Top 100 Channels From India With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from India based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.India Aaj Tak524:05:54:03मोदी के सामने विपक्ष में कौन प्रधानमंत्री उम्मीदवार? | स्पेशल रिपोर्ट Anjana Om Kashyap के साथ31:0879.87%
2.India Zee News455:09:54:05Court questions Delhi Police for filing chargesheet without approval in JNU sedition case1:02100.00%
3.India India Today387:06:48:21No Records On Killings Of Kashmiri Pandits, Says Centre 3 Decades After Mass Exodus4:5965.00%
4.India Sakshi TV331:01:56:13"Band Baaja" Political Satire Show | పొలిటికల్‌ తమాషా...బ్యాండ్‌ బాజా21:18
5.India NDTV303:17:34:45"My Actions Against Corruption Infuriated Some": PM's Dig At Opposition1:3419.57%
6.India TIMES NOW209:00:40:07Frankly Speaking with Smriti Irani | Full Interview53:0891.32%
7.India theWarriors169:07:41:54dota 2 just chilllllll4:27:35100.00%
8.India Crabby157:19:13:20PUBG MOBILE | Live India |3:19:1094.91%
9.India Zee 24 Kalak149:08:45:20Gujarat Express: Watch all news from Gujarat in brief |19-01-2019 |Night| Zee 24 Kalak24:0687.50%
10.India Just Another Gaming Site143:00:50:19Live PUBG PC | Ultrawide PUBG RTX 2080Ti | !giveaway2:15:1692.65%
11.India Cosmic YT120:00:39:38PUBG MOBILE EMULATOR | PUBG PC NOW | Lets goooooo | Chicken Dinnerrrrr6:45:2996.16%
12.India Tamilan J - Gaming114:05:27:45PlayMonk PUBG Mobile Tamilan Series 2019 Qualifiers live38:4496.45%
13.India RakaZone Gaming111:02:32:52PUBG Custom Rooms & Sub Games • PUBG Live Stream India5:54:3897.03%
14.India Gamerex108:23:27:28PUBG Mobile : Sub Games / After Long Time37:4892.00%
15.India Vrikster Gaming98:00:08:37PUBG PC DELL Futurist Community Cup Tournament Live Stream3:07:1793.85%
16.India Devozpaz95:06:07:22Short PUBG PC Stream2:41:2796.00%
18.India Dynamo Gaming83:06:54:36PUBG MOBILE LIVE | SEASON 5 RANK PUSH & SUBSCRIBER GAMES | SUBSCRIBE & JOIN ME3:06:3397.82%
19.India DracoGames82:00:13:06Full Non Veg Stream With Harnit GunShot Khatri5:57:4191.03%
20.India GoldyHindiGaming77:04:16:083 DUO vs SQUAD WINS - एकमेव - Destruction Everywhere - PUBG MOBILE3:12:4597.44%
21.India Kronten Gaming69:10:44:11PUBG MOBILE | BACK TO BACK CHICKEN DINNER & AIRDROP HUNTING :) 700k YOUTUBE FAMILY :)3:02:1797.81%
22.India 3K YouTuber Karan68:00:59:19Dota 2 Friendly Lobby Match - Any Pick2:35:1776.92%
23.India GtxPreet66:04:47:22PUBG MOBILE - Happy Gurupurab & Lohri | Paytm on Screen1:41:1895.80%
24.India Beast Indian Gamer64:00:09:45PUBG MOBILE EMULATOR LIVE INDIAN GAMEPLAY1:14:18100.00%
25.India Anistuffs - The Indian Let's Player62:13:38:32Let's Slay the Spire - Daily Climb - 14 January 201959:01
26.India sikhwarrior60:14:43:16Adi ki shAdi | RIP Bachelor Adi 🔴7:00:3993.74%
27.India rvlast59:20:36:59THE WORST BALLOON SNIPER EVER (And That Is Me) | Fortnite16:06
28.India Wiki Rex57:20:22:45PUBG CHILL DAY !giveaway2:08:1596.88%
29.India Game Mate55:19:59:41INDIAN GTA: V || Happy Birthday to GAME MATE Channel Ft. Vijay || Online Day 2402:10:1197.09%
30.India ANI News54:23:52:55कुंभ मेले में स्वच्छता का ख़्याल2:06
31.India The RawKnee Games54:00:05:50PUBG MOBILE / PC LIVE: RANDOM TEAM TROLLING | SEASON 5 ROYAL PASS! | NEW UPDATE3:53:0297.04%
32.India Ezio18rip50:21:09:23THE WALKING DEAD : FINAL SEASON - EPISODE 3 (Broken Toys) Full Gameplay in Hindi (Season 4)2:32:39100.00%
33.India GameStrange49:11:09:36🔴LIVE STREAM - Mobile PUBG | End of Season 4 xD3:16:2497.35%
34.India Raman Chopra49:03:16:54PUBG MOBILE - SHAKTISHAALI GAME2:13:3195.04%
35.India Troopy Gamers46:03:17:55CHICKEN DINNER with Subscribers | POOBJI MOBILE2:12:0397.87%
