Top 100 Channels From India With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from India based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.India Aaj Tak3,525,209,139मोदी के सामने विपक्ष में कौन प्रधानमंत्री उम्मीदवार? | स्पेशल रिपोर्ट Anjana Om Kashyap के साथ31:0879.87%
2.India Zee News1,427,945,317Court questions Delhi Police for filing chargesheet without approval in JNU sedition case1:02100.00%
3.India NDTV1,346,436,459"My Actions Against Corruption Infuriated Some": PM's Dig At Opposition1:3419.57%
4.India Sanam825,887,139The First Noel / Gloria, in Excelsis Deo / Angels We Have Heard On High | Sanam ft. Lisa Mishra3:5196.48%
5.India Guava Juice628,951,597Things That Confuse Animals 99,999% of the time!6:3296.98%
6.India Sakshi TV342,380,053"Band Baaja" Political Satire Show | పొలిటికల్‌ తమాషా...బ్యాండ్‌ బాజా21:18
7.India TIMES NOW331,072,739Frankly Speaking with Smriti Irani | Full Interview53:0891.32%
8.India TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan270,710,46520 FAMOUS FOOTBALLERS - THEN AND NOW!5:3697.90%
9.India India Today309,762,211No Records On Killings Of Kashmiri Pandits, Says Centre 3 Decades After Mass Exodus4:5965.00%
10.India Techzamazing199,171,557RIDE OUT HEROES - ANDROID / iOS GAMEPLAY - ( ULTRA GRAPHICS )23:4897.11%
11.India Hindustan Times145,486,865Jeremy Corbyn accuses Theresa May of being 'in denial' over Brexit deal1:3157.14%
12.India Hindustan Gamer104,396,750GTA 5 - Chucky Ne Kiya Tracey Ko Kidnap | Trevor, Michael, Franklin | Story15:2095.77%
13.India gattu98,180,066NEW FORTNITE SCOPED REVOLVER GAMEPLAY!- IS IT BETTER? NEW PATCH 7.20 UPDATE (Fortnite Battle Royale)1:42:1992.76%
14.India Clash Universe143,801,416Top 20 Tips & Tricks in PUBG Mobile | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #47:0798.89%
15.India CarryisLive124,000,358COFFEE WITH CARRYMINATI7:5197.33%
16.India It's A3121,008,459BALDI Control Bowser To Defeat Mario2:3690.11%
17.India PVZ89,006,603Plants vs Avengers Infinity War Animation episode 13:5176.71%
18.India azad jain93,758,778Saree Wholesale Market - 2019 latest surat saree collection | surat wholesale sarees market35:1287.50%
19.India Dynamo Gaming87,224,161PUBG MOBILE LIVE | SEASON 5 RANK PUSH & SUBSCRIBER GAMES | SUBSCRIBE & JOIN ME3:06:3397.82%
20.India Chapati Hindustani Gamer43,778,252MEGA RAMP FROM SPACE!!!21:1297.26%
21.India Zombies Vs. Plants69,489,229Clash of Clans Hero's vs Plants vs. Zombies1:2082.91%
22.India Worth sharing videos64,182,617Ultimate Russian funny ads ever | Russian ads compilation | Worth Sharing videos10:1083.33%
23.India ACVideos64,902,393Even More Items You Must Have in Assassin's Creed Odyssey11:0997.90%
24.India GAMEPLAYBOX69,131,142Brawl Stars (UNLOCK - BULL & EL PRIMO) iOS/Android - Gameplay Video18:16100.00%
25.India Technical Guys49,392,541I Got Royal Pass Season 5 And You Can Get It For Free Of Cost | PUBG Mobile4:4496.26%
26.India Kronten Gaming62,045,925PUBG MOBILE | BACK TO BACK CHICKEN DINNER & AIRDROP HUNTING :) 700k YOUTUBE FAMILY :)3:02:1797.81%
27.India Cyanex54,263,7194 FINGER CLAW CONTROL in Duo vs Squad | PUBG Mobile (Battle Royale #39)16:4597.12%
28.India Fortnite Cookies12,047,726FORTNITE ICE STORM EVENT SEASON 7 - ICE KING *LIVE EVENT*5:0295.00%
29.India Zee 24 Kalak52,625,996Gujarat Express: Watch all news from Gujarat in brief |19-01-2019 |Night| Zee 24 Kalak24:0687.50%
