Top 100 Channels From India With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from India based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.India Aaj Tak542:18:12:34News 100 Nonstop | March 21, 201911:0089.61%
2.India Zee News472:20:56:20Watch top 10 news stories on Lok Sabha Elections 20191:3697.73%
3.India India Today409:07:31:07Speed News | Lok Sabha Election News | 16th March 20191:18100.00%
4.India Sakshi TV346:13:06:47YS Jagan Election campaign || వైఎస్ జ‌గ‌న్ ప్ర‌చార భేరీ2:56
5.India NDTV312:08:54:44What Manohar Parrikar Told NDTV After Becoming Goa Chief Minister In 201718:4083.16%
6.India TIMES NOW219:15:15:56"India's polity needs more of Manohar Parrikar", says Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad4:4390.48%
7.India Crabby182:15:34:10Happy Sunday : JhaakAsss GamePlay | PUBG MOBILE | LIVE | INDIA5:11:3197.51%
8.India theWarriors181:19:02:45DOTA 2 LIVE Stream road to you never know2:57:18100.00%
9.India Zee 24 Kalak167:22:55:14Goa CM Manohar Parrikar passes away after prolonged illness - Zee 24 Kalak10:5291.38%
10.India Just Another Gaming Site143:11:48:41DMCV Full Game Live Stream PS4 Pro59:38100.00%
11.India Tamilan J - Gaming140:02:06:15PUBG MOBILE TAMIL LIVE | RUSH | CHICKEN DINNER HUNT | CUSTOM ROOMS4:57:5694.80%
12.India Cosmic YT136:21:02:17Pubg Mobile Emulator | LETS GOOO!! | Chicken Dinnerrrrrr6:17:5996.04%
13.India RakaZone Gaming120:15:54:25Solo vs Squads In Apex Legends • RakaZone Gaming Stream Highlights3:4299.28%
14.India Gamerex111:19:45:31CS:GO : Happy Holi to All2:17:45100.00%
15.India Devozpaz105:15:38:15[LIVE] This game is beautifully hard | Sekiro Shadows Die Twice3:51:29100.00%
16.India Vrikster Gaming103:17:07:05PUBG LITE Gameplay LIVE ( PUBG PC LITE )1:53:1294.79%
17.India PCP Gaming91:20:46:54We start at Phandalin! - Peer Pressure D&D: Episode 12:13:5696.15%
18.India Dynamo Gaming91:02:32:23PUBG MOBILE LIVE | SEASON 6 NEW UPDATE & ROYAL PASS | SUBSCRIBE & JOIN ME2:41:3997.40%
19.India DracoGames84:19:12:49Draco Got a Holi Gift1:5196.10%
21.India GoldyHindiGaming79:02:53:06जानिये क्या है APEX LEGENDS and Lvl 4 Gear?14:0998.97%
22.India GtxPreet77:16:29:24PUBG MOBILE - Kar98 ki Pichkaari | Paytm On Screen2:23:1396.90%
23.India sikhwarrior76:00:55:43Back to DUTY, Apex Legends new season grind ! #GamerConnect6:45:1797.27%
24.India 3K YouTuber Karan71:15:12:39🔴Dota 2 - LOBBY SUB VS SUB🔴2:41:09
25.India You TECH TAMIL - யு டெக் தமிழ்67:20:05:36PUBG Mobile 🔴 Live Stream | Rushing for chicken dinners | Paytm on screen3:19:4493.85%
26.India Beast Indian Gamer66:13:50:15AAO THANOS KE SAATH JUNGLE MAI KARE MANGAL1:24:10100.00%
27.India Anistuffs - The Indian Let's Player65:06:00:22Let's Slay the Spire - Daily Climb - 21 March 20191:03:38
28.India Wiki Rex63:06:06:15PUBG PC INDIA : #1 Player In My House57:5695.76%
29.India Raman Chopra62:15:28:02SEASON 6 ROYALE PASS | PUBG MOBILE2:41:1398.44%
30.India Telugu Gamer60:15:40:35PUBG MOBILE Game Live TeluguGamer5:54:1797.03%
31.India rvlast60:08:43:47WE MUST BEAT T SERIES! | Zero Deaths28:46
32.India Gareebooo60:07:35:58PUBG MOBILE LIVE SEASON 6 COMING SOON M416 OP SPRAY #yeyeyeye2:16:0597.68%
33.India The RawKnee Games59:22:02:08PUBG MOBILE LIVE: DROP HUNTING FOR SEASON 6| NEW SEASON 6 | RAWKNEE2:22:0197.43%
34.India GameStrange59:21:19:21🔴LIVE STREAM - Mobile PUBG | Short Stream xD1:41:4398.68%
