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Top 100 Channels For Lobotomy Corporation with the Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings for Lobotomy Corporation based on the most published videos on their channel. This includes channels that create video game reviews and let's plays. Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video for Lobotomy Corporation uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.Russian Federation Starlight Nexus115Артбук Lobotomy Corporation #3 FIN1:02:04
2. LambdadeltaYT97Lobotomy Corporation [LEGACY] - My First Day On The Job! #PMWEEK53:33
3.Japan 苺葉ふえ/15PAFE channel84【Lobotomy Corporation】49日目ノーデス攻略ホクマールート【ロボトミーコーポレーション】27:58
4.United States Sinvicta56Episode #23: Point Of No Return - LOBOTOMY CORPORATION Season 527:46
5.Japan どえむみならい55【完】Lobotomy Corporation ロボトミーコーポレーション実況 #56 すべてのアブノーマリティを白日のもとに その33:47:26
6.United States vlad the-tek44NEVER HURT NEZZY! | Lob Corp and LOR Memes 12!11:30
7.United States Thumper Miner Union44Unidentified Music 54 - Lobotomy Corporation OST - "Crime Lord"3:59
8.Japan A-Martin43【LOBOTOMY CORPORATION】社員の命が軽すぎる会社経営:04-04【ゆっくり実況】9:32
9.Japan モーゼ41【Lobotomy Corporation】63日目  こんなんクリアできるのかと思ったけど頑張る。【49日目】4:34:21
10.Russian Federation WARdzen41Lobotomy corporation 33# 48 день, Ядро средних сефир Концовка С35:30
11.Japan Rein's/れいんず40"最後の日、無限の光と犠牲の結果"【Lobotomy Corporation】37:04
12.Japan ひぐねこのゲーム盤33【ロボトミーコーポレーション】試練なんてみんなの力を合わせれば!勝てる!!#6624:25
13.United States HeroicLegend29Heroic's Randoms! (Lobo Corp) Caring for Granny21:15
14.Czech Republic Kostěj27Lobotomy corporation - Malkuth, Core Suppress - cz/sk lets play38:13
15.Japan 浅香通24ほぼ初見でロボトミーやってく【Lobotomy Corporation】Part234:33:54
16.Hong Kong K KK24繼續玩腦葉公司真結局 [lobotomy corporation]1:18:33
17. 神緑三春Games【Vtuber】23【LobotomyCorporation】クリーンな会社の管理職#23 END【#Vtuber】3:58:59
18.United Kingdom Battleforge23THE PLAGUE DOCTOR WAS A BAD IDEA!!! (Lobotomy corporation)13:08
19.Japan 狐月りむ21【Lobotomy Corporation】またダコタに会えるかな・・【#21】1:56:55
20.Canada BlueAnkylo2063. Let's Play Lobotomy Corporation - Freedom and Salvation1:06:03
21.United States Ruka R Indie17【Lobotomy Corporation】#21 The End【EN PH VTuber】1:44:25
22.Japan ふるぬっこの森17Lobotomy Corporation 白夜高速鎮圧4:36
23.Japan ROWHINAN GAMING17FINALE "怪異"の管理はお手のもの【Lobotomy Corporation】2:48:31
24.Thailand Porlor Channel15[พี่ปล้อง&น้องปลื้ม] Lobotomy Corporation # 20 ไม่ชัวร์ว่าถึงไหนแต่จะไปไกลที่สุดด2:14:09
25.Russian Federation Uker Kayuker13【Юкер】Запятые: хочется взять и подарить0:24
26.United States DemoonicWolf13Fade Away Without A Trace... | Lobotomy Corporation | Part 31 (Finale)1:13:35
27.Canada LetsPlayAnalysis13This CENSORED is a pain... - Lobotomy Corporation BLIND PLAYTHROUGH #3027:25
28. 🌸Hanako Chan🌸13Fifi and the flowertors in Lobotomy Corporation0:21
29. 首狩りかぼぽ13ゲームセンターKUBIKARI【 Lobotomy Corporation】2:55:26
30.Korea, Republic of 쥐 moonbowzz12[쥐님] #12 환상체를 관리하는 회사에 취업했다! '로보토미 코퍼레이션 (Lobotomy Corporation)'32:28
