Lobotomy Corporation

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Latest Let's Play Channel Activity for Lobotomy Corporation

This list represents YouTube let's play channels for Lobotomy Corporation based on recent uploads. This only includes channels that have created let's play videos. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new let's play for Lobotomy Corporation will appear at the top of the list.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2023-08-09United Kingdom Gar1onriva38,100More Horror To Come (GVL Lobotomy Corporation) #16 Blind Playthrough2:48:32
2023-02-27United States Pink Alpaca Plays2,700Limbus Company Gameplay (Steam F2P)29:19
2023-01-24Australia LHCollider2,370Let's Play Lobotomy Corporation! - Stream#37 - The search for Unique Abnormalities2:55:11
2023-01-21United States Mechanical Beanstalk154Lobotomy Corporation | Story Play | Part 11 #blindplaythrough2:30:57
2022-06-05United States Game-Wisdom Gameplay Channel139Preparing for Boss Fights | Lobotomy Corporation Let's play Part 51:35:20
2022-01-31Canada LetsPlayAnalysis368This CENSORED is a pain... - Lobotomy Corporation BLIND PLAYTHROUGH #3027:25
2021-06-01Czech Republic Kostěj517Lobotomy corporation - Volba - cz/sk lets play19:34
2021-04-02 Uncreative Stranger26Lobotomy Corporation ep 1 (New lets play and first named member)41:02
2020-12-09Canada BlueAnkylo10,90063. Let's Play Lobotomy Corporation - Freedom and Salvation1:06:03
2020-08-03United States vlad the-tek1,630WHAT AM I SEEING!? | Autistic Guy Plays Lobotomy Corporation #532:03
2019-05-31 LambdadeltaYT6,000Lobotomy Corporation #56 - Ending A+B+C (And The Remaining Alphabet) [FINAL]28:33
2018-07-24Czech Republic Frankenstein Let's Play54,500ZLISOVANÝ ZAMESTNANCI ! - Lobotomy Corporation / 1080p 60fps / CZ/SK Lets Play / # 1541:59
2017-05-22United States Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon457,000Erecting the General Ward n' Radiography Center! | Hospitalize Gameplay #4 - Let's Play28:01
2017-03-10Germany Stejin214Lobotomy Corporation Monster Managment Simulation Let's Play deutsch Was ist das bitte? (Stream)2:06:23