35.India ANI News58:15:16:49China has goal of propping up Pakistan to indulge in conflict with India: Christine Fair - ANI News1:30100.00%
36.India TheStreamer58:05:36:37PUBG Mobile | Morning hogya mamu ajao sab PAYTM ON SCREEN1:52:0992.16%
37.India HyperKIDGaming56:12:14:42PUBG MOBILE emulator - RUSH GAMEPLAY - ONLY CHICKEN DINNER CHALLENGE4:04:1098.77%
38.India Game Mate56:05:37:40INDIAN GTA: V || Happy Birthday to GAME MATE Channel Ft. Vijay || Online Day 2402:10:1196.93%
39.India KTX Telugu Gamer56:04:54:18*GiveAway PUBG ROYAL PASS* KTX PUBG MOBILE #354 | Telugu | KTX Telugu Gamer6:00:1695.53%
40.India Ezio18rip52:08:51:073 Scary Games [Hindi]20:11100.00%
41.India Troopy Gamers50:22:11:22CSGO with FRIENDS 🤤 | apnatimeaaega 💯❤️2:17:53100.00%
43.India ObliviousDude46:19:54:19SIEGE NIGHT5:00:11100.00%
44.India KeTRoX ReD46:14:17:23🔴 PUBG MOBILE LIVE - PLAYING WITH SPONSORS AND SUBSCRIBERS || #gg #chicken 🔴1:28:1197.50%
45.India HemanT_T45:12:54:59RESIDENT EVIL 6 (Hindi) Walkthrough #2 "Sherry Birkin" (PS4 Pro Gameplay)39:5098.02%
46.India MiKeYROG42:23:47:29Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PC Let's Play 07 (Ashina Outskirts)35:56100.00%
47.India shreeman legend live42:10:23:47PUBG MOBILE ll CUSTOM ROOM ll आग लगा बस2:03:0398.01%
48.India P For PLAY39:23:41:32Forza Horizon 4 - British Racing Green - Chapter 4 to 8 | Malayalam Gameplay | P For Play24:56100.00%
49.India ESL India39:23:15:51🔴 LIVE | ESL One Mumbai | India Closed Qualifiers | Grand Finals2:01:20100.00%
50.India Techzamazing38:05:36:18LIFEAFTER ENGLISH - MOUNT SNOW MAP - BEST LOOT LOCATION? - #1112:3794.71%
51.India Gamer Man37:15:40:01wwe 2k18 live gameplay51:09100.00%
52.India NamokaR GaminG WorlD37:05:56:43New PS4 Exclusive Coming in June 2019 | New Zelda Game, Mortal Kombat 11 Beta, Cory Barlog | #NGW5:4594.96%
53.India Iceman Nik37:03:09:04METRO EXODUS | Moving On | LIVE # 22:46:1697.22%
54.India TheGamersToys36:17:17:10PUBG PC LITE New Update | Subscribers Can Join | India Live5:47:3298.96%
55.India Bucks Love Gaming35:14:43:38First Match With Subs25:52100.00%
56.India Ratz199434:03:38:38How's that for Road Rash? | Devil May Cry 50:38100.00%
57.India KrazY Gamer34:01:56:40Mr BEAN with NOBITA & DORAEMON in GTA V #711:4597.64%
58.India 10EverTop33:09:39:14FULHAM Vs. LIVERPOOL | ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE 2018/19 | FULLGAMEPLAY PS4 {FIFA 19 }17:15
59.India Indian Aimbot32:15:23:48🔴 Rainbow Six Siege | Hindi LiveStream | #115 Burnt Horizon4:18100.00%
60.India Poru9932:10:24:55The *NEW* Lucky Rider Skin Gameplay in Fortnite Battle Royale16:0888.89%
61.India HalvedStudios32:01:42:11Let's Play ► Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic : Ep.53 Objectionable Tactics30:35
62.India Poor gamer clan29:12:11:50Pubg mobile me Subscribers ke saath dhoka😂 || WAIT FOR ENDING12:5697.98%
63.India JayCetic28:23:54:10Far Cry 2 - EP01 - Tutorial and doing some basic quests - Twitch VOD (March 23rd, 2019)2:59:09100.00%
64.India Bloter Gaming28:19:36:42[Eng] Frostpunk | 2019 Gameplay | Stream2:12:36100.00%
65.India Galaxy Rose 10128:09:39:59APEX LEGENDS #INDIA | GALAXY GRINDS | INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHTS #51:0183.33%
66.India Girl GamerON 2.028:08:38:37DROP HUNTING and CUSTOM ROOM | PUBG Mobile| Girl GamerON 2.0😍2:47:0993.28%
