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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Ubisoft North America3,578,574
2.Brazil Ubisoft Brasil3,139,298
3.United States Tfue3,078,551
4. VEGETTA7771,428,942
5.United Kingdom BagginsTV1,407,904
6. PlayStation1,388,499
7.United States Macro1,306,676
8. penguinz01,241,060
9. aceu1,199,493
10. H2ODelirious1,042,022

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Japan キンタ-GAMES58
2.United Kingdom BagginsTV48
3.United States MightyMacca45
4.Brazil Ubisoft Brasil40
5.United States Hyper Scape Highlights - Gaming Curios35
6.France L'Animal TV34
7.Puerto Rico Raven29

Latest Let's Plays For Hyper Scape

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoGermany Key TeyroHyper Scape PS4 Gameplay Deutsch #25 Die KRONE Wartet! - Lets Play German18:0873
2020-09-11Jordan Al Hayat GamesHyper Scape: Ubisoft Forward Segment – September 2020 | Ubisoft Game2:450
2020-09-02Germany DhalucardGAMESCOM-TURNIER wird DOMINIERT 👑- ♠ Hyper Scape ♠31:5418,281
2020-09-01United States PlayStation GamesHyper Scape: Patch 1.1 Dev Highlights | Ubisoft5:051
2020-08-31United States XinonGohan Plays Hyper Scape21:11812
2020-08-30United States CDNThe3rdCDNThe3rd Plays Hyper Scape | Futuristic Battle Royale20:3320,148
2020-08-26Turkey PlayStation TürkiyeHyper Scape - Yeni Başlayanlara 5 İpucu!3:231,730
2020-08-25United Kingdom GetGoodGuyPROOF That HYPER SCAPE Is In Need Of Serious HELP? (Player Count & Analysis)9:122,783
2020-08-23United States Hyper Scape Highlights - Gaming Curios*NEW* HYPER SCAPE HIGHLIGHTS! - Funny Moments & Best Plays in Hyperscape #17 (Hyper Scape Moments)10:102,303
2020-08-20Portugal Glitch EffectHyper Scape | Glitch Plays1:04:4610
2020-08-18Germany Foxys A-TeamHyper Scape - PS4 Gameplay - #LetsPlay #2 / Jetzt geht es Los43:1925
2020-08-17United Kingdom ApocalypseTOP 10 TIPS IN HYPERSCAPE TO HELP YOU IMPROVE FAST!!11:3331
2020-08-17United States Theseus Badger🔴 Let's Play HYPER SCAPE BR (Quarantine Day 74)1:00:29180
2020-08-16United Kingdom PS4 & StuffLet's Play HYPER SCAPE On The PS4 PRO - New FREE Battle Royal Game12:1046
2020-08-15 FABIOLP96Hyper Scape... HELP15:209
2020-08-15United States ComplexityHyper Scape *New Game* BR | Aggressive Plays57:343
2020-08-14 RageSelectHyper Scape (The Dojo) Let's Play41:56767
2020-08-13Ukraine PlayStation UkraineПробуємо Hyper Scape. Можливо, хороший замінник вашим улюбленим Королівкам1:21:51187
2020-08-13Jamaica PSYNOS GAMINGHYPER SCAPE My First GamePlay on PS4 (Bang to 21k)...live From kingston Ja2:29:24160
2020-08-13 PlayStation EuropeHyper Scape | Season 1 Battle Pass Trailer | PS41:192,839
2020-08-13United Arab Emirates PlayStation ArabiaHyper Scape | عرض تذكرة المعركة الموسم الأول | PS41:19440
2020-08-12 SinisterNinja365Hyper scape 1st playthrough3:14:1838
2020-08-12United States Gameplays TV ComHyper Scape Game - Part 1 - Trailer Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for FREE!0:3039
2020-08-12United States The 8-Bit ArcadeHyper Scape - Welcome to the Edge of the Battle Royale Future, the Hyper Scape (Xbox One Gameplay)28:57749

Latest Reviews For Hyper Scape

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-09-07United Kingdom PowerPackHYPER SCAPE Another FREE BATTLE ROAYLE - (On The House) #3228:1410
2020-09-04United Kingdom Nudoc PRIMEHyper Scape review4:537
2020-08-25United Kingdom The Essential Gamer UKHyperScape - What is it? | Robot Reviews Hyper Scape | Hyper Scape Gameplay | HyperScape Review4:0251
2020-08-24United Kingdom Photography GamerHyper Scape - Review4:16139
2020-08-20United States MightyMaccaHYPER SCAPE REVIEW - Should you get it on PS4 & XBOX ONE? (FIREST WEEK RECAP)14:20227
2020-08-20 GameSpotHyper Scape Review7:2926,039
2020-08-16 Annoying DovahHYPER SCAPE REVIEW ft. COLON22:4441
2020-08-15 GILMOURRRHYPER SCAPE - You Need To Play This If You Like Battle Royale! A Mini Review (Early Impressions)13:42226
2020-08-15United States GamingBoltHyper Scape Review - The Final Verdict7:3439,674
2020-08-12United States TheClosetIndianHyper Scape- A Breath of Fresh Air to Battle Royale8:3226
2020-08-12 Skycaptin5lolHyper Scape PS4 Gameplay Review [Free to Play] Solos, Threes19:517,336
2020-08-12Ireland TixmixeHyper Scape Review/impressions20:1523
2020-08-06United States Our Community NowHyper Scape - Goodbye Fortnite? | P2G4:1331
2020-07-31Australia Skill UpHyper Scape is Battle Royale Meets Arena Shooter...And I Love It (Beta Review)19:1299,066
2020-07-27United States The Gamers Next DoorHyper Scape Free PC Beta -Is It Good?4:2414
2020-07-25Indonesia dandy dharmaHyper Scape (Beta) Review Indonesia Dan Yang Perlu Kalian Ketahui Ketika Baru Main9:1214
2020-07-24United States IGNHyper Scape Beta Review5:02116,521
2020-07-21Portugal BenchARTHyper Scape | Intel HD 620 | Performance Review6:522,289
2020-07-20Finland ATNT FIHyper Scape Review Gameplay20:12217
2020-07-19United States CyberrHyper Scape Vs APEX Legends Gameplay Comparison- Which is the BEST Battle Royale?7:2156
2020-07-15India NamokaR GaminG WorlDRocket Arena & Hyper Scape - Game Review in Hindi | #NamokarGaming5:031,279