Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

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1.Italy Everglow1,009,834
3.United States Nintendo712,214
4. Nintendo Wire506,614
5.Germany Square Enix DE484,868
6.United Kingdom Tealgamemaster312,756
7.United States HMK245,065
8.United States IGN215,768
9.New Zealand TheGamersJoint203,733
10. Duck360Gaming2137,768

Latest Let's Plays For Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

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3 days agoUnited States Chaosinthesky13Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory PS5 Playthrough with Chaos, Liam, & Lauren part 41: The Finale24:1773
4 days agoUnited States NikkoVALet's Play Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory Part 5 Straight Out Of Days45:0429
4 days agoUnited States David KangKingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Part 7 | David Kang Plays Livestream2:18:1032
4 days agoUnited States TrieyxXemnas Didn't Cry When Watching Coco | Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Lets Play Part 431:454
2020-11-26United States Power JushoSONG'S CODA - Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory FINALE1:20:2926
2020-11-25 RPG KingdomkidPlease Don't Stop the Music-Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Part 12 (Final)53:5218
2020-11-25 TheBassSingerDestiny's Force: All Excellent Proud / Perfermoer A+++ | Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory3:5656
2020-11-18United States Autobot WheeljackKINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory - Playthrough - PART 11:00:0588
2020-11-18United States Super SpikeGhetti Bros.Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory Full Playthrough6:53:3243
2020-11-17United States MabiVsGamesVODHollow Bastion IS INSANE! | Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory PART 6 - MabiVsGames37:1019
2020-11-16United States justonegamrKINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory (Played on PS5) - 45 Minute Playthrough [4K]49:241,095
2020-11-14Italy Everglow#40 - San Fransokyo (Robot Overdrive) - KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory - Proud Mode Playthrough4:054,989
2020-11-13Mexico Bonus Stage MXKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory | Let's Play6:5310
2020-11-13Germany GalvatronsUnboxing ~ Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory ~ Sony PlayStation 4 (German)1:53142
2020-11-12 LuidKingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory - First Playthrough - SPOILER WARNING2:45:554
2020-11-10United States Cyberman65Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Japanese Playthrough (Proud)8:35:2338,617
2020-11-05United States MabiVsGamesA Kingdom Hearts Rhythm Game?! | Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Gameplay [DEMO] - Mabimpressions30:11192
2020-11-05United States MungoNationLets Play Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Demo | Twitch Micro Broadcast9:115
2020-10-19United States Super Bonus RoundKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Episode #0: DEMO | Super Bonus Round | Let's Play25:3815
2020-10-18 Miketendo64 GamingKINGDOM HEARTS: Melody of Memory DEMO Tutorial & First 3 Songs - M64 Switch Gameplays11:5731
2020-10-18 Roxas GreenLet's Play KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory DEMO Version Part 2 (The Rusting Forest) [Beginner]2:3510
2020-10-15United States QuasimofoLet's Play Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (Demo) - The New Kingdom Hearts Rhythm Game!18:55234
2020-10-15 Pasky PlaysPasky Plays: Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory (Demo Switch Version)19:014
2020-10-14United States bdcool213Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Demo Gameplay Playthrough28:23563

Latest Reviews For Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-11-27United States The Catholic Nintendo NerdKH Newbie Reviews Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (Nintendo Switch)16:238
2020-11-25United Kingdom ReliablePrezKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory In 4 Minutes4:1242
2020-11-22United States Pizza DadKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory - A Worthy Spinoff?9:29108
2020-11-20United States ShacknewsKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review8:54271
2020-11-17United States Olympus Gaming TVKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory [Review] - Celebrating One Of The Greatest Soundtracks4:3316
2020-11-14United Kingdom Obsessive Compulsive GamingKingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory (Playstation 4) REVIEW6:0615
2020-11-14United States Super SpikeGhetti Bros.Melody Of Memory Review Spoiler Free! | The Ansem Report Podcast #92 LIVE!!!1:24:54122
2020-11-14United States GamingBoltKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review - The Final Verdict6:3611,866
2020-11-13United Kingdom JoesephyrKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Video Review!11:541,313
2020-11-12United Kingdom TealgamemasterKingdom Hearts Melody of Memory - REVIEW!6:438,304
2020-11-12United States Noisy PixelKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review - Noisy Pixel6:531,737
2020-11-12Australia Jopa QuestKingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory Review - A Musical Celebration of this Beloved Franchise7:312,744
2020-10-27United States Podcast NowKingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Review Score PREDICTIONS!8:15242
2020-10-15 DespairXIIIKingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory Demo First Time Playthrough And Review And Thoughts37:045
2020-10-14United States Nintendo EnthusiastWe Played Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory... THOUGHTS!8:054,209
2020-06-17United States VCiPzThe Broadcast w/ V-CiPz #24 Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, Belle Delphine & Backlash 2020 Review2:23:15186