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1.United Kingdom Total War15,201,060
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5. hugothester1,778,492
6.United States Peaches Lamb1,763,164
7. Many A True Nerd1,598,992
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1.Russian Federation Verus Play259
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3.United Kingdom lionheartx10199
4.Germany Turumba TV192
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6.United Kingdom Mordred Viking149
7.United Kingdom Janet On Occasion146
8.Viet Nam Deralam141
9.Viet Nam Total War Tuyên Quang130
10.United Kingdom Shadowfighterpro122

Latest Let's Plays For Total War: Three Kingdoms

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Blood ClawZhang Jue - Total War: Three kingdoms lets play - Part 1434:1117
2020-03-15United States BlueMatonaA SACRIFICE FOR VICTORY - Kong Rong Episode 3 - Let's Play Total War: Three Kingdoms1:12:1060
2020-03-09United States darkprometheus112Let's Play Cao Cao (Legendary Romance) l Rise of the Warlords - Total War: Three Kingdoms Part 11:17:3115
2020-03-05United Kingdom Total WarA World Betrayed Let's Play / Total War: THREE KINGDOMS7:4981,012
2020-03-05Netherlands MrSmartDonkeyLPNEW DLC ANNOUNCEMENT & SCHEDULE - Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed!7:268,048
2020-02-18Germany Tante GünnaLets Play Together - Total War Three Kingdoms: Zhangos unchained (D | Sehr Schwer | HD) #1931:47587
2020-02-17United Kingdom Mordred VikingZhang Liang | Yellow Turban Rebellion | Mandate of Heaven | Total War: Three Kingdoms | 3322:42102
2020-02-06Canada BumpyMcSquigumsLet's Play Total War Three Kingdoms - Part 9 - Rong Dong!34:3988
2020-02-02Germany AldemarHDTotal War: THREE KINGDOMS - Mandate of Heaven - #10 [Lets Play-Deutsch]24:54604
2020-01-23United States Lu Bu Feng XianJesus Zhang Jue LEGENDARY Let's Play FINAL - Return of the Turbans - Total War Three Kingdoms1:33:03637
2019-12-21Germany Alduin OffiziellLET'S PLAY Total War: THREE KINGDOMS | S01E010 | Man will uns nicht haben35:5869
2019-12-20Germany GreiverLets Play Total War Three Kingdoms Deutsch Liu Bei #16 [ Total War Three Kingdoms Gameplay HD ]42:27110
2019-11-22 LostScarfEp69 - Nice - ScarfPLAYS Total War: Three Kingdoms1:23:064
2019-11-04 Jason Rides LlamasTotal War: Three Kingdoms PART 1 - Gongsun Zan Will Take Over China!20:4042
2019-10-15Russian Federation Gamilkara Total WarTotal War Three Kingdoms 2019 Дружеские игры с Help TW1:19:3040
2019-09-17Canada MacGhriogairVictory Is Upon Us - Sima Ai - Eight Princes Records Campaign - Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Ep 2137:1634
2019-09-12Germany DrProof - Imperator der SpielkulturLet's Play Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Eight Princes - Sima Jiong 👑 #026 [Deutsch/German][1440p]28:56350
2019-09-06Algeria Moustach TvTotal war Three Kingdoms | Let's Play Dz12:5352
2019-08-28United States TheGameCommonTotal War: THREE KINGDOMS - Eight Princes | Sima Lun - Let's Play | Episode 21 [Mine]23:0584
2019-08-27Romania PrussianPrinceTotal War: Three Kingdoms - Liu Bei - Romance Campaign #8541:5075
2019-08-15United States NamtoxA FAMILY MATTER! Total War: Three Kingdoms - Sima Lun - Sima AI CO-OP HARD Campaign #11:01:4632
2019-08-11Thailand SELL2HANDTotal War: THREE KINGDOMS - Dynasty Mode - Let's Play #TRAiLER #HD2:542
2019-07-24 Total War: LiveSIMA LIANG Let's Play PART 1 | Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Eight Princes2:02:0225,615
2019-07-20United Kingdom lionheartx10THE YELLOW SKY MUST RISE! Total War: Three Kingdoms - Huang Shao Intro Teaser + Let's Play Details!2:297,857
2019-07-18United States Jesse CoxTotal War: Three Kingdoms - Giving Me The Heart Palps (Part 5)12:3115,850

Latest Reviews For Total War: Three Kingdoms

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-03-17United States HForHavocA World Betrayed DLC Review | Total War: Three Kingdoms10:036,075
2020-02-13Viet Nam Total War Tuyên QuangTotal War Three Kingdoms ( Nhân sỹ Bắc Hà ) Phần 8 : Chiến thắng trong tầm tay6:32:571,158
2020-01-28United Kingdom NewsBOT GamingTotal War Three Kingdoms - Mandate Of Heaven Review - The Fires Of Rebellion...5:334
2020-01-28United States GamingBoltTotal War: Three Kingdoms - Mandate of Heaven Review - The Final Verdict6:533,887
2019-12-29France CrixosGamer[FR-Ep59] Total War: Three Kingdoms - Liu Bei (Romance)45:2257
2019-11-03 Games Home Channel全軍破敵三國 第1次玩 實況直播 05 曹操 Total War: Three Kingdoms2:20:415
2019-07-23United States Jesse CoxTotal War: Three Kingdoms - The World Is Against Me (Part 7)15:2118,685
2019-07-14United States NamtoxTotal War: THREE KINGDOMS - CO-OP Campaign - Bandit Lords Pt.4141:0216
2019-06-16 poqresluxTOTAL WAR: Three Kingdoms Review - A Game That's Good Enough But Could Be Much Better32:21479
2019-06-15United Kingdom vanburmanTotal War : Three Kingdoms Review - Is it more Lu Bu or Ma Su?16:5866
2019-06-11 Havoc Gaming ChannelTotal War: Three Kingdoms | Review9:0331
2019-06-09United States RantonChinese Man Reviews Total War: Three Kingdoms10:07542,585
2019-06-07United Kingdom RepublicOfPlayTotal War: Three Kingdoms Review - Records Mode Gameplay39:1540,662
2019-06-03United States The Strategy ProfessorYellow Turbans Three Kingdoms In-Depth Review -- Total War: Three Kingdoms56:39364
2019-05-28Australia LegendofTotalWarTotal War: Three Kingdoms Review39:37217,691
2019-05-28Spain Instant Gaming EspañaAnálisis / Review Total War Three Kingdoms - PC 60fps (Español)10:521,493
2019-05-27France Instant Gaming FranceTotal War Three Kingdoms : La review [60fps]4:271,561
2019-05-26Russian Federation ИгроманияTotal War: Three Kingdoms – Богатыри Поднебесной (Обзор/Review)8:2352,886
2019-05-25United States Tyler VallePlaying Total War: Three Kingdoms (Doing This Instead of a Review)3:28:13173
2019-05-24United Kingdom Evo Loz GamingTotal War Three Kingdoms - First Impressions, Gameplay & Review8:481,719
2019-05-23United Kingdom Worth A BuyTotal War Three Kingdoms Review - Worthabuy?12:45179,391
2019-05-23 LostScarf1SHOT - Total War: THREE KINGDOMS [Review]1:05:50260
2019-05-22Russian Federation Daniil1288Forsen reacts to Twitch Tier List, Total War: Three Kingdoms Review, Czech songs with twitch chat21:2044,829
2019-05-19United States Loremaster_of_SotekSotek's Total War: Three Kingdoms Review31:2025,374
2019-05-18 Gamers Among UsSpotlight: Total War: Three Kingdoms10:04207