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About Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】

Hello friends! Do you like glitches, Super Mario World ROM hacks, retro games strategies and blind NES reviews? Well you've come to the right place! This is Squiggs, and love creating this kind of content.

With Squiggy Glitches, I plan to go through as many old games as I can and break them in various amusing ways. I love glitching out any type of game, and I'll do my best to explain everything that's happening and why it is happening as it goes along.

With Squiggy's ROM Hack Romp, I play through some Super Mario World ROM Hacks. Feel free to submit ones you've made, or ones you'd just like to see!

With Squiggy Seven: First Impressions, I aim to review all 844 NES games with a seven minutes or more blind playthrough in a quest to learn more about the obscure games the NES has to offer.

Every video I add is uploaded to exactly one playlist, so you can use them to sort my channel's content.

Cheers friends! And remember, Squiggy loves you!

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Toda we have a Gemini Puzzle puzzle level, which is a one-screen puzzle revolving around... you guessed it, the Gemini Laser! This is a great...
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🍄⑤【"Entering The Spin Jump Zone" - Mario In Southern Continent】〖Squiggy's ROM Hack Romp〗
Today's episode has got some more AMAZING looking levels... seriously, the custom tile and sprite work is gorgeous in this hack. The first level,...
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🍄④【"We're Damaged But We Made It" - Mario In Southern Continent】〖Squiggy's ROM Hack Romp〗
Come along for a journey through space-time and the prickliest brambles you ever done got stuck by. Somehow the brambles are the tricky part...
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🍄③【"Block Doopacation" - Mario's Adventure in the Southern Continent】〖Squiggy's ROM Hack Romp〗
The first rule of YouTube is to hook your viewers right at the start of the video, so naturally I led this one with over two minutes of me talking...
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🍄②【"Reznor But Adorable" - Mario's Adventure in the Southern Continent】〖Squiggy's ROM Hack Romp〗
Did you ever want to see someone with three years of Super Mario World experience die over and over to frustratingly-simple challenges? Well...
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🍄①【Mario's Adventure in the Southern Continent by K. K. Koopa】〖Squiggy's ROM Hack Romp〗(Super Mario)
This hack is pretty gorgeous, and from what I understand the creator drew all the graphics himself. Nice work friend! So far it seems to play...
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🎲【Orb-3D】〖Squiggy Seven: First Impressions #038〗(NES First Impression Reviews)《★★☆☆☆》
WELCOME to VERNS ORB-O-RAMA! EAT HERE and GET GAS! Today's Squiggy Seven episode is for an obscure little novelty of a game called Orb 3D. A...
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👾【Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon】〖Squiggy's SNES First Level Quest〗(First Level - Super Nintendo)
You play Rex Ronan, a fearless experimental surgeon tasked with shrinking himself down to the size of Osmosis Jones and clearing a body of all...
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🌀【Cheery Happy Funtime by Chinclucker】〖Mega Maker Showcase〗(Viewer-Submitted Mega Man Maker Levels)
Shoop de woop, we're back with some more Mega Man Maker, and today's episode is CHEERY HAPPY FUNTIME WOOO! Who wouldn't love such a positive-sounding...
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🌀【Australia Would Be Proud by NapkinDictator】〖Mega Maker Showcase〗(Viewer-Submitted Mega Man Maker)
We're back with some more Mega Man Maker, and today we have 'Australia Would Be Proud' by NapkinDictator! In this Aussie-themed level, we beat...
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