Top 100 Channels From Portugal With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Portugal based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.Portugal Fer0m0nas587,973,269ESTOU NO JAPÃO (para Fugir do ARTIGO 13)10:1697.19%
2.Portugal Tiagovski315,217,187PAUSE CHALLENGE ! ( MELHOR DESAFIO DE SEMPRE )26:3297.14%
3.Portugal RicFazeres253,022,617METRO EXODUS #6 | ANNA ESTÁ DESAPARECIDA (PORTUGUÊS)33:0599.58%
4.Portugal fnxrak48,050,564GTA III using other vehicles as Taxi11:3085.28%
5.Portugal Tiago Spartan Beast51,229,73810 Reasons why APEX LEGENDS is BETTER Than BLACKOUT BLACK OPS 411:1696.23%
6.Portugal EurogamerPortugal41,561,265ANTHEM TEM LOADINGS COM QUASE 4 MINUTOS!4:14
7.Portugal eXillion37,057,70410 MINUTES OF PRO PLAYERS EXPLOITING BUGS IN CSGO! feat. Stewie2k, FalleN, Guardian10:1190.91%
8.Portugal TheRemedyChannel33,465,560SUPER SE MEXE BORDAS ATÉ QUE SE FAÇA LUZ! - SSBU: World of Light19:4899.21%
9.Portugal Rupture Clips33,777,381ZORLAK REACT - "CSGO EM PORTUGAL e MAIS..."10:3699.77%
10.Portugal PugKanudo26,901,950Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) - Hip Hop Showdown0:3381.25%
11.Portugal Chentric24,498,2091 DEATH = MENOS 500$ (Fortnite Battle Royale)8:0496.54%
12.Portugal Sr Caldas23,292,536FORTNITE - COMPREI 27.000 V-BUCKS !!!52:2790.99%
13.Portugal NightmareVC20,999,766ROLEPLAY NO MINECRAFT ????? VEM VER :D1:55100.00%
14.Portugal VSKI18,875,436ONDE VOU ESTAR E QUANDO ! :D6:3898.55%
15.Portugal PlayStation Portugal14,958,322Rage 2 | 9 Minutos de Jogabilidade | PS410:04100.00%
16.Portugal Baraka Games9,183,725INSCREVA-SE COPA BLUESTACKS - PUBG MOBILE2:49:5297.27%
17.Portugal Seals 31112,235,176FOMOS HUMILHADOS NOVAMENTE PQP | FM19 #13 T415:42100.00%
18.Portugal MikeGoesBoom11,023,470That Time I went to England to Touch REAL TANKS22:0199.53%
19.Portugal WCamicase Gaming10,463,577Kingdom Hearts 3 [JPN] - PT Part 12 - Final - Scala Ad Caelum1:23:11100.00%
20.Portugal Maxi Conquistas9,285,869Life is Strange Before the Storm: Localização de Todos os Graffitis Opcionais [EPISÓDIO 2]16:16100.00%
21.Portugal Espyo8,345,722Sudden rainbow rocks glitch - Hey! Pikmin0:26100.00%
22.Portugal ShARK Norris8,529,814EU NÃO ACREDITO NO QUE EU FIZ...5:5699.33%
23.Portugal MrNosec10,237,472[ AMV ] Numinous「60 fps」3:2699.22%
24.Portugal kamijordan5,925,593Resident Evil 2 (2019) - Hats Off! TROPHY1:15100.00%
25.Portugal Colonel RPG6,101,249Full cooperation, no reward - Let's Play Kingdom Come: Deliverance #13626:35100.00%
26.Portugal ShizzleYTB5,133,300NURSE MISS FORTUNE SKIN! - League of Legends (Fan)1:48100.00%
27.Portugal ThePurpleguy1234,790,222The Horizon Guide to the Pink Pig8:0599.19%
28.Portugal Jogador Plays5,053,278A Cena Mais Triste No Resident Evil 2 Remake3:43100.00%
29.Portugal Ricardo Esteves4,533,179Sempre - Ricardo Esteves (Original)5:3598.86%
30.Portugal Silver Latios4,213,143StarCraft II: The Tal'Darim's All In24:0695.35%
31.Portugal SeizenLaw3,617,411WW2 in Europe Every Day - Dunkirk (2017) Edition6:13
32.Portugal T4rget Gaming3,779,356Infrastructure Completion | Unmodded Cities: Skylines – Design and Manage, Part 7928:2699.71%
33.Portugal RúbenNebuR3,194,361'COM EXIBIÇÕES DESTAS POSSO PERDER O MEU LUGAR!' | FOOTBALL MANAGER (SL Benfica) #1013:2398.41%
