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1. VEGETTA77717,731,877
2.Spain TheWillyrex15,764,348
3. Gronkh15,465,695
4.United States BdoubleO10010,233,281
5. Bob Lennon7,366,377
6.Thailand TeamGarryMovieThai5,414,602
7.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon5,406,413
8.United Kingdom InTheLittleWood5,079,882
9. FROST4,860,006
10.United States xXSlyFoxHoundXx4,440,646

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1. Rivet Head1,050
2.United States ZGMC229
3.Spain HunterCW212
4.Spain iVertrox124
5.United States Delta249er106
6.Canada Scyushi82
7.Brazil GrandeMOficial77
8.Canada hodge podge75
9.Germany Deadlegacy71
10.United States MemoryLeakDeath71

Latest Let's Plays For Cube World

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-05-19Canada hodge podgeCube World - Let's Play Ep 82 - ME & THE BEE26:2628
2020-03-11 Rivet HeadCube World Between Seasons - E2 -"The Alpha Fire Mage!."30:0292
2020-01-11United States SpaceFudgeGamesCube World Alpha in 2020 is BETTER than Full 2019 Steam Release59:52725
2019-11-13Romania lordfafyCube World - FIGHTING TROGG (PVP) | Let's Play Cube World 2019 [Co-Op] #2318:49330
2019-11-03Bulgaria TheSheepBroadcastBeating EVERY Dungeon in Cube World Alpha!! - Livestream [03/11/2019]1:50:33230
2019-10-20Italy Dextro23Cube World - Oger klatschen! #20 | Let's Play Deutsch German33:39326
2019-10-19Canada ScyushiMY FIRST LEGENDARY ARTIFACT! | Cube World - Part 726:232,933
2019-10-15Germany GermanLetsPlayDieser Legendäre Stab macht mich zum mächtigsten Cube World Magier!15:34147,051
2019-10-14Germany HirnsturzDie Lootspirale geht weiter - Cube World 2019 #18 (Beta Steam Gameplay)28:371,291
2019-10-13United States xXSlyFoxHoundXxBeefy Frog - Cube World Alpha10:075,069
2019-10-10United States xBCraftedThe Arena! :: Let's Play Cube World :: E0731:241,393
2019-10-06United States Poet PlaysCube World - Revisited - Full Release!26:422,045
2019-10-04United States Impossibum PlaysCube World - We Ridin16:4731
2019-10-04Germany Ustra AhazuCube World #01 | Gestrandet | Let's Play [german]2:32:0630
2019-10-03Canada TRAZ[CUBE WORLD 2019] LV 10 TODAY? + Artifact Dungeon reruns for LEGENDARY+ Gear1:56:5364
2019-10-02 NextGenYosenHow I Tried To Have Fun in the Cube World Beta12:18139
2019-10-01United States CraftedCandyCube World | Mages Are OP | Multiplayer Let's Play EP. 131:15319
2019-10-01United States paulsoaresjrCube World 2019 - NEW Open Beta is Here! Is It Worth $20? Let's Play and Find Out!23:4717,147
2019-10-01United States Unison GGCube world - Gameplay - Full release (PC) Unison GG9:2250
2019-09-30 TBone I GuessCube World Ep. 1 - THE RETURN!!! (Cube World Multiplayer Let's Play)27:095,064
2019-09-29Brazil GrandeMOficialDICAS para COMEÇAR bem e DIFERENÇAS do ALPHA | CUBE WORLD 2019 (PTBR)11:278,410
2019-09-26 U-kab GamingAlpha ile Beta arasindaki farklar ?! - Cube World Closed Beta # 02 Türkçe52:521,839
2019-09-25Brazil Monark6 ANOS DEPOIS... CUBE WORLD VOLTOU!9:1652,297
2019-09-24Spain VidaoPantallaCube World - La historia de su desarrollo3:4346
2019-09-24United States Revan MagusCube World Beta 2019 First Look! | Cube World | Rebus Plays19:2047

Latest Reviews For Cube World

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2019-12-04United States HawkspireCube World is bad. Here's why.12:5417,955
2019-10-14United States MARKtheRANDOMI've waited 6 years for this game - Cube World Review8:07121
2019-10-12Australia davo_Cube World 1.0 - Missing the Mark (Review)14:22187,192
2019-10-11United States 2 LainzCube World | Full Release Review - NOT GOOD10:0621,379
2019-10-01United Kingdom Jade PGCUBE WORLD IS NOT DOING GREAT! The Players Are Angry! What Went Wrong?19:139,011
2019-09-30Canada Average GamerMy Honest Review: Cube World18:511,462
2019-09-11Germany SharxCube World 2019 auf STEAM! Was ist passiert?4:214,562
2018-08-15United States OHKOThe Legend of Cube World7:24291,887
2015-08-09Germany SparkofPhoenixCube World Mod - Minecraft Mod Review12:11109,882
2015-07-30Germany BadBeard - Videospiele und anderer BlödsinnTrove Review - Gameplay Test + Guide / Tutorial | Cube World 2015 [German Deutsch] Simon zockt25:485,786
2014-07-06 PREMIER GAME PLAYGame Review Cube World Adventures Ep 2 How to Tame a Pet BEST GAME PLAY3:01195
2014-05-17 AnTREXon gamingCube World game review (HD)1:53366
2013-08-13Spain Drumiel91COMPLETE SPACE THEME MOD | Review Mod | Cube World6:15339
2013-08-12Spain TitanHammer RobloxCube World Review Clase Pícaro: ramas, habilidades y modo de juego / combate8:36670
2013-07-31Germany GamesNotOverCube World Alpha Review / Test mit thinkapfel - (Improvisationsgeblubber) [Deutsch/German]12:3780
2013-07-17United States Der KarazardKarazard's Character Creation Review: Cube World17:5948
2013-07-11Canada GGBeyondThe Initiative - Cube World Review ALPHA & Analysis6:471,567
2013-07-10 Super SamicomSuperSamicom Reviews - Cube World6:4111,972
2013-07-08Brazil Review: Cube World - Primeiras Impressões PT-BR17:47765