Top 100 Channels From India With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from India based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.India Aayu and Pihu Show7,471,936,676ROTE ROTE HASNA SEEKHO | #Comedy Reasons to laugh | Moral Story | Aayu and Pihu Show11:51
2.India Dushyant kukreja6,738,351,733Who can smell boiling tea ☕️ ? 😂 #JavRun #shorts #sponsorship #neerajchopra @youtubeindiaspotlight0:14
3.India Techno Gamerz6,502,070,119I FOUND A CUTE PUPPY AT ABANDONED HOUSE25:58
4.India Total Gaming5,664,497,973Free Fire Top Secret Mode Explore with Amitbhai Romeo and XMania - Garena Free Fire- Total Gaming15:31
5.India Village Cooking Channel4,156,079,845500 QUAIL BIRDS | Cooking Delicious 500 Farm Quails | Making Traditional Quail Curry Recipe10:21
6.India Tilak4,078,497,494रामायण कथा | श्री राम ने विभीषण की बचायी जान5:39
7.India CHHOTU KI MASTI3,912,891,635CHOTU APPLE JUICE WALA | छोटू एप्पल जूस वाला | Khandesh Hindi Comedy | Chotu Dada Comedy Video12:41
8.India Chapati Hindustani Gamer3,318,541,5681000% IMPOSSIBLE CRASH THE CAR CHALLENGE RACE | GTA 510:38
9.India Videogyan Kids Shows-Children's Cartoon Animation3,309,222,050TooToo Boy - Sand-Castle Episode | Cartoon Animation For Children | Videogyan Kids Shows31:38
10.India Hindustan Gamer Loggy2,839,453,26299.28% PLAYERS CANNOT COMPLETE THIS IMPOSSIBLE RAMP RACE9:22
11.India Sanjoy Das Official2,501,865,866Elite Pass Tips and tricks 😂😁 Free Fire #Shorts #Short0:59
12.India Mythpat2,488,807,794MOMMY LONG LEGS IS SO SCARY! (Poppy Playtime Chapter 2)36:50
13.India A_S Gaming2,294,295,816Picking Up My Little Brother From School In My MUSTANG GT10:35
14.India FactTechz2,045,929,268खाते समय फ़ोन नहीं चलाओगे तो 10% Discount - Unique Restaurant in the World & Various Random Facts1:45
15.India Sanam2,038,177,790#PyarDeewanaHotaHai live chat12:49
16.India Gyan Gamingㅤ2,021,829,991Brithday Main Bhi Prank ho gaya Priyanka ke Sath 🤣 Mila Tuta Hua Iphone 📱4:45
17.India Desi Gamers1,867,888,372Free Fire, But If I Take Damage I Lose (Zombie Mode)8:03
18.India RS 1313 LIVE1,853,552,938Aa Gayi Aag Lagane | RS 1313 LIVE #Shorts #AShortADay0:44
19.India Frostbite Gaming1,779,025,876NOOB CHOP CAR VS FROSTY PRO PLANE MEGA RAMP CHALLENGE GTA 512:23
20.India TWO SIDE GAMERS1,718,382,290Free Fire I Got New Character *HOMER* For ‘0’ Diamonds😍💎 -Garena Free Fire25:25
21.India BeastBoyShub1,685,604,712Fishy Fishy Just Wants A Hug 🤮 [Resident Evil Village Part 9]1:14:37
22.India Trakin Tech1,626,623,099iPhone 14 Pro First Look, realme Pad X India Launch, iQOO 10 Pro Coming, Xiaomi Flip Phone-#TTN13554:35
23.India Live Insaan1,623,499,493Someone Broke into My Room at 3AM - Fears To Fathom Ep. 225:40
24.India LOKESH GAMER1,462,418,911Free Fire Live Diamond King Is Back Rampage United Bundle Biggest Giveaway0:00
25.India Movies Insight Hindi1,451,410,342Don't be Afraid of The Dark (2010) Film Explained in Hindi Summarized हिन्दी12:23
26.India Hindustan Gamer1,404,668,380GTA 5 - Very HARD POLICE14:15
27.India Onespot Gaming1,360,653,391GTA 5 THUG LIFE AND FUNNY MOMENTS #32910:14
28.India CarryisLive1,302,068,366SCARY DATE NIGHTS ARE BACK - NO PROMOTION2:32:03
29.India RON GAMING1,291,051,976GTA V | Face To Face Full Barbadi With Amazing Flying Bike20:14