31.Korea, Republic of 조용한래빗12[스팀, 시뮬레이션게임] 로보토미 코퍼레이션(Lobotomy Corporation) 플레이11:03:54
32. 00Kamo012Lobotomy Corporation (Part 11) (loop 2)2:53:07
33.United States Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon12The Tree has Eyes, Red Noon Event! - Lobotomy Corporation 2.0 Gameplay Part 1321:26
34.Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga11【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】2:56:27
35.United States SeroGrave11A tale from one employee to a Librarian - Lobotomy Corporation S2 Ep17 Audio Log3:00
36.Japan RinKuu Channel11#17【SIM】欧阳凌空【脑叶公司(Lobotomy Corporation| Monster Management Simulation)】25:20
37.Korea, Republic of 선인장 해마11Lobotomy 로보토미-X가 되었다.-5화5:54
38.Korea, Republic of ProjectMoon Official10[ Library of Ruina ] (SPOILERS) Side Episode: A Fritter Called Jeon (Audio Theater)5:04
39.United Kingdom NetMoverSitan10Lobotomy Corporation: Lore Breakdown - Abnormalities: Spiritual (re-upload)38:19
40.Australia Bright Ops9Lobotomy Corporation Episode 13: Rocks fall, everyone dies.49:54
41. mochi mikan 8【Lobotomy Corporation】ネジ巻き師と太虚鳥【로보토미 코퍼레이션】4:28
42.Russian Federation Penta8Прохождение Lobotomy Corporation ( Part 7 ) / Лоботоми Корпорейшн / Monster Management Simulation3:28:34
43.Thailand karosPPM8ผึ้งกินไส้สุดท้ายระเบิดออกหัว | Lobotomy corporation #3032:35
44.Russian Federation Пёс и Мышка | HOSKWOOD7Сумерки... сумерки - это везде ж... - Мышка и Пёся в Lobotomy Corporation5:33:39
45.Russian Federation Рекви7Королева Пчел // Lobotomy Corporation #2923:34
46. ミクロ零之助6慎重にプレイすれば何の問題もモモモモモモ/Day32~【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】6:06:39
47.Japan ななとーーーーーーーく!/七彩なな6【Lobotomy Corporation】しばらく時間が空くと分からなくなるよね【Day30-】#ロボトミーコーポレーション0:00
48.United States starrybunnieboy6Lobotomy Corporation [Part 11] Dance Until Death3:11:28
49.Japan チャンネル無々6【Lobotomy_Corporation】上層抑制を終わらせていくわよ【Vtuber】4:11:31
50.Korea, Republic of 왈도쿤6관리자님은 『퇴사』 하고 싶어! #8 (로보토미 코퍼레이션)10:05
51.Japan イトカワ シルカ*Vtuber5【初見Lobotomy Corporation】はーこのゲーム攻略したわ、もう余裕ですわ【新人Vtuberイトカワシルカ】4:22:29
52.Japan Nonomiya Kuon / 野宮狗音5【 ロボトミーコーポレーション 】視聴者とはたらく! LobotomyCorporation 実況プレイ - 野宮狗音 【 女性 Vtuber 生放送 】1:24:36
53.Japan 性癖もふぽよインキュバス!氷室ルキch5【Lobotomy Corporation】21日目の白昼を超えたい初見プレイ!#5【#新人Vtuber】2:31:24
54. Hiro Ushio5Lobotomy Corporation Part 4.2 What did you make me choose!!1:56:57
55.United States Game-Wisdom Gameplay Channel5Preparing for Boss Fights | Lobotomy Corporation Let's play Part 51:35:20
56.Mexico UwU5[Lobotomy corporation]Say Dada0:17
57. Mr. small5[ Lobotomy Corporation ] Speed Painting "Nothing there" (아무것도없는)(PC)24:00
58.Japan ひとぽん5【実況予定】新実況始まるよ!1:20
59.Mexico digital0454Lobotomy Corporation - ASMR theme5:26
60.Poland Bobrowe Archiwum4Z Archiwum L - Lobotomy Corporation [#04]7:27:09
61. Cardboard Kitten4Lobotomy Corp live (#126)3:06:53
62.Japan 若津幸司のお好みゲーム配信ch4【Lobotomy Corporation】管理人になります!3:23:25