34.Portugal BeaJoinsTheGame2,796,658The Sims 4 DELTARUNE ❤♠ Kris House Speed Build + CC DOWNLOAD5:4098.63%
35.Portugal Alumx2,925,179YEET.mp40:0599.79%
36.Portugal Megapi Central2,670,757Is Sonic SEXIST?!4:4294.34%
37.Portugal ChinaHax0r2,594,902ÚLTIMO VÍDEO DO CANAL! Tudo o que aconteceu. (TESTEMUNHO DE CONVERSÃO)19:1496.44%
38.Portugal BUP TV1,964,523Forza Horizon 4 GTX 1070 M (Laptop) benchmark ULTRA Settings2:01100.00%
39.Portugal Emulator Universe1,935,884Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - All Ultimate Jutsus 1080p 60fps13:44100.00%
40.Portugal Apinhaka1,945,694Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (PC) Dante Playthrough: Part 8: Mission 926:24100.00%
41.Portugal BenchART1,939,695The Division 2 - Private beta (GT 740M/GT 825M/GT 920M) [Minimum]7:55100.00%
42.Portugal StormofThunder1,029,744Smash Ultimate - 'More Fighters, More Battles, More Fun' Mashup Compilation9:59100.00%
43.Portugal Dsp211,640,252Nation Red - Defender36:45100.00%
44.Portugal Kingtuga1,402,760Quem tem greve amanha? código na loja - kingtuga1:22:3798.71%
45.Portugal PróximoNível1,523,047OUT OF LINE - Entrevista com Francisco Santos3:4896.30%
46.Portugal Oh My Plumbob1,509,431Playing Cards *EMOTIONAL* | The Walking Dead Final Season (Episode 1 - Part 3)24:04100.00%
47.Portugal Scorpion GT1,361,672DIY Arstotzka Ring3:36100.00%
48.Portugal Maestro1,230,723Wiping a PRO SQUAD (TONI SOSA, Oraxe, Stab & Wacko) | PUBG Faceit0:45100.00%
49.Portugal NannoNerd105,388★ VIRANDO SIN X E COMEÇANDO O UP HARDCORE ★ RAGNAROK M: ETERNAL LOVE4:39:18100.00%
50.Portugal NunoLac Games1,332,714How to make money on Graveyard Keeper11:00100.00%
51.Portugal EpicPureGamer1,225,322Entrevista a LrzPlays novo streamer a começar o PoE1:40:34100.00%
52.Portugal Zarteck940,460FALLING DOWN - Zarteck2:39100.00%
53.Portugal WilD JeSTeR1,118,453MovingTarget's Base Showcase | ANIMALLICA17:28100.00%
54.Portugal FNintendo960,915The King's Bird | Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)1:01
55.Portugal CelowsBR939,821RESIDENT EVIL 2 First Person View (Gameplay em primeira pessoa) Xbox one Ps4 Pc15:16100.00%
56.Portugal PTKickass885,255Sonic Unleashed: Xenia Gameplay10:14100.00%
57.Portugal TugaAvenger804,799Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PC) | Mission 04: Rescue21:51100.00%
58.Portugal Badstyles Gameplay811,723GTA ONLINE my empire After Hours in the new disco10:0197.06%
59.Portugal Double F Games780,174Vamos jogar Rise of Three Kingdoms - Clã Sun: Parte 1655:34100.00%
60.Portugal It's a Pixel THING764,954Racing Games of My Life :: ZX Spectrum | Ep. 1676:32100.00%
61.Portugal European Gamer663,299Goodbye EG! Update for active Subscribers.8:59100.00%
62.Portugal Atecep665,004Review #178 - DmC Devil May Cry (Análise)5:47100.00%
63.Portugal Nazebaze745,311FIFA 14 - #15 | CD Lugo V Málaga CF (Spanish Cup R16)12:53
64.Portugal Goncy593,966I CAUGHT KUNTILANAK & POCONG ON CAMERA! | DreadOut | Act 0 | Ending | Part 110:31100.00%
65.Portugal JimmyPT506,802Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon #14 Árvores Zombies44:22100.00%
66.Portugal Bruno Alves457,261Bloodstained: Curse of The Moon - Stage 8 - Zangetsu Only13:1984.62%