67.India Unq Gamer28:06:24:21PAYTM ON SCREEN | Grand Theft Auto V Telugu Community | Punju Live Stream #1561:34:3195.61%
68.India CarryisLive27:19:59:24PUBG MOBILE | AAJ TO SIRF CHICKEN HE CHICKEN3:10:2597.81%
69.India Musky27:02:02:39🔴PUBG MOBILE EMULATOR WALA ..... [Hindi] #PayTmDonationsOnScreen #pubgmobile1:38:01100.00%
70.India Nick vlogs26:09:04:10🔥🔥🔴PUBG MALAYALAM LIVE | PUBG MOBILE മലയാളം LIVE | NICK VLOGS3:03:0296.50%
72.India K18 gaming24:17:21:21Elite Customs | India's Best | Playmonk | K18 *3 min delay*1:35:1497.84%
73.India MDisCrazY22:22:40:56PRO YOUTUBER VS APEX LEGENDS #LUL #1 (English/Hindi)2:13:1797.58%
74.India RON GAMING22:19:21:04[Hindi] PUBG Mobile Gameplay | Let's Have Some Fun40:1697.99%
75.India Immortal Gamer22:12:06:22[ मराठा ] 🚩 Rust Live | Game sponsor by Krazey | !sponsor !giveaway1:38:15100.00%
76.India Hardcore Gamers Unified21:13:31:45Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 Pro Livestream1:08:11100.00%
77.India GAMEPLAYBOX20:11:43:31FRAG PRO SHOOTER - AMELIE (NEW CARD UNLOCK) Gameplay Walkthrough (iOS Android)17:3075.00%
78.India GIGA NEEB19:01:56:15Season 6 Royal Pass Giveaway After 1K🔴PUBG MOBILE বাংলা Live 🔴 Unlimited Rush3:22:1198.28%
79.India AjayGames HD#18:16:07:15ASHES CRICKET || KXI PUNJAB vs RR 2019 ||1:27:2592.25%
80.India Hindustan Times18:12:07:22Leopard has a 7-hour free run in a residential area in Rajasthan's Alwar0:3788.89%
81.India Virdi Boyzzz Gaming18:08:29:48Dynamic Weather RAIN MODE GLOBAL Version Rain In| Erangel Miramar ! Pubg Mobile13:22100.00%
82.India Quasar Games17:20:50:35ZERO DEATHS - PewDiePie Game Hindi38:0595.83%
83.India Low Budget Gaming17:08:54:56Bundles, Free Weekends and Sales 22nd March 20197:5198.21%
84.India Voltrex Gaming17:03:25:49In Darkness ► GAMEPLAY (PC 1080p60FPS)4:4862.50%
85.India Sky Gaming & Tech16:22:06:28ASHES CRICKET - BEST CRICKET GAME1:06:5497.78%
86.India Mr Games Lover16:22:01:12All Cut Scenes Game Movie DEVIL MAY CRY 5 - DMC53:13:59100.00%
87.India Saxisam16:03:50:48Saxisam vs Akinator #AkinatorNoobHai8:3198.18%
88.India Mr.GHOST GAMING16:03:11:54Season 6 is Here ! S6 Gameplay ! Update 0.11.5 Whats New ! Pubg Mobile7:2992.90%
89.India Legend Viki15:15:42:29Level 1 Mortis in Showdown ! Worst Idea Brawlstars (Hindi)12:5896.44%
91.India Tof Gaming15:13:02:10Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia DLC - Waste on Nukashine ( Brewing and Distilling )29:24100.00%
92.India Pwnde15:11:54:46Around we go - Neutrin05 【No Copyright Music】3:4966.67%
93.India Game Collectibles14:01:21:29Easiest Radiant Grimm , Meme build only , Traitor Grimmchild , Dodgemaster, No dash6:5690.00%
94.India BADBOSSGAMEPLAY13:15:45:19Custom Ford Mustang GT - Grand Street Racing Tour Gameplay #76:08
95.India FireFrost13:10:08:52SEASON END MATCHES 🔥 LIVE WITH BRAWLERS ...😊2:05:2197.62%
96.India Cyanex13:07:57:19Gangstar Vegas - Friday Review : CLAWSTRIKE ULTIMATE REVIEW10:0096.72%
97.India EuphoricGaming13:00:12:37Division 2 Rescue Eleanor Sawyer Live broadcast Hindi59:36100.00%
98.India FUT12:14:26:28PES_19_MOBILE | LAST TRY 🥳 OF MY MAIN ACCOUNT1:4091.43%
99.India IndianSoldier112:14:02:13OnePlus | PUBG Mobile Live Stream |Tournament 2 | Qualifier Round 2 |1:04:2293.33%
100.India Hitesh KS : Hindi Gaming12:12:32:34Jugnoo Racer Funny - Tron Bike Buying | GTA 5 Online HINDI | Hitesh KS19:2097.04%