36.India TheStreamer45:13:35:49MOBILE PUBG AJAO FRANDS PAYTM DONO ON SCREEN3:31:4195.77%
37.India Gareebooo45:00:21:55PUBG MOBILE SEASON 5 RANK PUSH CHICKEN DINNER1:02:2998.46%
38.India HyperKIDGaming44:10:52:45PUBG MOBILE | सु प्रभात #19 | 1 MAN SQUAD & SQUAD GAMEPLAY1:10:0197.51%
39.India Telugu Gamer44:07:33:27TeluguGamer - PUBG MOBILE Gamer7:20:5796.24%
40.India HemanT_T43:04:55:39KHOLAT (Hindi) Part 4 "HAUNTED FOREST" (PS4 Pro Gameplay)28:3399.20%
41.India You TECH TAMIL - யு டெக் தமிழ்41:21:03:12PUBG Mobile 🔴 Live Stream | Rushing for chicken dinners | season 5 is coming soon | Paytm on screen11:25:1195.04%
42.India MiKeYROG41:16:53:18Darksiders III |PC| Apocalyptic Difficulty Walkthrough 20 (Wrath, Pride & Envy)42:5898.68%
43.India KTX Telugu Gamer40:19:44:02KTX Telugu Gamer - PUBG MOBILE SEASON 5 LIVE #131 | చికెన్ డిన్నర్7:16:1996.39%
44.India Techzamazing37:15:10:28RIDE OUT HEROES - ANDROID / iOS GAMEPLAY - ( ULTRA GRAPHICS )23:4897.11%
45.India ESL India36:13:50:06ESL India Premiership 2018 Fall Season - Aftermovie2:1698.90%
46.India Alpha Clasher35:13:20:49🔴PUBG Mobile : BATTLE ADDA WARMUP!!1:16:5497.27%
47.India KeTRoX ReD35:09:56:13🔴 PUBG MOBILE - UPDATE 0.10.5 - MK47 MUTANT - SEASON 5 || PUBG MOBILE #gg #chicken 🔴2:27:5495.96%
48.India Bucks Love Gaming34:17:11:50[Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links] KOG ladder! Chiiling Stream2:22:52100.00%
49.India P For PLAY34:10:26:55Battlefied 5 & Rocket League Online With Friends | P For Play2:32:2694.12%
50.India Ratz199434:03:38:00Hitman 2 4K Benchmark | /w LG 27UK650W & NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20803:47100.00%
51.India KrazY Gamer33:18:26:15DEADPOOL in GTA V | KrazY Gamer |13:4496.20%
52.India shreeman legend live33:17:26:05ShreeMan & Rane ll Full Funny Songs ll Comedy Unlimited7:0798.89%
53.India ObliviousDude33:16:22:31PUBG PC Noobra Indians2:31:5498.84%
54.India Iceman Nik33:13:37:12CONARIUM | Psychological Horror Game LIVE # 23:15:00100.00%
55.India TheMusyGamerMedia33:02:32:08THE LION KING Trailer IMAX NEW (2019) Disney Action Movie (Full-HD)2:0880.00%
56.India Gamer Man32:20:25:55the walking dead final season episode 3 gameplay49:32100.00%
57.India NamokaR GaminG WorlD31:22:27:17OUTLAST : Best Survival horror | Hindi Live Stream | Walkthrough #1 | #NGW1:46:3695.02%
58.India Poru9931:19:54:46Season 7 Week 7 Secret Battlestar Location Guide (Snowfall Challenges) - Fortnite Battle Royale2:18100.00%
59.India Indian Aimbot29:05:30:58NieR: Automata | Into the Depth | Mission #7 [Hindi Walkthrough] Route A30:07100.00%
60.India TheGamersToys27:08:03:26PUBG PC VS Insurgency Sandstorm | Best Tactical Shooter Game Ever | India Live4:30:1897.31%
61.India Bloter Gaming26:06:40:39[ENG] Train Sim World | Update 2019 | Shall We::Germany0:03100.00%
62.India Poor gamer clan26:01:22:24SHE IS SO BADASS || BEST PART OF SHADOW OF TOMB RAIDER || PART #1232:1299.09%
63.India Galaxy Rose 10125:15:58:24🔴 PUBG MOBILE - RUSH GAMEPLAY || PUBG MOBILE #gg #chicken 🔴1:58:4696.36%
64.India CarryisLive24:09:11:12COFFEE WITH CARRYMINATI7:5197.33%
65.India JayCetic24:00:59:49Astroneer - Surviving - EP08 - Building a Soil Centrifuge48:48
66.India SuperSnorkelDuck22:09:48:03#Custom Room PUBG Mobile : Fun Live Stream3:54:5693.33%
67.India Musky22:02:57:43🔴BirthDay Special Stream PUBG MOBILE Season 5 Intense GamePlay.....[Hindi] #PayTmDonationsOnScreen1:25:49100.00%
68.India Girl GamerON 2.021:19:44:10PUBG Mobile📱 | Join Kar Lo Friends| Girl GamerON 2.02:56:3383.96%