30.India RON GAMING57,995,346[Hindi] PUBG Mobile | "36 Kills" In Squad Match Winner Winner Chicken Dinner18:4296.79%
31.India Mr Creeper HD49,449,611WWE 2K19 Top 30 Spectacular Signatures!3:5298.49%
32.India ANI News50,920,110कुंभ मेले में स्वच्छता का ख़्याल2:06
33.India Fox Star Media35,526,210THE WORLDS HIGHEST PAID ACTORS 20183:5883.93%
34.India BOLLYWOOD TRENDZ43,287,138WAHEGURU SIMRAN BY ARVIN | MUST VIEW & LISTEN THE DIVINE VOICE OF ARVIN | waheguru, waheguru simran3:32100.00%
35.India Cosmic YT43,787,099PUBG MOBILE EMULATOR | PUBG PC NOW | Lets goooooo | Chicken Dinnerrrrr6:45:2996.16%
36.India 2K Eater49,720,573WWE Top 10 Royal Rumble 2019 Predictions! (WWE 2K19)28:3394.62%
37.India Akash Dharua36,115,118Announcement | PUBG Mobile SOLO Tournament [HINDI-Indians only]3:31
38.India software hindi25,605,841HOW TO GET FREE REAL AIR DROP ON PUBG MOBILE TIPS AND TRICK !4:3995.26%
39.India LB37,849,679What TFue is Really Like in REAL LIFE | When Not Streaming Fortnite - LB 😂2:4758.28%
40.India The RawKnee Games39,162,096PUBG MOBILE / PC LIVE: RANDOM TEAM TROLLING | SEASON 5 ROYAL PASS! | NEW UPDATE3:53:0297.04%
41.India Tech MM26,211,078Just Cause 4 Unboxing For PS4 Pro22:2097.61%
42.India Poor gamer clan39,949,912SHE IS SO BADASS || BEST PART OF SHADOW OF TOMB RAIDER || PART #1232:1299.09%
43.India Techno Gamer22,644,121PES 2019 Mobile v3.0.1 New Graphics Patch Android6:3494.77%
44.India TheMusyGamerMedia63,069,732THE LION KING Trailer IMAX NEW (2019) Disney Action Movie (Full-HD)2:0880.00%
45.India Djs4u27,763,076Aaj Phir Pine Ki Tamanna Hai (Fast Remix) By Dj AryanJaan4:0288.64%
46.India PvsZanime30,044,500Battle Day (Plants Vs Zombies)Plants Vs Zombies Animation1:3282.82%
47.India Lord Knows!32,271,747Why Captain Marvel Will Fight Thor In Avengers Endgame2:4090.06%
48.India A,K TECHNICAL POINT22,215,672PUBG PC Lite is FINALLY OUT | FREE FREE FREE | Download Now | Watch Now 20195:2693.40%
49.India PAID ANDROID GAMING30,671,622Top 8 Tencent Games for Android 2019 | High Graphics |10:0296.26%
50.India HemanT_T24,483,705KHOLAT (Hindi) Part 4 "HAUNTED FOREST" (PS4 Pro Gameplay)28:3399.20%
51.India AndroidGameE28,881,109Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Benchmark Test 4K!3:1279.57%
52.India MDisCrazY11,214,029PRO YOUTUBER VS PUBG MOBILE #91:27:3098.07%
53.India AndroKing21,187,026Top 10 Android Shooting Games January 2019 | Hindi9:5296.47%
54.India Gaming Guruji21,657,707How to add Symbol in Name in PUBG Mobile |2 Easy Steps|Gaming Guruji4:2095.20%
55.India Unforgiving, Unforeseen24,048,239I'm A Dragon - ULTIMATE Gaming Tribute/GMV5:0396.08%
56.India SupercarsInBangalore22,281,320Supercharged Audi R8 from Hyderabad is INSANE !!1:3297.54%
57.India MiKeYROG21,545,991Darksiders III |PC| Apocalyptic Difficulty Walkthrough 20 (Wrath, Pride & Envy)42:5898.68%
59.India casetoo9,747,375How we DEAL with Groza ?2:2293.93%
60.India Kathir Edits24,772,684WWE2K19 - Blue Bloods (Team India) Tag Team Match (First Blood)12:3895.30%
61.India Gareebooo2,973,666PUBG MOBILE SEASON 5 RANK PUSH CHICKEN DINNER1:02:2998.46%
62.India AjayGames HD#15,944,5853rd ODI India vs Australia 2019 || Ashes Cricket Gameplay 1080p 60fps18:5796.21%
63.India Sidemen Squad18,275,526TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE !! SIDEMEN EDITION !! #20711:5098.33%
