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Channels With The Most Views

1.United Kingdom WoodenPotatoes56,079,427
2.United States Guild Wars 237,413,553
3. MMOByte26,284,710
4.Mexico AzTTeKWolF24,123,788
5.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon23,619,331
6.Brazil Monark22,858,277
7.Japan kougeisha22,243,437
8.Singapore AyinMaiden20,971,921
9. Dulfy19,486,485
10.United States JuNCurryAhn11,600,083

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Taiwan, Republic of China GW2-wenhao2,437
2.Singapore AyinMaiden2,056
3.United Kingdom WoodenPotatoes2,043
4.Russian Federation PlemYT1,542
5.France Kazhamania1,373
6.Ireland Quoundo Games1,195
7.Germany Rejja On Air1,096
8.Germany Trilophysis1,086
9.United States Jebro901
10. Dulfy778

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22 hours agoGermany ShinguinGuild Wars 2 PoF Let's Play #013 Eine Oase der Erholung23:523
1 day agoUnited States Kyle BlaneLet's Play Guild Wars 2 // Part 49 // New Player - Blind Playthrough (Sylvari Thief)32:47132
1 day agoIreland Quoundo GamesGuild Wars 2 - Sylph Wings Backpack & Glider Demo!12:50777
1 day agoUnited States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Guild Wars 2 Ep617:531
1 day agoGermany tautropfenGuild Wars 2: Die Eisbrut Saga #435: Story - Hinter feindlichen Linien (German/Deutsch)22:488
2 days agoUnited States Wintertooth100Breaking Scavenger's Chasm :: Guild Wars 2 Part 39 Blind Playthrough (Asura Elementalist)45:43234
2 days agoGermany MMOnline PlaysLet's Play Guild Wars 2 #020 Das Fest der vier Winde [German][HD]36:0220
3 days agoUnited States Nocturne GamingNocturne Gaming plays Guild Wars 21:13:137
5 days agoUnited States Sinister 7 GamingTop MMORPGS on PlayStation 2021| You Should Be Playing9:2516
5 days agoUnited States Retro & Zeivu GamingThe Retro Nerd Plays...Guild Wars 2 Finale (Unreleased Series)12:033
2021-09-07Canada ICED GAMESThe Spirits - Guild Wars 2. Lets Play. Necromancer Part 19647:2196
2021-09-06United States PSNet plays Guild Wars 2 - The Source of Orr12:143
2021-09-05France OKRADLES PÉONS SONT DE RETOUR ! | Guild Wars 2 - Let's Play FR #101:04:28220
2021-09-01United States Gloomshot - Guild Wars 2I'M HELPI...*BURNS TO DEATH* | Daily Guild Wars 2 Community Highlights10:130
2021-08-31United States DarksmithGuild Wars 2 - LEVELING and EXPLORING Tyria! Let's play Guild Wars 2 Series Ep38:45134
2021-08-30United Kingdom The Bullet SpongesGuild Wars 2 | Returning Player? | Here's a Little Help17:107,405
2021-08-29Germany Hüter der TraumweltGuild Wars 2 🧙🏼 61 - Happy Birthday! 🧙🏼 Let's Play25:3333
2021-08-29Pakistan LIVE WALLPAPERDragon Guild Wars 2 LIVE WALLPAPER0:2924
2021-08-28United States The Rose Lightning ChannelGuild Wars 2, Sixela Rosepetal's Story LWS2 Edition Episode 4, Sylvari Guardian Playthrough!27:4867
2021-08-25Germany JustMeItIsDer Start von Heart of Thorns [Let's Play Guild Wars 2 Deutsch #14]2:23:5539
2021-08-22 PlagueTv XGW2: PvP Plays and Highlights Vol 24 ( WillNOTbender edition ) GUARDIAN / WILLBENDER beta gameplay9:301,988
2021-08-20Ireland Celtic CyborgGuild Wars 2 Elementalist Playthrough Ep.321:478
2021-08-13Germany TrilophysisGuild Wars 2: Eisbrut-Saga [Episode 3] [LP] [Blind] [Deutsch] Part 946 - Tosende Flammen26:0541
2021-08-12Belgium TheDanael512Guild Wars 2 : On cherche la Cité Perdu de Kesho !!! [Let's Play Fr]#441:27:578

Latest Reviews For Guild Wars 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoUnited States Staysafe TVGuild Wars 2 NEW PLAYER Review - 202116:4512,851
2021-09-08United States Slyguy Triple Z GamingGuild Wars 2 | Lets Try This Again!12:05543
2021-08-30United States KROOFBless Unleashed PC - New Player Introduction & Review9:461,092
2021-08-20United Kingdom WoodenPotatoesEnd of Dragons Beta Review Days 2 & 3 - Reviewing The Ultimate Open World Builds34:0825,068
2021-08-11United States JebroHarbinger Necromancer Trailer review and theory craft16:351,139
2021-08-10Australia GianTehGreatBless Unleashed PC - Is it Really that Bad? | First Impressions15:043,256
2021-08-09United Kingdom The Bullet SpongesGuild Wars 2 Review | A Welcomed Home for MMO Players11:5230,099
2021-07-30Belgium Dashup!LOST ARK : LA MAGE ! GUILD WARS 2 END OF DRAGONS - ELYON - PROJECT HP ! Actu MMO#10718:526,585
2021-07-27United Arab Emirates Guild MMEnd Of Dragons Announcement Details & Review - New Maps, New Mounts, Elite Specs, Fishing AND MORE!41:13981
2021-07-06United States ZcriptureZI enjoyed this one a lot! - Fable 3 Review18:4463
2021-06-19United Kingdom MagicalMikeRecently In Guild Wars 2 - June 202112:41288
2021-05-27Singapore AyinMaidenROG Claymore II & Gladius III Unboxing & Review4:592,558
2021-05-02 PlagueTv XGW2: Salty Condi Hating-AS$ PVP elitists review the MAY 11 Condi Lives Matter pre patch notes30:57709
2021-04-27Malaysia GRM AdrianGW2: Icebrood Saga Champions Chapter 4 Review Playthrough1:47:551,771
2021-04-27France Sam Ajesté[GW2] Judgement served! Brand new Infusions & Skins reviewed!14:194,004
2021-04-23Germany MaselElder Scrolls Online & Guild Wars 2 Side-by-Side – Should You Play Them?1:17:468,522
2021-04-04United Kingdom Rock UniverseGuild Wars 2 Now Free Forever!0:57257
2021-03-28Taiwan, Republic of China GW2-wenhaoGuild Wars 2 2021-03-29 Recommended Fractals17:096
2021-03-27United States Work To GameGuild Wars 2 It Could get Worse, it could get Better?19:062,309
2021-03-24Germany flaschorLPGuild Wars 2 News: 'Bi-Weekly Update' März 2021 Patchreview15:531,578
2021-03-19United Kingdom Sup3rSaiy3nWarhammer 40K Conquest - FULL COLLECTION - Review19:458,520
2021-03-08Belgium Vale OfficialGuild Wars 2 New player exerience in 2021 Live (Free to Play MMORPG)1:18:5198
2021-03-02United States Proper's PlaceMy Thoughts On Google Stadia! | Answering Your Questions About Stadia | Review Video22:31107
2021-01-31United Kingdom The Krytan HeraldGuild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga - Is it worth YOUR time?12:455,245
2021-01-25United States Old Man GamingHorrible Review-Control17:3614