69.India RON GAMING21:13:58:34[Hindi] PUBG Mobile | "36 Kills" In Squad Match Winner Winner Chicken Dinner18:4296.79%
70.India Unq Gamer21:03:51:01PAYTM ON SCREEN | Pubg Mobile Tournament India | చికెన్ డిన్నర్ నాటు కోడి Live Stream #1094:03:1795.33%
71.India Hardcore Gamers Unified20:10:23:14NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution Ultrawide Gameplay | Walkthrough #115:29100.00%
72.India GAMEPLAYBOX20:08:09:19Brawl Stars (UNLOCK - BULL & EL PRIMO) iOS/Android - Gameplay Video18:16100.00%
73.India K18 gaming19:03:31:56Season5 1st ever and we got chicken!29:1098.57%
74.India Quasar Games17:09:34:09"Broken Toys" The Walking Dead THE FINAL SEASON Gameplay HINDI Episode 3 (Part 1)41:2098.78%
75.India Hindustan Times17:08:59:44Jeremy Corbyn accuses Theresa May of being 'in denial' over Brexit deal1:3157.14%
76.India Immortal Gamer17:04:48:18[ HINDI ] PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS #PUNEKAR #MAHARASHTRA #INDIA3:19:36100.00%
77.India Low Budget Gaming17:00:34:25The Division 2 | Where to buy from ?6:1098.11%
78.India Games Lover17:00:18:38Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles Memories Of A Lost City All Cutscenes Game Movie55:36100.00%
79.India Nick vlogs16:12:55:50PUBG MOBILE MALAYALAM LIVE | KALIPP MODE | NICK VLOGS3:31:2095.83%
80.India AjayGames HD#16:03:29:303rd ODI India vs Australia 2019 || Ashes Cricket Gameplay 1080p 60fps18:5796.21%
81.India 10EverTop16:02:30:28BARCELONA vs. LEVANTE || SPANISH PREMIER LEAGUE 2018/19 || FULLGAMEPLAY PS4 {FIFA 19 }17:01
82.India WarVic15:14:30:29✅ Learning Assassin Role in Mobile Legends - New Hero Aldous Practice1:57:2289.47%
83.India Pwnde15:11:54:46Around we go - Neutrin05 【No Copyright Music】3:4966.67%
84.India Legend Viki15:09:21:51Crow vs Noob ! Troll Gameplay 😂 Brawlstars (hindi)10:4696.39%
86.India Saxisam15:07:41:29New Ice King Event Fortnite | Late Night PUBG & Fortnite | Chilled Weekends w/ Saxi2:05:1298.94%
87.India Tof Gaming13:17:20:55Assassins Creed Odyssey DLC 1 Episode 2 Shadow Heritage - Into the Storm | Gameplay Part 222:30100.00%
88.India Voltrex Gaming13:13:25:45Onimusha: Warlords / 鬼武者 Gameplay Part #111:26
89.India Virdi Boyzzz Gaming13:02:45:36🔴PUBG MOBILE LIVE|Emulator| PAYTM On Screen |Snow Map Update |Vikendi ||Tencent Gaming Buddy3:39:44100.00%
90.India MDisCrazY13:02:02:28PRO YOUTUBER VS PUBG MOBILE #91:27:3098.07%
91.India EuphoricGaming12:14:19:25FIFA 1926:41100.00%
92.India BADBOSSGAMEPLAY12:10:56:46Wild Truck Hitting Zombies - Peacemaker Gameplay2:24100.00%
93.India CREATON GAMING12:03:46:392️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ PUBG MOBILE Live Streaming2:13:25100.00%
94.India Cyanex12:02:04:554 FINGER CLAW CONTROL in Duo vs Squad | PUBG Mobile (Battle Royale #39)16:4597.12%
95.India Lone INDIAN Gaming11:15:01:19Battlefield V Benchmark | GTX 1050 ti | AMD Ryzen 5 1500x | Ultra | High | Medium | Low37:00100.00%
96.India IndianSoldier111:14:26:25PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update | 18th Jan 2019 | LIVE | Lets GoOoOoOoOoOoO | Paytm on Screen2:09:2794.23%
97.India GIGA NEEB11:08:55:50#pubgmobile #SEASON 5 #rankpush #india 🔴 SEASON 5 ONLY RANK PUSH WITH SQD🔫 🔴..SUB & JOIN GUYS🔫3:48:53100.00%
98.India Tech Guy Charlie11:01:39:31Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 9 Pie final and official update awesome new features and one UI30:2196.20%
99.India FireFrost11:01:08:11HIGH RANK GAMEPLAYS 🔥 TPP RANK PUSH [ PLAYING ON iPAD ]1:14:0195.18%
100.India gattu10:19:37:53NEW FORTNITE SCOPED REVOLVER GAMEPLAY!- IS IT BETTER? NEW PATCH 7.20 UPDATE (Fortnite Battle Royale)1:42:1992.76%