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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Allenownz254,149,705
2.Chile DeGoBooM161,620,030
3.United States Stentric123,978,346
4.Spain MrKeroro10115,242,352
5.Canada Mark Cannataro Films111,564,034
6.United States MrBeast Gaming98,508,161
7.United States Caboose TV82,933,609
8.Japan SAWAYAN GAMES70,466,396
9.United States FaZe Blaze68,823,814
10.United States Fall Guys Daily Moments66,440,308

Channels With The Most Videos

1. Margaritta S29,281
2.Spain RODROTOF19,985
3.Belgium Kevin-excel4,218
4. Leonardo seeker!!!!!! xd3,692
5. Fall guys and Fifa3,130
6. もちぷー2,965
7.Brazil ViniJones2,782
8.Honduras Pato Juega2,136
9.France 💥Gizeemozoo_ytb2,016
10. Maria Holanda1,826

Latest Let's Plays For Fall Guys

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22 hours agoUnited Kingdom MBracken98Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Fall Forever Update Playthrough, Part 150:203
2 days ago AlphaVR370AlphaVR Plays Fall Guys Crown Grind!!!!0:368
2 days ago DeeBeeDeeBee Plays fall guys53:324
4 days agoUnited Kingdom RedArtistpro🔴Fall Guys Colour Wars! RedArtistpro VS @Hammer30lp3:46:29511
4 days agoUnited States KeshondaFALL Guys playthrough drunk playthrough1:05:1625
5 days agoSpain Los directos de El PerezosoFall Guys #92 (con Damadeoz, Maria y DonJavier)57:1624
5 days agoUnited States KyGamesTVKID PLAYS FALL GUYS PS4 GAMEPLAY MUST SEE10:062
5 days agoBrazil TelinhaMapa criativo Fall Guys: Super Mario World Dolphin Level | Código: 7990-4335-41486:598
5 days agoUnited States ATuniverse17PlayStation®4 Fall Guys15:210
6 days agoUnited Kingdom BigHairyKevFall Guys #132 - Random Squads16:1449
2024-06-05United States ThorgeCULVERS BUTTER BURGER BEATDOWN. I'm SOOO CLOSE to affiliate, help me out :) #roadtoaffiliate4:00:2413
2024-06-05United States SlayerXcLuSive GamingLittle Kitty, Big City (Xbox Series X) (Xclusive Indie Playthrough - Part 2) To Catch a Bird21:438
2024-06-04United Kingdom xXCrazyNicNakXx dolphins and sunset in fall guys creative. #fallguys #sunset #dolphin #gaming #beans #beautiful0:14209
2024-06-04 Kasper ZEROFelix Fox plays Fall Guys0:000
2024-06-02 JustCarlosFall Guys: Don't just stand there. Help out!1:512
2024-06-01Canada AK Syed🔴LIVE🔴SATURDAY NIGHT WITH SUBS | FALL GUYS2:10:2162
2024-06-01United States DSGuyJayLets Play Fall Guys AGAIN!1:38:1827
2024-05-31 TonyGoneMadFALL GUYS 🔴 LIVE ON PLAYSTATION 5 WITH TONY59:1613
2024-05-31United States PunkinnonstopFall Guys • Solo - Trios PC | EP 2 | @PunkinRePlays8:386
2024-05-30 Chris LelargePlayStation 5 1080p #PS5 stream! 20242:33:470
2024-05-30Indonesia PiscesPlayz🔴 Fall Guys - Playing Fall Guys then watch Playstation State of Play later! - Livestream #1643:11:347
2024-05-30United States Matty RantsLet's Play Fall Guys2:44:02606
2024-05-29British Indian Ocean Territory Ryufalcon Blue🔴 [[LIVE]] Let's play FALL GUYS PS5|ryufalconblue1:18:2029
2024-05-28 MegMyfawnwyI CANT HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU! - Fall Guys 🤗1:08:03110
2024-05-28Mexico Jeyko11FALL GUYS Con El Crew x culpa del Ecuatoriano1:15:5436

Latest Reviews For Fall Guys

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-05-25United States Shawn K The KingKinduo 2: Frostbite Review / First Impression (Playstation 5)27:1847
2024-05-25 Robot ReviewsFALL GUYS PS5 LIVE STREAM - ROBOT REVIEWS1:23:0620
2024-05-21United States Foxy PiratessFall Guy Romantic Action Comedy Film Review #fallguy #movie #review #romantic #action🍿🎥4:41224
2024-05-11 SemmyTenA Comprehensive Review of the New Fall Guys Update0:105,359
2024-05-10United States AndNowYourMommaKnows🤠TVThe Fall Guys (Real Review) 6/10 Action Too Far Apart4:3913
2024-05-08 RPGMaster95Fall Guys Forever Update Live Gameplay and Review Plus Give Away1:16:0240
2024-05-07United Kingdom DmgphonicsQUICK REVIEWS WITH DMG fallguysshorts #viral #fyp #fallguysclips #fallguysmoments0:57269
2024-05-07Bolivia PlayStrikeYa Salió la Actualización FALL FOREVER | REVIEW | Nueva Mecánica - Nuevos Modos12:50390
2024-05-07Spain JabirdsNueva Actualización ALUBIAS PARA SIEMPRE de Fall Guys Review COMPLETA!! Cambios y Objetos Móviles!!11:333,991
2024-05-07 NHF_SiMahkotaBought the new fame pass and review the update! | Fall Guys32:3073
2024-05-07United States RollieTvQuick Short Review: Fall Guys0:4429
2024-04-29Philippines ColMiCaryyFall Guys Map Review: Whimsical Hollow3:348
2024-04-04United Kingdom PowerOnVRFall Guys In VR? Sky Climb Review // Quest 37:28440
2024-04-03Indonesia GHOUL GHOSTEggy Party, Party Game - REVIEW GAME33:2794
2024-04-01United States Buckinator VODsVOD REVIEW with Evan then Fall Guys || TWITCH VOD 03.21.241:01:331
2024-03-27 Spooney PlaysFall Guys: Hilarious Chaos and Ultimate Wins Review3:1119
2024-03-24 ANGRY K1DMAI SHIRANUI Skin review (fall guys gameplay) Xbox series S1:165
2024-03-07 realXgamingfall guys mobile review malayalam-eggy party review-@realXgaming917:1035
2024-03-05United Kingdom Tyler HamFall Guys Fame Pass 9 Review5:15124
2024-03-01Germany ZemnodCRAZY WIN ! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED. FALL GUYS Asus ROG Ally Gameplay P36:457
2024-02-22Greece SlothyTechBest DNS Servers for Fall Guys - Ranked & Reviewed2:501
2024-02-15Canada NinjaGuy VRFall Guys in VR? - Sky Climb Review - Meta Quest - NinjaGuyVR12:18205
2024-02-06 Happy VideoGamerLet get wild NEW Fall GUY Frame pass Review5:1613
2024-01-16 wavYankzT🔴LIVE:Fall Guys NEW FAME PASS REVIEW2:05:1653
2024-01-16 Deadly GamerFall Guys all 98 of my banners review2:0312

Most Viewed Fall Guys Video on YouTube

The most viewed Fall Guys video on YouTube is I Turned Into A Fall Guys Character with 111,564,034 views, published by Canada Mark Cannataro Films on June 24, 2022.

Most Liked Fall Guys Video on YouTube

The most liked Fall Guys video on YouTube is I Turned Into A Fall Guys Character with 2,547,638 likes, published by Canada Mark Cannataro Films on June 24, 2022.