30.India Mohak Meet1,259,952,031Bitwa Ne Granny Ko Maar Dala 😂 HORROR GAME GRANNY 2 : GRANNY COMEDY | #YtShorts #Shorts0:57
31.India Pebbles live1,224,866,826Fill in with 'a' or 'an' | Learn Basic English Part -17 | Learn English | How to write11:41
32.India Sadhguru1,178,678,834Addressing the Biggest Challenge Before Humanity | Alexander Ludwig, Gustaf Skarsgard & Sadhguru41:55
33.India Abhay Bhadoriya1,140,602,924ORDINARY PEOPLE👧 vs EXTRA ORDINARY PEOPLE😎 IN SUMMER SEASON😂☀️ | Abhay Bhadoriya #shorts0:47
34.India MortaL1,137,235,537MortaL Tries Sailing with OLYMPIANS for the First Time ! Vlog8:16
35.India Free Fire India Official1,133,317,578Super Gamer Bundle | Preview | Garena Free Fire MAX1:06
36.India Tech Burner1,124,185,317iQOO Neo 6 Unboxing & Review *Midrange King*?8:26
37.India Badge 991,118,067,799New Scar🔥 Haven Warrior Scar & Funny Gameplay - Badge99 - Garena Free Fire8:20
38.India Dynamo Gaming1,107,650,732DEXTER'S FIRST CODE - RED | T.L.M.C | HYDRA TOWN ROLEPLAY4:50:36
39.India UnGraduate Gamer1,107,057,955Free Emote For Everyone🤯🔥Best Heroic Reward😍Thanks Garena !!9:54
40.India Tonde Gamer1,022,660,486Gold to Grandmaster Rank Push on CSR with UG Ayush & Sooneeta ❤🤞 Tonde Gamer - Garena Free Fire11:27
41.India The Quint1,018,419,436'No One to Inform Here'; Mundka Fire Victim’s Siblings Traced in Bihar | The Quint3:50
42.India Rachitroo972,487,851I Tried World's SPICIEST NOODLE Challenge !!13:44
43.India Tanmay Bhat948,501,294DUBAI VLOG - VLOG 10513:20
44.India UNBOXINg dude873,470,555പണി പാളി 😶 അനിയത്തിക്ക് ഒരു SHOCK കൊടുക്കാൻ പോയതാ..🔥 PRANK 🔥UNBOXINGDUDE l6:49
45.India Angry Prash856,314,013Indian News Reporters and Anchors | Angry Prash8:18
46.India GameXpro847,250,222🔥BiG man used Laser on me When i was on Top of the Building - Trolling BiG man - GameXpro10:50
47.India Trakin Shorts840,624,963Phone Ke Ye 2 Secret Codes Aapko Pata Nahi Honge⚡️#TrakinShorts #Shorts0:26
48.India YesSmartyPie817,697,047Evil Friends in Minecraft....(SmartyPie Reacts #16)10:40
49.India Assassins ARMY813,661,250My New Black Supercar 🔥8:11
50.India Hitesh KS : Hindi Gaming797,362,159🔥 DR STRANGE MultiVerse in Minecraft 🔥 | Hitesh KS28:47
51.India Geekyranjit784,796,021iQOO Neo 6 Unboxing & Overview | New Value Flagship?12:37
52.India GW MANISH759,129,966Game Over 💔Free Fire Abh Kabhi Return Nahi Aaega?🥺💔|| Mysterious and unknown facts10:52
53.India Ujjwal730,238,717Indian Gamers at Cannes Film Festival1:16:11
54.India ALPHA FREEFIRE721,410,126Gain 10k+ subscribers in 30 days, learn world's best strategy with proof to boost your YT channel.3:34
55.India Scary Teacher 3D Gaming687,871,213What If MOMMY LONG LEGS Play Squid Game vs Huggy Wuggy30:38
56.India Jay Hindi Gaming684,402,955CHAPATI PRANKED ME WITH FAKE CAR!9:55
57.India Funcho678,870,058If Job Was A Person | Funcho11:11
58.India baseer gaming670,962,5702 fake records 😳 of freefire || #shorts0:26
59.India ADITECH643,616,221Free Fire Live Aditech Is Back Mega Giveaway Teamcode 🤯1:55:45
60.India JaiPuru634,124,271INDIANS AND THEIR THINGS - Part 2 || JaiPuru11:04
61.India Techno Ruhez625,741,976Best Upcoming 4G & 5G Phones Worth Waiting In June 2022 !8:50
62.India ROCK INDIAN GAMER622,249,233Roblox Oggy Climb The Tallest Wall Of The World With Jack Dolls In Ragdoll Stack | Rock Indian Gamer11:26
63.India The RawKnee Games614,647,527MINECRAFT BUT FISHING IS EXTREMELY OP | RAWKNEE38:32
