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About Trophyfish Animations (Firox and John)

We are Firox49600 and johnsongresh. We are brothers who create child-friendly Lego stop-motion entertainment for young children and adults around the YouTube community. We love to make people laugh!

Software: Dragonframe for Stop Motion Animation, Audacity for sound recording, Adobe After Effects for compositing and editing, and Autodesk Maya for 3D Animations.

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This video is based on the 1979 game of the same name. Subscribe for more BRICKS-elated video games. Intro music: Video Dungeon Crawl by Kevin...
2016-04-25 5:36:31 AM ● 42,936 views ● 0:58 76.15% liked
This animated Lego video is based on the original 1980's video game of the same name. Subscribe if you want us to BRICKS-elate more 80's games!...
2015-09-19 8:01:28 PM ● 12,213,525 views ● 2:06 76.77% liked
This video was made for a friend. It is based on him and his grandson trying to catch a frog. Music by Kevin MacLeod:
2015-09-12 7:45:45 PM ● 5,322 views ● 2:38 95.00% liked
Minecraft (2011)
I tested out some animation, today. I mainly focused on Lego Jeopardy, which is coming out, this fall. Previous Test:
2015-05-28 3:21:49 PM ● 7,460 views ● 0:18 85.19% liked
Lego Jeopardy series is coming, this fall. (EDIT: Fall 2016) The tiles were animated and rendered in Autodesk Maya 2013. Background and logo...
2015-05-15 2:00:27 PM ● 9,961 views ● 0:08 72.22% liked
We're working hard on Lego Minecraft. Stay tuned... (UPDATE): We've decided to scrap the idea for the Minecraft video and start production of...
2015-05-12 8:53:03 PM ● 1,180 views ● 1:03 100.00% liked
Minecraft (2011)
Yep. We're working on a Lego Minecraft stop-motion video. It's coming in February. Stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Trophyfish2...
2015-01-19 1:27:49 PM ● 19,889 views ● 0:11 57.53% liked
Minecraft (2011)
EDIT: Upon notice of real-life attacks based on Slenderman, Lego Slender will not continue. Updates: Sorry for not uploading, as frequently....
2014-11-27 7:01:16 PM ● 3,853 views ● 0:21 86.67% liked
We just had to do it. This is a Lego parody of the original game by GEARS Studios. This video took 19 hours to upload! Time to take file compression...
2014-06-08 2:11:20 PM ● 26,187 views ● 0:19 90.22% liked
I know. This one was kind of short. The next one will be a little longer. I also had some issues when editing. I'll try to fix those errors in...
2014-01-21 8:39:36 PM ● 2,684 views ● 0:03 58.82% liked
Minecraft (2011)