64.India GoldyHindiGaming19,061,5673 DUO vs SQUAD WINS - एकमेव - Destruction Everywhere - PUBG MOBILE3:12:4597.44%
65.India Gidu Gamer14,328,259Gamer VS Bully7:1199.29%
66.India Legend Viki17,427,154Crow vs Noob ! Troll Gameplay 😂 Brawlstars (hindi)10:4696.39%
67.India Hitesh KS : Hindi Gaming7,281,643GTA 5 Rich Life - Mafia UnderWater Secret Base | Hitesh KS20:3199.07%
68.India Game_track15,755,903Evolution of Android/iOS FPS Games 2009-201910:4596.41%
69.India ITF15,564,427IMPLOSION iOS Gameplay ( Controller Support ) | ITF5:3097.96%
70.India Alpha Clasher3,368,574🔴PUBG Mobile : BATTLE ADDA WARMUP!!1:16:5497.27%
71.India Ride With Raj15,044,880Crash Guard | Motorcycle Helmet, Gear (Rack) & Vlog, Editing Desk in 5000 Rs15:3596.88%
72.India TheGamingAndroid12,825,851Cyber Hunter: The Fortnite Origins4:0995.48%
73.India Dekhte Rahoo14,887,691Girls Vs Boys Clash Of Clans (Part 2) - Coc India | Dekhte Rahoo9:1194.66%
75.India FireFrost15,434,818HIGH RANK GAMEPLAYS 🔥 TPP RANK PUSH [ PLAYING ON iPAD ]1:14:0195.18%
76.India TN Hindi10,779,918Best RC Drone Under 4000 Rs in india || Unboxing & review of TIANQU XS809HW-HD drone from gearbest25:2792.50%
77.India Syed Kamran Khalid7,156,874Classic Car parking game6:4550.00%
78.India Kickass Football12,734,040(×5 Times) Free Black Ball Pack Opening | PES 2019 Mobile2:5293.71%
79.India ND console13,539,737WWE 2K19 Royal Rumble 2019!22:0296.03%
80.India Film Engineer12,384,118Vivo Face Unlock | Particle Animation | VFX Breakdown0:24100.00%
81.India Best Pick13,754,278Admin ki Dukan...!!4:1278.57%
82.India KeKSeS99 Gaming12,158,968INSANE Town Hall 10 TROPHY Base Design 2019! CoC BEST Th10 Trophy Base Layout - Clash of Clans11:19100.00%
83.India Billu Technical10,784,263OUR "SILVER PLAY BUTTON"1:2291.71%
84.India S2G7,847,428FIFA 19 Liverpool Career Mode EP12 - Two Amazing Signings!!23:2597.16%
85.India KICKZ10,704,778ROS REWIND 2018 - BEST OF Rules Of Survival Funny Moments 201811:3697.08%
86.India IndianSoldier19,682,064PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update | 18th Jan 2019 | LIVE | Lets GoOoOoOoOoOoO | Paytm on Screen2:09:2794.23%
87.India shreeman legend live2,375,086ShreeMan & Rane ll Full Funny Songs ll Comedy Unlimited7:0798.89%
89.India Technical Studio9,367,730[7MB] DORAEMON 2 UNRELEASED ANDROID GAME | DORAEMON ANDORID GAME5:1592.38%
90.India K18 gaming10,147,836Season5 1st ever and we got chicken!29:1098.57%
91.India RakaZone Gaming7,165,033PUBG Custom Rooms & Sub Games • PUBG Live Stream India5:54:3897.03%
92.India INDIAN GAMER10,393,06255 LAKH USES OF RGB5:2788.00%
93.India Crabby9,407,865PUBG MOBILE | Live India |3:19:1094.91%
94.India GameFreakDudes8,708,137Halo Wars 1, 2 All Cutscenes Game Movie (Halo Wars/Halo Wars 2 All Cinematics)52:1592.86%
95.India Tech Guy Charlie9,047,277Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 9 Pie final and official update awesome new features and one UI30:2196.20%
96.India kartikey pathak7,116,016PUBG Live14:34
97.India technical raja7,644,466Pubg Mobile 0.9.0 UPDATE | New Night Mode With Night Vision Goggles | Extreme Graphics3:5086.17%
98.India GtxPreet7,951,373PUBG MOBILE - Happy Gurupurab & Lohri | Paytm on Screen1:41:1895.80%
99.India Game Traffic6,668,152[64MB] GTA San Andreas Super Compressed For Android2:1584.62%
100.India Raman Chopra7,756,421PUBG MOBILE - SHAKTISHAALI GAME2:13:3195.04%