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Top 100 Channels For Fortnite with the Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings for Fortnite based on the most views on their videos. This includes channels that create video game reviews and let's plays. Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.Australia LazarBeam5,010,849,036Bronze to Unreal Speedrun (world record)25:10
2.Australia Lachlan4,238,660,552this map made fresh a DEMON 👉 7076-7314-32210:51
3.United Kingdom Ali-A3,593,419,322Can I WIN with the WORST Fortnite Controllers?14:49
4.Spain TheGrefg3,301,564,365¿ERES THEGREFG?0:25
5.United States SypherPK3,257,223,971🔴 *LIVE* FORTNITE PIRATE UPDATE & Rocket Wars 3 Launch!0:00
6.United States SSundee2,862,796,295Hiding in PLAIN SIGHT in Fortnite Walmart Prop Hunt21:27
7.United States TG Plays2,655,933,485The *RANDOM* PIRATES of The CARIBBEAN Challenge! (Fortnite)25:00
8.United States Fortnite2,601,212,655Satisfying Slurp Cactus Loop0:11
9.United States Ninja2,468,867,653I Got Trolled by a Kid in Fortnite14:32
10.Australia Muselk2,446,946,723Testing OG Fortnite Memes0:36
11.United States Top5Gaming2,433,658,417PEELY IS 7FT TALL?0:44
12.Australia Fresh2,322,619,528I hosted a Fortnite Gameshow!0:57
13.New Zealand McCreamy2,318,977,588Fortnite's BIGGEST Update is HERE!13:25
14.Canada Typical Gamer2,041,587,799The COOLEST Kid I've Ever Played Duos With!22:50
15. MrTop51,851,802,518Trolling With SHIP IN A BOTTLE Mythic! (Update)14:30
16.Spain Willyrex1,832,291,649Imparable con el Sniper 👁️ #willyrex0:54
17.United States BCC Gaming1,829,523,074Bro escaped the loop 💀0:11
18.Australia x2Twins1,571,914,553SEASON 2 IS HERE (Insane)9:39
19.Canada Nick Eh 30 Shorts1,554,795,779Baiting reboot cards on a mountain...0:47
20.United Kingdom Jelly1,458,689,931*SECRET BASE* Troll In BED WARS! (Fortnite)18:37
21.Belgium Jeanfils1,415,774,728FILLE vs GARCON sur BRAWL STARS9:24
22.United States Fe4RLess1,360,041,568AIMBOT 3.010:17
23.Canada Nick Eh 301,324,624,861NickEh30 reacts to Pirates of the Caribbean in Fortnite!17:27
24.United States Tfue1,303,615,017Confronting Dr DisRespect...8:14
25.Germany Standart Skill1,266,034,865MEINE NEUE MAP in FORTNITE IST ENDLICH DA!0:25
26.United States Tiko1,246,196,796THE FISHY PRESIDENT!11:08
27.Germany iCrimax1,245,233,850Ich BAUE HEIMLICH sein BETT AB! 😂 Minecraft LUCKY BLOCK BED WARS26:18
28.United States Dagwummy1,229,482,249Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean NEW Mythic!0:24
29.United States Nanacool81,193,529,404How to get into Bot lobbies 😯#shorts0:41
30.Norway Red Arcade1,120,880,832FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! #429 (Fortnite Season 3 Funny Moments)10:26
31.Brazil Flakes Power1,111,889,068AO VIVO! DESBRAVANDO NOVAS ILHAS (e muitos cupons) NO FORTNITE c/ Lucas Rangel1:25:35
32.United States Hew Moran1,095,477,577Andrew Tate HATES Fortnite Players | Hew Moran0:37
33.Spain Agustin511,047,253,634F e l i c i d a d 😍8:04
34. MoreAliA1,018,570,518Is this your Birthday...? 🎂0:59
35.Japan Nephrite【ネフライト】1,003,407,536FNCSヒート!!【フォートナイト/Fortnite】0:00
36.Japan れじぇくん984,488,858ついにパイレーツ・オブ・カリビアンが来た!🏴‍☠️【フォートナイト】9:05
37.United States Tomato - Fortnite973,300,296Fortnite's *PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN* Update is INSANE9:45
38.Japan LiaqN【りあん】955,738,801ランダムパイレーツオブカリビアンチャレンジ!【フォートナイト】9:27
39.Italy Two Players One Console946,292,907NESSUNO MI PUÒ TROVARE NELLA MAPPA DI IKEA SU FORTNITE!15:54
40.United States ShuffleGamer934,435,477HOW TO GET FREE VBUCKS IN FORTNITE!0:48
41.Japan ぜるふぃー / ZELLFY932,108,931パイレーツオブカリビアンの「新ボスのふり」をしてみたら面白すぎたwww【フォートナイト / Fortnite】19:12
42.United States Goated Gang Gaming921,485,616Most Underrated Emote Of Chapter 5?? 🤔😱 #fortnite0:22
43.United Kingdom Spacys910,444,011I Saved AFK Quagmire 😊1:00
44.Saudi Arabia Rakanoo891,694,940💔12:40
45.France Unchained_Off891,056,115Cet item Mythique est MAUDIT ! (Pirates des Caraïbes)10:54
46.United States Daily Game Moments887,205,124Fortnite WTF Moments #48:17
47.India gattu881,129,214Did YOU Know? 😱0:46