63.Japan 闇人(やみびと)4【Lobotomy Corporation】ただただひっそりまったり配信 S3Part11:02:56
64. いぬ4【Lobotomy Corporation】ねんがんの L社に 就職したぞ!! #4【JP/EN OK】2:03:21
65.United States Gromm the Orc ft. TriskyTV4I Will Play You The Song Of My People - Lobotomy Corporation12:53
66. Tsubaki Lopez3Lobotomy Corporation | Meeting "You're Bald" Abnormality4:02
67.Japan 椿谷紡宜3【新人Vtuber/JP】新人管理人#4【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】0:00
68. はんばーぐ3【Lobotomy Corporation】地獄のゲームやるよっ1:39:34
69. 村雨ミスト 鬼ンジャVtuber3【Bouncing Duck Simulator】跳ねる…アヒル🦆≪初見プレイ≫1:52:43
70. []The.Chaos.Insurgency[] [Division Red Devil's]3"lobotomy corporation" Song0:27
71.United States OnHillsGaming3Lobotomy Corporation - Kaizo Corp Mod 31:10:41
72.Korea, Republic of Team Clavis3[ LOBOTOMY CORPORATION QL ] ( Fan fiction ) 정보 정리 - 정보팀3:13
73. 青の便利屋ネム3【Lobotomy_Corporation】Bgm集143:25
74. Kolkrabe DDD3[Lobotomy Corporation MMD]Wolves[The Knight of Despair]2:38
75. LaiderXeos3Lobotomy Corporation #3 Резня26:10
76. Foxxeel3Lobotomy Corporation 03 - Information team unlocked20:59
77.Japan ユキミお姉ちゃんねる-Yukimi3【Live#307】お姉ちゃんのブラック企業経営Part3【LobotomyCorporation】1:20:58
78.Japan Riosan3【生】ド素人による辛辣勇者 「ドラゴンクエストXI 」114:11:11
79. GuardianZET3Just HOW MUCH does Project Moon content creators know?47:33
80.Hong Kong icy sea3冰冷解说:《脑叶公司》(Lobotomy Corporation)实况00521:21
81.United States Butter Tongsly3Lobotomy Corporation - Season 2, Episode 3: More Torment..24:25
82. GriefSoDeerly2Another Beautiful Day In The Underground Horror Facility - Lobotomy Corporation4:16:11
83.Belarus Oyju2Lobotomy Corporation: Другая SCP вселенная! | Стрим 31:37:58
84.Japan 零時Channel2【生配信】なんかヤバいと聞くPCゲームをやる #2【Lobotomy Corporation】3:25:52
85.United States Mechanical Beanstalk2Lobotomy Corporation | Story Play | Part 11 #blindplaythrough2:30:57
86.Japan チレン・ザヴィ2【Lobotomy Corporation】3日目!もうパンクしそうです!!【チレン・ザヴィ/エイレーン学園】1:07:46
87. Dino Dave2Lobotomy Corporation - Leave Me Alone0:08
88. heraus.ヘラオス2[ロボトミーコーポレーション][規制済み]が[規制済み]すぎて[規制済み]1:40:03
89.Russian Federation ChuckyNET | PLAY2ВСЁ БУДЕТ ХОРОШО | Стрим #11 | Играем в Lobotomy Corporation2:23:09
90.United States DeathBat2Emergency 1 (Lobotomy Corporation) (Nightcore/Extended)30:35
91.Japan のりのりり2【Lobotomy Corporation #2】また収容違反だよ……orz【Vtuber】3:48:52
92.Hong Kong BlackCatNANAWithNALUChan黑貓奈奈與小娜露2【新人主管抖M實況DAY20】SCP類遊戲-腦葉公司 Lobotomy Corporation2:08:44
93.Australia LHCollider2Let's Play Lobotomy Corporation! - Stream#37 - The search for Unique Abnormalities2:55:11
94.Korea, Republic of 란도무2로보토미(스팀)Lobotomy Corporation 4화21:51
95. ひのっちぇ2【肉声実況】息抜きにロボトミ、ストーリー読みたい【Lobotomy corporation】4:12:07
96.Japan フルパワーるか2Lobotomy corporation Trailer bgm 8bit0:58
97.United States MikopolisGAME2STRAY LOBOTOMY CORPORATION NUGGET? | Limbus Company - PART 540:50
98.Russian Federation Empty Industry2lobotomy corporation NOT silent orchestra0:41
99. 白華2【中文字幕】【Lobotomy Corporation】めざせアブノーマリティマスター【MAD】1:33
100.Japan 夜宮リュウ2久々の管理人!!!!!!【LobotomyCorporation】夜宮リュウ 配信 #23:57:13