth it in 2021? Total War Age of Mythology Now on Steam11:065,170
2020-11-18United States NighTmaReTotal War SAGA : TROY Review | بررسی بازی توتال وار ساگا تروی1:5863
2020-10-24Argentina TechnoReviews - 4k games performanceTOTAL WAR SAGA: TROY 🔥 4K 60FPS 🔥 PC ULTRA MAX SETTINGS ✅ GAMEPLAY 💎 4K PC15:241,421
2020-09-23United States Cody BondsThe Amazons DLC Review for A Total War Saga: Troy10:5950,748
2020-09-15Germany MarocSmileLET`s PLAY A Total War Saga: Troy [PART ★ 00547:2111
2020-09-09United States TripleZHackerTotal War Troy: Patch 1.1 Review and Guide9:12527
2020-09-03United Kingdom Mark's Game ReviewsTotal War Saga: Troy Review - Is it Worth Playing?21:28874
2020-09-01United Kingdom RepublicOfPlayTOTAL WAR TROY - EPIC REVIEW29:13200,018
2020-08-30United States GnorriTVTotal War Troy Review: Surprisingly mediocre in a good way24:57716
2020-08-29Netherlands GamekingsA Total War Saga: Troy Review - Kopen, budgetbak of slopen?11:454,927
2020-08-28United States Total Krown🔴LIVE🔴Legendary HECTOR Is Here! Total War Saga Troy Campaign Play!4:18:10142
2020-08-25Argentina Dos CreditosA Total War Saga Troy Review Español Aquiles contra el mundo Opinion Analisis Gameplay Reseña12:4965
2020-08-25Russian Federation kyragin playTotal War: TROY Часть 6 Война и мир.1:11:099
2020-08-20United States Should You Play It?🔴 A Total War Saga: TROY | REVIEW - Should You Play It?14:551,332
2020-08-19Germany Defender833A Total War Saga: Troy Review | Was taugt der neue Ableger? | #TotalWarTroy5:452,035
2020-08-19Sweden danxoA Total War Saga: Troy / GTX 1660 SUPER, i7 9700k6:52520
2020-08-17Romania Playful CerberusTroy Total War Review, What's this Saga's Achilles Heel?10:33231
2020-08-14Ukraine gamer0kA Total War Saga Troy Gameplay - Total War Saga Troy Review10:1634
2020-08-13Indonesia DAFAREYStrategy based game yang worth buat dimainin ! | TestGame + Review TROY di GTX 1050TI21:5791
2020-08-13United States GAMETIMETotal War Saga: Troy Review for PC game7:4634