48. أوسمز oCMz860,378,160فورتنايت ولكن معك قدرات خارقة 😍🔥 #أوسمز0:59
49.Japan しょうじ857,187,551このお婆ちゃん...何かが...おかしい...????【FORTNITE/フォートナイト】15:18
50.Japan トムの実況チャンネル848,978,816昔のフォートナイトが戻ってきた...!!【フォートナイト】16:31
51.United States GamingWithGarry822,098,786Mini Crewmate VS POU (Funny Animations That's Not My Neighbor)8:59
52.United States Kay814,197,297Your Fortnite V-Bucks Is Your Shopping Budget @Jarvisss0:53
53.Saudi Arabia xxYjYxx795,991,374وش قاعد يصير بالموسم الجديد لفورت نايت😧( صدمني ودخل ابوه علينا 😭 ) ..!! fortnite17:24
55.United States ThatNerdChris767,440,676How To Get FREE V-Bucks! #fortnitefunny1:00
56.United Kingdom NoahsNoah765,099,742holy mid...14:49
57.United States Birdo764,465,047Fortnite x Whataburger 🍔 Bed Wars0:48
58.United States MindofRez748,492,290KAYLEN PLAYS SEASON 1 FORTNITE AFTER 5 YEARS!!! (OG FORTNITE)13:25
59.United States Fortnite Funny732,676,990Pina Colada 🍹0:13
60.United Kingdom Slogo725,463,528I Used An OP Move To Beat Jelly In Fortnite!0:52
61.Australia Loserfruit718,094,966I'm not buying MORE emotes 😡0:24
62.United States SinX6704,785,123THEY DID IT..0:59
63.United States Formula703,289,079I Got 100 Players To Land At SHIPWRECK In Fortnite! (New Update)14:17
65.United States Ceeday677,550,608Ceeday Vs Goku10:38
66.United States Ghoulz667,674,846I Opened CLICKBAIT ITEMSHOP in Fortnite!29:28
67.United States WILDCAT663,926,267Fortnite but we just rizz up Aphrodite all game…20:29
68.United States Locandro659,479,040MOST ICONIC FORTNITE MOMENTS OF ALL TIME!8:50
69.Japan HikakinGames656,443,434みそきん食べたら10キルビクロイ余裕説【フォートナイト】40:47
70.Panama Giova650,238,853PIRATAS del CARIBE x FORTNITE! (Nueva Mítica!)8:25
71.Australia Vindooly648,622,984Playing with That TRASH Friend1:00
72.France MichouOff647,223,991J’AI RELANCÉ FEUMBLE ET LE JEU EST INCROYABLE ! (Ft. Flamby, Nico, Tobias)16:49
73.Argentina RobleisIUTU638,074,417vuelvo al FORTNITE después de 5 meses...35:00
74.United Kingdom Vikkstar123631,749,694MRBEAST MADE US FIGHT FOR $1,000,00017:24
75.United States Kiwiz630,774,849I Got Every Player To Land At Tilted Towers In OG Fortnite Reload (We Are Back!)16:08
76.United States NewScapePro - Fortnite Shorts, Films and Skits617,609,071HOW CHAPTER 5 WILL END... (A Fortnite Short Film)39:41
77. CommunicGaming604,016,636He's BEEN REMOVED From Fortnite... (Season 3 Update)13:02
78.United States FGTeeV601,061,587Fortnite RELOAD: Reboot Dad! (FGTeeV First Reaction)55:25
79.United States Oh Long Johnson600,280,928BEST OF Fortnite New Season10:01
80.Poland Jacob597,740,827🔴 FORTNITE OG z WIDZAMI o NAGRODY *3.444 ZŁ*0:00
82.United States Tabor Hill592,860,752The OG Ariana Grande Skin Is Finally Back (Rift Goddess Ariana Icon Series Skin)3:29
83.Italy CaptainBlazer591,972,057LIVE EVENTO ORA!! 🔴 Concerto di EMINEM su Fortnite! (Eminem skin event)55:53
84.United Kingdom Kboi582,000,363THE BEST CHAPTER 5 (892K XP) Glitch! 😎🔥0:29
85.United States Garz578,724,543300K Fortnite XP Glitch! (Chapter 5 Season 3) 🔥0:53
87.France NATMOR Shorts577,484,034🍌TOUT SAVOIR SUR LES CANONS DE RETOUR !1:00
88.United States Aid570,587,148He’s Finally Here!8:13
89.Mexico BuX567,523,650Ya ESTA DISPONIBLE EN FORTNITE! Piratas Del Caribe10:21
90.United States GhostNinja562,370,158FREE BUNDLE is NOW HERE!8:19
91. ぷりっつ560,099,775キルする度にどんどん仲良くなる『新しい実況者グループ』がおもしろすぎたWWWWW【フォートナイト】16:09
92.United States Faiz557,860,364Fortnite WTF Moments 86710:33
93.Kuwait AboFlah557,849,958فورت نايت 😁🔥12:04
94.United States itsDesTV557,202,398Tell the whole world why don’t you 😂0:11
95.United Arab Emirates SPIDER GAMER556,055,141بث مباشر 🔴 نهائي بطولة المشاهير 🔥😱 (الجائزة 37,000$) !! DESERT HEIST2:49:31
96.Australia More Lachlan555,068,718The *RANDOM* X-MEN Skin Challenge!35:48
97.France NexTaz552,079,590Mon PETIT FRÈRE a RUINÉ mon RANK...16:02
98. tusadivi548,060,015ADIVINA EL ACTOR - FORTNITE CHALLENGE | tusadivi10:10
99.Spain Ampeterby7539,227,694EL ESCUADRÓN SALCHICHÓN JUEGA FORTNITE RELOAD - Ampeter10:01
100.United States NewScapePro 3 - Fortnite Shorts, Films & Skits!533,098,930CHAPTER 5: THE STORY SO FAR... (A Fortnite Movie)1:43:16