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1.United Kingdom WoodenPotatoes43,837,522
2.United States Guild Wars 230,753,906
3.Mexico AzTTeKWolF23,968,600
4.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon23,396,967
5.Japan kougeisha21,428,184
6. Dulfy18,933,619
7.Singapore AyinMaiden16,792,038
8.Spain MikelTube11,121,567
9. Honeyball6,925,900
10. AngryJoeShow6,537,706

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1.Singapore AyinMaiden1,737
2.Russian Federation PlemYT1,552
3.Taiwan, Republic of China WEN-HAO TSAO1,455
4.Spain Eil1,384
5.United Kingdom WoodenPotatoes1,238
6.Germany Rejja On Air1,068
7.Ireland Quoundo Games1,033
8.Germany Trilophysis951
9. Dulfy765
10.United States Jebro741

Latest Let's Plays For Guild Wars 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoGermany JustMeItIsDie Schlacht gegen Zhaitans Armee [Let's Play Guild Wars 2 Deutsch #4]2:25:4540
4 days agoGermany TrilophysisGuild Wars 2: Living World 4 [LP] [Blind] [Deutsch] Part 846 - Die Gipfel des Donners43:5115
2021-05-03 Omni EliteGuild Wars 2 WvW Roaming: Thief & Weaver "Cracked" Outplays, Oneshots and Outnumbered Fights15:40878
2021-04-28Kuwait Alninio9Guild Wars 2 - Icebrood Saga EPIC FINALE PLAYTHROUGH - SHOCKING ENDING!!42:57159
2021-04-28Canada ICED GAMESSo Many Events - Guild Wars 2. Lets Play. Necromancer Part 19153:1398
2021-04-28United States MuklukYoutubeMukluk plays (and Reviews) Champions - Chapter 4: Judgement - Guild Wars 2 The Icebrood Saga1:00:588,785
2021-04-18South Africa Tales of LuminGuild Wars 2 - Part 19 (Asura Engineer / EU - Aurora Glade)3:18:0057
2021-04-14United States birdofchessGuild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga finale playthrough | Champions Chapter 3: Balance1:41:09151
2021-04-09United States XanBlast ProductionsDid Guild Wars 2 Help Me Get Twitch Partner?10:522,851
2021-03-18United States The Rose Lightning ChannelGuild Wars 2, Sixela Rosepetal's Story Episode 26 Final! Part 2 Sylvari Guardian Playthrough!35:2018
2021-03-11Canada Kyle Stencell TV*SPOILER ALERT* Guild Wars 2 The Icebrood Saga: Balance Chapter 3 Playthrough REACTION39:572,279
2021-03-01Australia NoodyGW2 - THE BEST WvW PLAYS I'VE EVER SEEN?? (MUST WATCH) #MakeRoamingGreatAgain24:4415,428
2021-02-07 ShadowsAmbitionGuild Wars 2 - Martina #1391:03:576
2021-01-19Germany Hüter der TraumweltGuild Wars 2 🧙🏼 045 - Ascalon braucht uns 🧙🏼 Let's Play26:1328
2021-01-02Germany flaschorLPGuild Wars 2 Livestream 01.01.2021 - Community Legendary Bounty Tour3:12:01537
2020-12-30Germany TheJuliaTrin | Bayerische ZockernudelLet's Play Guild Wars 2 - 296 - Erinnerungen von Glint16:5078
2020-12-03United States BusinessWireCity of Hope Has Developed a Cancer-killing Virus That Activates Immune System, Helps Eliminate ...1:0019
2020-11-30 IkesmithLet's Play Guild Wars 2: Some Updates and Ramblings of a Tired Dude25:3419
2020-11-22France OKRADOn avance ! | Guild Wars 2 - Let's Play FR #0943:301,415
2020-11-21Canada Gaming Tutorials with JohnyGW2 Icebrood Saga - Champions - Truce | Full Play Through1:20:21469
2020-11-13Switzerland JessTheStardustCharrLet's play Guild Wars 2 without UI | Livestream Upload | #3 | JessTheStardustCharr2:25:42351
2020-11-08United States JebroSunqua Peak - Guild Wars 2 New Fractal Play through46:15205
2020-11-07 TheWorldAccordingToSnugletSnuglet Plays Guild Wars 2: Episode 14 - Lockdown 2 Electric Avenue48:431
2020-11-04Poland Piotr Kłusek"Guild Wars 2" #122 Help subvert the Bloody Buccaneers (world quest)5:251
2020-10-15Taiwan, Republic of China WEN-HAO TSAOGuild Wars 2 2020-10-16 Recommended Fractals18:084

