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About SignsOfKelani

Hey, howdy and how are you?! Welcome to Signs of Kelani! You'll find bunch of gaming related content here - guides, tips and tricks and the oddball play through! Right now most of it is World of Warcraft, just can't seem to find a game to beat it! I'm maining Hunter right now so expect to see a few videos about how you can get the most out of your furry little friends and your bow!

Come join me on my discord server at

In game: Kélani (US-Illidan)


CPU - i7 2600k 3.4ghz
GFX - gtx 760
RAM - 16GB ddr3
Microphone - Blue Yeti
Webcam - Logitech c920


Recording video - OBS
Editing video - Adobe Premiere Pro
Editing audio - Audacity

If you have a game that you thoroughly enjoy and wish to share, or anything you want to ask, PM me!

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