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About TheHaddockbanker

I consider myself more of a simple editor, who does simple edits, rather than a Youtuber. I like video games and I find glitches hilarious, that's basically my thing. I also like putting in text for a few seconds to annoy people(since my ME3 video). My voice and such will only appear when I feel its appropriate.

Grand majority of videos are my own footage, I just find glitches funny, and that's 90% my stuff.

Will happily take ideas, suggestions, or even requests. Please contact me via twitter, tumblr, or by smoke signal.

Current PC build:
i7 6800K @ 4.2~ ghz(OC varies depending on needs)
Rampage V Extreme
32 GB of ram that has some edgy name
Too many hard drives

Rig functions perfectly fine until I plug something in a usb port and all hell breaks loose.

Videos from 2015 onward are all recorded at 1080p/60 fps unless otherwise mentioned.
Primarily use Dxtory for capturing needs, with OBS on the side.

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Star Wars Clone Wars: Grevious vs Jedi Sound Remaster
Probably the only legit 1080p footage of 2003 Clone Wars on this site. The sound effects in Star Wars Clone Wars are weird, it uses classic Star...
2019-03-13 12:29:56 PM ● 1,868 views ● 5:41 99.53% liked
Ryu and Nyotengu take a stroll in Dead or Alive 6
Dead or Alive 6 satisfies my need for glitches, wacky physics and instant transmissions with Ryu and Nyotengu entering out of bounds to hell...
2019-03-03 10:56:41 PM ● 4,933 views ● 1:48 99.23% liked
Slayer: The Greatest Insurgency Sandstorm player
Maybe I should do an Insurgency Sandstorm final release video after all. Just another glitch and a few bugs, or twelve; totally a stable and...
2019-02-24 12:58:12 AM ● 5,162 views ● 0:43 99.05% liked
Can't do that in Screaming Steel
Nothing like another mod of a mod of Insurgency in which you can spam to high heavens, annoying everyone and be labelled as trolling when in...
2019-02-18 5:34:48 AM ● 9,264 views ● 11:24 98.79% liked
I play WW1 games for the realism
TOOT ME LIGHT - Donations keep me alive and make it easier to create videos.
2019-02-10 10:57:22 PM ● 24,563 views ● 0:20 98.69% liked
The Anthem demo's Amazing Spins and Moonwalks
There better be a moonwalking emote sooner or later in the final release of Anthem. Instead it will probably just be another broken, buggy Frostbite...
2019-02-08 6:59:37 PM ● 6,370 views ● 5:20 98.37% liked
Regular Smash and especially Smash Ultimate montages are boring, lets have something more exciting with Gamefaq's favorite pretty feet princess:...
2019-02-03 5:25:28 AM ● 436,014 views ● 3:04 93.91% liked
Anthem's n-word drop
BioWare is just that progressive with Anthem that they will actually say the n-word. - Donations keep me alive and make it easier to create videos....
2019-01-25 10:51:26 PM ● 164,647 views ● 0:14 97.16% liked
The Battlefield V campaign: A Frostbite Engine Masterpiece
Even Dragonball Z games don't have this many instant transmissions. - Donations keep me alive and make it easier to create videos.
2019-01-20 2:18:04 AM ● 44,973 views ● 20:18 96.27% liked
High level DOA6 mind games
I miss pre-google+ homo-genius. Make me feel like a better person and check out a bunch of links: -Other channels- Sound design channel:
2019-01-13 1:53:02 AM ● 6,838 views ● 1:00 96.55% liked