Latest Reviews For Guild Wars 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-27Malaysia GRM AdrianGW2: Icebrood Saga Champions Chapter 4 Review Playthrough1:47:551,556
2021-04-27France Sam Ajesté[GW2] Judgement served! Brand new Infusions & Skins reviewed!14:193,137
2021-04-21United Arab Emirates Guild MMGuild Wars 2- ICEBROOD SAGA CHAMPIONS: JUDGEMENT FINALE TRAILER REVIEW!26:10509
2021-04-04United Kingdom Rock UniverseGuild Wars 2 Now Free Forever!0:57255
2021-03-27United States Work To GameGuild Wars 2 It Could get Worse, it could get Better?19:062,294
2021-01-31United Kingdom The Krytan HeraldGuild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga - Is it worth YOUR time?12:454,084
2020-12-31Canada Gaming Tutorials with JohnyGW2 Gem Store Update 1st Jan | Silver & Copper Fed Salvage O Matic Review6:111,948
2020-12-18Brazil Taverna do XPGuild Wars 2 - Episodio 1 (2021 REVIEW) Obs, cito 4 raças mas esqueci de mencionar os NORMS10:4834
2020-12-04United Kingdom Sofa Supastar Gamingfresh play friday - minion masters gameplay and review - how good is it16:43274
2020-12-03Taiwan, Republic of China WEN-HAO TSAOGuild Wars 2 2020-12-03 Strike Mission2:202
2020-11-19United States KROOFGW2: Icebrood Saga - Champions "Truce" REVIEW & THOUGHTS21:362,100
2020-11-18Ireland Quoundo GamesGuild Wars 2 Truce Finale & Review - Defending Tyria - Gendarran Fields33:01291
2020-10-28United Kingdom Redhead GamingCUSTOM HALLOWEEN VARIANTS IN GW2: Lawn of Doom Character Mod (Review) - Modded Garden Warfare 218:4417,855
2020-09-25United States NoblePlaysGuild Wars 2 | New Player Review, Should you play in 2020?11:145,661
2020-09-04United States Bigjuicyhog GamingGuild Wars 2: Review for new players and beginners4:036
2020-08-26United States Skylent GamesNext GW2 Expansion May Be The Last HERE WE GO! "End of Dragons" Reaction | SKYLENT11:101,664
2020-08-22United States TrueGamingGuildWars2 SMC 공략전 With Ele 난 죽어도 성은 뺏으리라!!12:4781
2020-08-11United States MuklukYoutubeDelivery Contracts: Is It Worth It? - S3, S4, Hunters, & Industry Contracts Review - Guild Wars 210:0715,223
2020-06-10Canada TinyBlueGames[GW2] The Top 3 Things I Love and Hate | Guild Wars 2 In 202016:1430,679
2020-04-07United Kingdom Drunken Shanuz RewindGuild Wars 2 Drunken Moments from a Forgotten Livestream - Drunken Shanuz6:2254
2020-03-07Germany DRonasTVGuild Wars 2 Review in 2020 | Ausblick und Check vom SpieleGuru7:05495
2020-02-16Brazil CHARLES JOGOSGUILD WARS 2 - VALE A PENA JOGAR EM 2020? | Review e Novidades6:116,727
2020-02-14 MMOBombFree to Play Cast: NCSoft And Nexon Financials, PSO2 Beta Review, And Rapid Fire News Ep 32859:481,643
2020-02-11United Kingdom MightyTeapotGuild Wars 2 February 2020 Mega Balance Patch Review : Engineer!45:527,156
2020-01-19 Paper RollGuild Wars 2 The Icebrood Saga Shadow in the Ice Trailer Reaction/Review5:2952