64.India gattu599,061,218Fortnite Season 38:26
67.India All India Bakchod595,387,947Chintu Ka Birthday | Title Track4:53
68.India FF ANTARYAMI586,779,340🔥Epic Factory Fight 10HP With New "RAVE SKATER" Bundle Don't Miss/🔥 Garena Free Fire Factory Fight12:39
69.India Manoj Saru586,343,3633 Settings Phone में अभी करो वरना पछताओगे 😮😮 #Shorts #Manojsaru0:59
70.India Bebu582,695,728Busting Minecraft Myths to Find the Truth! (part 20)0:58
71.India Dk Dost582,284,507Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 - Android Game | Shiva and Kanzo Gameplay13:59
72.India casetoo581,071,811Rushing Full Lobby With New *Emergency Pick-up* in BGMI • (28 KILLS) • BGMI PUBGM GAMEPLAY15:24
74.India NITIN FREE FIRE569,412,831My Ameer Friend✨ Call me noob 🥺#shorts0:57
75.India Tony Sama567,873,088I got UC from PUBG MOBILE 😱1:04
77.India Hurricane540,286,426Pubg Pro Player Scout Ko Gali Diya 🖕1:00
78.India Fact Fire530,243,900Twins Brother Become ' Feku ' Master ?? 😂😂 || #shorts #factfire #freefireprankvideo1:00
79.India PK GAMERS529,656,203Garena Free Fire Parwez+Karan OP Gameplay 13 Kills Total - Finally Free Fire Installed On My Iphone8:09
80.India Prasadtechintelugu528,412,697Technews 1340 || Snapchat, Ipl 2022, Elon Musk, Samsung 200MP, Ambassador Etc...8:02
81.India Flash in Rahul522,207,275Saitama in Among Us | One Punch Man1:11
82.India A_S ARMY516,686,638Grandmaster In Cs Rank In Only 6 Hours😱🤣- Garena Free Fire22:29
83.India sc0ut513,327,934KYA LAGTA HAI KYA HOGA?! | ROAD TO 5M || Scout is Live2:31:54
84.India ChessBase India511,140,260"I came prepared but he surprised me" - GM Farrukh Amonatov on his game with GM Boris Savchenko2:55
85.India Messy Talk497,234,681Adam Itna Jyada Famous Kyu Hai ?? 😱🔥 #shorts #freefireshorts0:38
86.India STAR GAMERS495,859,022TONIGHT UPDATE + LEGENDARY BUNDLE FREE..??-para SAMSUNG,A3,A5,A6,A7,J2,J5,J7,S5,S6,S7,S9,A10,A20,A302:32
87.India Techzamazing491,486,193Sniper Elite 5 First 25 Minute Gameplay28:55
88.India MagicBox English490,907,682Wish you a Merry Christmas 2020 | Ultimate Christmas Collection | Christmas Songs | Magicbox English15:02
89.India Free Fire World490,846,329OB34 All New Emotes | Garena Free Fire2:26
91.India Dk Dost 2.0487,153,022Mommy Rope Hero - Android Game | Shiva and Kanzo Gameplay9:35
92.India Black Flag Army485,844,430Free Fire TikTok World Funniest Video Reaction || AAWARA AAWARI Reaction || Free Fire7:57
93.India baseer bhai484,536,889morning live free fire max gameplay + giveaway || garena free fire live0:00
94.India Live Hindi474,597,898The Rise & Fall of Anil Ambani 📉 Case Study | Anil Ambani Vs Mukesh Ambani | Live Hindi10:53
95.India Mc addon458,715,469I Did Hardest Mlgs Possible in Minecraft | Minecraft Hindi12:37
96.India Sooneeta458,099,805Unreal Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale SPINS 💎 | Free Fire | Sooneeta4:21
97.India VeryNuclear457,049,048UPGRADING WEIRD CARS into GOD WEIRD SUPERCARS in GTA 5 with BOB & CHOP10:24
98.India Nuclear Vishu456,878,390GTA V FRANKLIN CHEATED MICHAEL 3 #Shorts | Nuclear Vishu0:36
99.India It's A3455,314,036When Weird Mushrooms Takeover Mario's World (Bloopers)10:30
100.India A P DRAWING453,605,179K से भगवान कृष्ण जी का चित्र कैसे बनाएं || How to Draw Lord Krishna Easy | step by step Krishna Art6:18