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Hey! What's going on guys!

Rey here, welcome to my channel!

Here you will find a variety of mobile games and apps.

Android and iOS:
-Game news
-Upcoming releases

About uploads - Right now there is a lot of content to post, but normally it will be a rate of 3-4 videos per week.

Streaming - Not for the moment, because shitty internet connection $$

Links - I start testing AdFly on download links, it's something that i don't like at all, but I'll need that extra, so one day i can afford a better internet connection to upload better content and stream. Sorry about that.

Currently focusing on news and gameplays of PUBG Mobile.

Don't be afraid on ask for help or anything, i always try to answer everyone.

-Muito poco portugues kkk

Hope you enjoy it!



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Best Goals + Celebrations | FIFA 19 Mobile BETA Android
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28 SKINS with just 1 DOLLAR! + 37 kills GUN GAME | Standoff 2 Marketplace 😍
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GTA: Vice City Stories PPSSPP Android 60fps 1080p Test
Grand theft auto: Vice City Stories 1080p 60fps test PPSSPP Emulator for Android Vulkan API Recording take a lot of performance away, i think...
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PUBG Mobile UPDATE 0.9! Everything NEW on one video! Weapons/Vehicles/Spectator Mode and MORE!
PUBG Mobile Global Lightspeed 0.9 BETA Everything NEW on upcoming 0.9 update! As i said, everything new on just one vid, no extra unnecessary...
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The NEW "NIGHT MODE" on PUBG Mobile 0.9 Global | HDR Realistic 60fps
PUBG Mobile Global Lightspeed 0.9 HDR 60fps Gameplay FULL DAY CYCLE that of course includes NIGHT! This night vision goggles can be found on...
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FIFA 19 First Look! Android BETA PvP Matches| DOWNLOAD
FIFA 2019 Mobile BETA Gameplay Online PVP Matches Android The beta for FIFA 19 Mobile just started! On this video i show you PvP Matches. -There...
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FIFA 19 (2018)
17 frag on paradise resort HOTDROP
PUBG Mobile 0.8.5 Solo vs Squad Lightspeed 0.8.5 Global version 60fps Gameplay hotdrop on paradise resort 🔝DONATE for FREE by testing apps!🔝...
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16-3 on Defuse the bomb STANDOFF 2 New UPDATE!
Standoff 2 DEFUSE Gameplay MAX GRAPHICS 60fps 16-3 on Defuse the bomb, I'm a noob but i liked this game, gonna play it till COD mobile arrives👌...
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Becoming potato at half match | WARMODE Solo vs Squad PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile WARMODE Solo vs Squad Lightspeed 0.10 HDR 60fps Gameplay This match started so good but then dumb decisions and some bad luck appear...
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STANDOFF 2 Android Gameplay | Ultra Graphics 60fps on Blackshark
Standoff 2 Team Deathmatch Gameplay Tested on a Xiaomi Blackshark MAX GRAPHICS 60fps First time playing Standoff 2 👌 🔝DONATE for FREE by...
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