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BushyMations is an American content creator on YouTube with 686 subscribers. His content totals at least 33.02 thousand views views across 137 videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNKYe6RYUXI0ywYRj0DzE2w

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2023-07-13My last stream on this channel...32:07184
2023-07-07Im moving channels... AND OTHER ANNOUNCMENTS!!!1:44861
2023-07-04Snowball's Protest0:12159
2023-07-01OL Bucket short compared to BFS10 CH40:37154
2023-06-30OL episode 4 intro CHANGED BECAUSE OTHER ONE WAS COPYRIGHTED0:18272
2023-06-29Bushy Drinks The Grimace Shake0:07269
2023-06-27OL INTRO episode 4+0:18277
2023-06-20Matt The Dumb Head Pilot Sneak Peak0:15177
2023-06-20THE S L A P0:0779
2023-06-18The BushyMations 1 Year Recap!2:01290
2023-06-13Making My Friend show assets!43:39123
2023-06-12Matt The Dumb Head Pilot Test0:06156
2023-06-10My Grasslands inscriptions Episode 1 Scene!0:31208Show
2023-06-01Spray Can Has A Shot Gun0:09246
2023-05-31playing the david stickmin collectian AGAIN 100% Completion15:5561
2023-05-30A stream cuz im bored42:2185
2023-05-25My Manic Object Brawl Audition! (Accepted!!!)0:15486
2023-05-21Custom Walk Cycle On Adobe Animate0:05257
2023-05-19Object Logic-Episode 4-IM IN PAIN!!!18:57321
2023-05-19Bushys Misadventures episode 1 Sneak Peak!0:0477
2023-05-16Who is LMFAO? 600 SUBS!!!0:46325
2023-05-15The Future Of My Channel2:51233
2023-05-06Graphical Holy Power Animation Audition (Accepted!)0:21468
2023-05-05Object Logic 3 QNA!12:2786
2023-05-04Object Logic-Episode 3-Nugget Hazard’s4:111,113
2023-05-04Object Logic 2 Deleted Scene Animatic Found!!!0:13170
2023-05-02Animating OL 3 (again)22:47118
2023-05-02Bushy’s Bliss0:131,410
2023-04-30My Action Arena Audition (Declined)0:25245
2023-04-29Animation test0:24199
2023-04-27OMG TOTALLY REAL OL NEW INTRO!!1!1!!10:19221
2023-04-26How to inflate a chip bag WITH BUCKET!!0:37440
2023-04-26How to inflate a chip bag0:37401
2023-04-24Streaming yay!18:38134
2023-04-24550 SUBS WOOOOOOOOOT35:2291
2023-04-22Bally Plays Pokémon go and instantly regrets it0:12959
2023-04-22I play Pokémon go0:10274
2023-04-22Torturing myself by animating object logic 3!28:37153
2023-04-19540 sub stream! Animating to:O14:15142
2023-04-19Stream cuz I wanna do that14:0683
2023-04-19520 sub stream! Animating to:O0:000
2023-04-18I now have a patreon!0:05260
2023-04-16Bushys Misadventures-Intro0:08254
2023-04-16Object Logic qna stream:D35:15163
2023-04-15BFDI:TPOT 5: Agitation Se-Same0:17108
2023-04-15Sneak peak at a animation I might never finish0:10164
2023-04-12Object Logic-Episode 3-Final Trailer0:34386
2023-04-11Something to come in later this year...0:23201
2023-04-08BFB 1 Reanimated Timelapse2:20241
2023-04-07520 sub stream! Animating to:O16:2188
2023-04-07OL 2 Reanimated map 19/523:06424
2023-04-07My first toonsquid animation (IT SUCKS)0:05361
2023-04-07I now have a tiktok!0:02216
2023-04-03Bfdi Ep1 Sc1 But I Removed Tweens2:22726
2023-04-03BushyMations-Intro (2023)0:04209
2023-04-02Animation Test With SprayCan0:05279
2023-04-01A stream! With friends4:5080
2023-03-31A lil animation with someone ;)0:07355
2023-03-31M E M E S0:04396
2023-03-30Object Logic Episode 3 TEASER0:08195
2023-03-28Object Logic-Episode 3-Nugget Hazards0:250
2023-03-28Stream :D41:33109
2023-03-27Some news about what’s been happening with me…2:05215
2023-03-26Sleeping in a cardboard box0:05220
2023-03-23The worst 500 subs special0:10169
2023-03-19Matt The Dumb Head | Pilot Intro |0:11282
2023-03-19Custom Mouth Test0:03222
2023-03-18A stream!20:3584
2023-03-18Object Logic 3-Sneak Peak0:08259
2023-03-17I Need Animaters0:10137
2023-03-16Object Logic 3 Timelapse (sneak peak??)4:30125
2023-03-16Animating the new Object Logic intro!36:3282
2023-03-15Object Logic episode 3+ intro0:18485
2023-03-15Did You Just Say Wah Wah??0:07291
2023-03-14Animating live!13:3047
2023-03-13Bushy S T R E A M19:0865
2023-03-13This video will be private in 3 days0:42300
2023-03-13A little stream!24:1748
2023-03-12Object Logic-Official Soundtrack-Peepy Teams1:3872
2023-03-12I think Bushy Likes it0:05326
2023-03-11Object Logic-2182-Bushy dies of chicken nugget0:02130
2023-03-11A stream!10:1867
2023-03-11Broadcast powered by StreamChamp0:000
2023-03-09Object Logic Is Back0:17319
2023-02-28My last video?0:38229
2023-02-25Stream Because I’m Bored!31:4694
2023-02-25Animating Live!7:4245
2023-02-24Animating live!55:44110
2023-02-21Doing a Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke! (part 1)24:4834Pokémon Emerald
2023-02-21Thank you @ObjectAnimations FOR SUBSCRIBING TO ME!!!0:21209
2023-02-20Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke12:5264Pokémon Emerald
2023-02-20Hey Bubble I- Reanimated!0:05828
2023-02-20Late stream :]0:000
2023-02-19It was never about revenge pencil...0:10260
2023-02-18Animation test0:01149
2023-02-03Stream cuz why not24:26105