67.Portugal Portuguese Sofa Killers441,066THE FOREST - Procurar o paneleiro do Timmy1:34:33100.00%
68.Portugal Thy Entertainment420,583[PokemonGo] Hatching 51 Eggs (Regional 7km eggs) Completing my Kanto Pokedex!10:28100.00%
69.Portugal OtakuPT252,251Crunchyroll atacou fansubs e agora! - Conversa Otaku #422:21:0598.37%
70.Portugal Kawaii Suu405,582| TEAM BLACK | Bliss Opening | SUMMER 20171:2785.71%
71.Portugal Amílcar Pereira374,897Overwatch | "Get Up!!!"0:25
72.Portugal mdude381,603God of War - Sigrun Fight (GMGoW NG+, Zeus 2)6:45100.00%
73.Portugal David Gonçalves Lopes Ferreira359,693Live Fornite 213:30100.00%
74.Portugal GuNNzA69486,077Let's Play METRO Exodus ( No Commentary Live Stream)1:51:27100.00%
75.Portugal Flan329,677【東方Vocal】 「下克上々【↓MELLOW↓】 」 【豚乙女】4:2294.74%
76.Portugal Kgames Reviews355,240Primeiros 30 minutos Super Bomberman R Xbox One35:15100.00%
77.Portugal 8.5Bits310,476Jon Shafer's At the Gates - Teste5:43
78.Portugal H2O200 Entertainment301,140Far Cry 2 - Infamous Walkthrough Guide #2027:20
79.Portugal Just Farinz227,690Teaser: NISLT - The unexpected surprise3:2899.13%
80.Portugal Seikatsu297,730Escort Missions in a Nutshell0:14100.00%
81.Portugal Micael Mamede275,731Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain | Love Deterrence0:45100.00%
82.Portugal Meus Jogos259,900[Nintendo Switch] Dark Souls Remastered - A Primeira Morte0:30100.00%
83.Portugal Mogos306,356Ark Aberration PT - Domar o Anquilo para a nova base do Metal Ep 13 - Ark Aberration Hardcore26:26100.00%
84.Portugal FinalFantasySete241,233Bombeiros de Ponte de Lima a "resgatar" gato à mangueirada - Imagens chocantes.0:3139.53%
85.Portugal Cat Rox Music280,710The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (EU Portuguese) - Cat Rox cover2:49100.00%
86.Portugal Anarod237,697FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (Private Beta)37:29100.00%
87.Portugal ghostsofsociety214,354Uncharted Drake's Fortune Remastered - Part 01 - Hard - With Infinite Ammo1:40:05100.00%
88.Portugal SeriouslyGaming232,913Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Walkthrough Part 5 [No Commentary]30:19
89.Portugal Producer Tiago Mendes214,841Let´s Play Rutger Hauer´s OBSERVER Part 11:19:2675.00%
90.Portugal tails41yoshi200,003Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom - Ultramarine Nightmare (Normal Pointdevice CLEAR, Reisen)2:00:29
91.Portugal Doggys 74195,855Diablo 3 S14 HC GR95 Rank 34 P731 100% solo player11:28100.00%
92.Portugal MAFF193,109Acabou para mim. / Is over for me.4:45100.00%
93.Portugal ginaite174,317farming simulator 19 mod PACK FARM CENTRO SUL12:1590.00%
94.Portugal torrents2download com173,826king c torrents2download com0:07
95.Portugal Tek184,249Shimazu (Ironman) EU4 Common Sense Ep11 - Colonial Expansion20:46100.00%
96.Portugal Trafico CSGO166,085CS:GO Trafico Deagle Fast Ace0:18100.00%
97.Portugal Miguel Antunes158,043Como mudar o Idioma da Steam 2018 - Tutorial1:01100.00%
98.Portugal Francisco Lemos142,300Final da Supertaça - 20141:07100.00%
99.Portugal Crespo-PT121,690Tekken 2 (PS1) Marshall Law10:55
100.Portugal VectorPlexus117,568XSoldier - Gameplay (Final Mission Part 2)24:01