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1.United Kingdom WoodenPotatoes 🥔66,567,676
2.United States Guild Wars 243,467,193
3.Singapore AyinMaiden27,508,946
4.Mexico AzTeKWolF24,443,017
5. MMOByte23,787,032
6.United Kingdom The Yogscast23,696,291
7.Japan kougeisha22,789,313
8.United States MuklukYoutube21,946,257
9. Dulfy21,466,055
10.United Kingdom MightyTeapot18,538,016

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1.Brazil Kyam Matheus4,806
2.Taiwan, Republic of China GW2-wenhao.36914,296
3. GuildNews3,003
4.Singapore AyinMaiden2,542
5.United Kingdom WoodenPotatoes 🥔2,380
6. CJ Hyde2,141
7.Russian Federation PlemYT1,914
8. Hadi1,579
9.Germany FaktoPhy1,517
10.Ireland Quoundo Games1,513

Latest Let's Plays For Guild Wars 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-09-01United States Smokin420atownEarly morning🎶hey check out your boi 💯#💯#like n subscribe.Helps me grow :)0:0312
2023-08-31United States GamingWithTeeJLIVE | Solo Playthrough Valheim!! 3/6 Bosses Down!!!3:56:106
2023-08-31Philippines eds444Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Playthrough 646:274
2023-08-31Germany DithschiGamerGuild Wars 2 - Let's Play Together – Secrets of the Obscure - Eine neue Gefahr ⚔️ #135222:345
2023-08-30United States KROOFFacing Demons | Let's Play GW2: Secrets of the Obscure (3)1:30:22108
2023-08-30United States GoChadTVLets Play Guild Wars 2 - EP32:36:1220
2023-08-29South Africa arekuse1Guild Wars 2 - Lets Play part 15 #arekuse1 #gaming #game #guildwars2 #mmorpg #gw229:014
2023-08-29Canada ICED GAMESClosing the rifts - Guild Wars 2. Lets Play. Necromancer Part 24553:5625
2023-08-28Germany FaktoPhyLet's Play Guild Wars 2 #1512 - Together: Fraktal Rucksack Part 713:499
2023-08-28United States Three of Swords GamingGuild Wars 2 Story Playthrough: Secrets of the Obscure pt 11:23:594
2023-08-28 VadicoltAn Old Friend - Guild Wars 2: Secrets Of The Obscure Playthrough1:16:10205
2023-08-28United States Andy Plays All NightA BUGGY DAILY? | Initial Thoughts on the Wizard's Vault | Guild Wars 220:0888
2023-08-28Australia GameolioDanGuild Wars 2 Playthrough | Part 8: Welcome Home | Human Warrior34:53236
2023-08-27Germany Paninis ArchivPath of Fire Ende | Living World 4 Story - GW2 Part 55 [ Blind | First Playthrough ]1:37:0411
2023-08-27 alienexePlaysalienexe Plays Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Part 632:0648
2023-08-27 golffreak246Lets Play Baldur's Gate 3 w/Friends #12 - The Owlbear30:054
2023-08-27Canada FyerlunaTeaching Fractals, Then Level 70 Sylvari Story!3:36:2836
2023-08-27France AVAseriesGUILD WARS 2 : SECRETS OF THE OBSCURE - Let's Play épisode 3 (chap 7-10)2:52:2091
2023-08-26United States SparrowbeeSparrow Plays Games Live!2:01:497
2023-08-26 Dmitriy-san (Dima-kun) Alexander ZaretserS./outh lane was behind, but I was there to help them catch ^/up (or @/at least try)...0:4614
2023-08-26Germany J8DLPT ChannelLet's Play Guildwars 2 End of Dragons! Episode 35619:091
2023-08-25France KazhamaniaLes meilleurs MMO Cozy ! #top #mmorpg7:341,960
2023-08-25Sweden ArahorPlaysLet's Play Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure (PC) - No Commentary - Chapter 9 - ArahorPlays26:5429
2023-08-24United Kingdom WoodenPotatoes 🥔Secrets of the Obscure Day 2 - Full Lore & Achievements Playthrough2:53:1312,361
2023-08-23United States SamsonOfOldguild wars 2, 1st playthrough pt 215:0025

Latest Reviews For Guild Wars 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-08-31United States VizzientGuild Wars 2 is ELITE in 2023 | Should You Play It? | First Impressions | Raw Reviews16:494,926
2023-08-30Australia The Full Rotation - The Ultimate Realm For MMOsSkywatch Archipelago MAP Review | Guild Wars 2 Secrets Of The Obscure28:2453
2023-08-29United States Qwazar77People are Leaving ESO for Guild Wars 232:331,036
2023-08-28United States ZcriptureZGuild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Expansion Review6:39391
2023-08-26United States KROOFNew Expansion Review (Spoiler Free-ish) | Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure15:018,372
2023-08-26United Arab Emirates Guild MMWIZARDS VAULT BEST GOLD MAKERS! Full Items Review32:586,511
2023-08-23 AlcapitianIs Secrets of the Obscure good? - Introduction Review (no story spoilers) - Guild Wars 2 SotO9:073,136
2023-08-22United States Sylvari ReaperNew Daily Rewards Review + Twitch Drops Reminder3:19151
2023-08-21United Kingdom Mitch’s Football ChatterPremier League GW2 Review #premierleague #footballshorts #football #footballfans1:0055
2023-08-21United States The Full SpectrumGuild Wars 2: Icebrood Saga (Falls Apart) - Review27:04125
2023-08-20United States Caffeinated Dad GamingThe 4 Must-Do Tasks in Guild Wars 2's Secrets of The Obscure10:0020,253
2023-08-18 Talking About Games5E RPG Academy Adventures review pt 14: Monsters, campus life and final thoughts6:2729
2023-08-02Germany Gamer AgentGuild Wars 2 Gameplay and review | Is it an imitation of World of Warcraft?0:3532
2023-07-26United States pamaarFPS[sK] Raids - HoT Review + Heart Memes2:40:532
2023-07-25 Josh Strife SaysWhy I can't Stream Games I'm Reviewing6:4333,727
2023-07-23Canada Dj DragonGW2│ My REACTION - Asmon Reviewing BDO Player's Review19:03644
2023-07-20 Paper RollRelics Review ALL We Know and How To Get Ready New Equipment Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure12:321,077
2023-07-19United Kingdom MightyTeapotA NEW FRACTAL CM IS HERE! - Silent Surf CM REWARDS, REVIEW And KILL19:5310,478
2023-07-15United States Scion StormSlime and Dungeons - Hype Impressions/Is It Legit?/Waifus Come To Play/CN Server9:032,006
2023-07-15Finland Loothras' LootYet Another Guild Wars 2 Review15:34923
2023-07-13United States pizzapartyGuild Wars 2 - Steam Deck Review12:553,095
2023-06-27United States AeraliExpansion Announcement Review and Balance Chances! - Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure!2:42:11148
2023-06-27Chile DarensGw2Full expansion announcement REVIEW! Everything new that comes with the expansion!1:09:4396
2023-06-27United States RenfailGuild Wars 2 News - Secrets of the Obscure Expansion Announcement5:34207
2023-06-25United States Game LikeGuild Wars 2 Review | Is it worth playing Guild Wars 2 in 2023?0:5947