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1.Netherlands Faz42,386,049
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5.Netherlands BuffMaister13,897,473
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1. Ink_vendetta980
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3.Netherlands Faz742
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6.United Kingdom eMPlay's Modetro538
7.Australia Harry Type-C484
8.Netherlands BuffMaister475
9.United States RatAttack474
10. sangjeong kimcho444

Latest Let's Plays For Persona 5 Royal

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoFrance PEBLet's play Persona 5 Royal #105, 3ème porte29:440
6 days agoUnited States 16-bitzDennisPersona 5: Royal (First Playthrough Livestream) Madarame’s Fake world.2:04:368
2023-11-27New Zealand MalithFunny number in Persona 5 Royal Playthrough^2 Episode #692:49:5130
2023-11-25Thailand The Legit Weebs【Persona 5 Royal】 My Teacher calls me Master | Blind Let's Play 【Vtubers】0:000
2023-11-25Mexico 31 Horas GameplaysLet's Play: Persona 5 Royal (Xbox) #7 | ¡Llegamos a la curva final! *guiño, guiño*1:32:278
2023-11-25 BukuBukuDTESH Final Builds: Sandalphon, Loa, Beelzebub2:086
2023-11-25United States RaovakeGamingPersona 5 Royal #Gameplay #Playthrough Episode 122:57:371
2023-11-24 TikPrProUNMASKING A NEW ADVENTURE! | Let's Play: Persona 5 Royal LIVE [#1]2:23:2048
2023-11-24United States GonzoRicoThis Mini Boss Is Gonna Be The End of Me (Ep. 38) | Let's Play - Persona 5 Royal29:413
2023-11-24Germany BerryLandDie bittere Realität | Persona 5 Royal #22122:352
2023-11-23Philippines Sprondotz GamingPersona 5 Royal Playthrough Episode 41: Paintings and Self-Assertions33:417
2023-11-23Germany Koro ShowPersona 5 Royal #52 - Der Schulpsychologe Maruki - Koro Show31:0913
2023-11-21United States CoolPikaPika Plays- Persona 5 Royal: Taking down the CEO of Space Mcdonalds!2:24:145
2023-11-20United States Baka KonekoGetting My First Persona Arsène - Persona 5 Royal - Part 249:0645
2023-11-19United States JT GunnerSummer Rains, You Can Never Predict Them - Persona 5 Royal (PC) Livestream (11/18/23)3:35:2021
2023-11-18Canada elehayymeNo More Running - Let's Play Persona 5 Royal (PC, Blind) | Part 31:26:28120
2023-11-15 Keelie KitsuneHome of the Lost kitsune - There's thunder outside, hopefully my power holds. Let's play P5R - !thro4:07:209
2023-11-15Algeria Spiteful .TeneLet's Play Persona 5 Royal half-blind on hard mode with some mildly boisterous commentary! E11232:3610
2023-11-13 CadenS777A Strangers playthrough of Persona 5 Royal (Part 27 Finale)3:03:572
2023-11-12United States MrESPNozaXESP Plays Persona 5 Royal - Spaceport of Greed: Kunikazu Okumura Prologue Part 2 (PS4)1:43:004
2023-11-09Germany TheNerdPersona 5 Royal 🎭 Visiting The House With Yusuke 🏫 English Playthrough 4K (PS5) ✅ 61015:016
2023-11-09Finland CerberuscandyLet's Play Persona 5 Royal | Part 31: The Aftermath of Casino2:30:292
2023-11-09Spain pironyreardenPirony Rearden - Persona 5 Royal Playthrough - Capítulo 3 - El verdadero Kamoshida1:05:1510
2023-11-08United Kingdom eMPlay's ModetroPersona 5 Royal - Xbox Series X - R1 MCC Run - #362 - 10/15 - Tower Confidant (Rank 6)4:176
2023-11-07United States I just love video gamesLet's Play Persona 5 Royal One Day at a time (11/7): Holy shit, this woman is gaudy.14:503

Latest Reviews For Persona 5 Royal

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-11-26United States Naz talgicBrutally Honest Spoiler Free Review~Persona 5 Tactica10:2142
2023-11-07Indonesia Suryo TribePERSONA 5 ROYAL1:56:435
2023-11-01Viet Nam Mot GameTriệu hồi linh hồn trong Persona 5 Royal | Mọt Game0:561,160
2023-10-25 GamePassGuy#xboxgamepass #playorpass #gamereview #xbox #xboxseriesx #persona5royal #killitwithfire0:3315
2023-10-24 UltraSonicBlurShould YOU Play Persona 5 Royal? #gaming #persona5royal #review #vtuber1:0083
2023-10-20United States playerzwildReviewing Persona 5 Royal in 2023 (#nintendoswitch edition).8:2464
2023-10-14Spain LollipopHunterTIENES que JUGAR a PERSONA 5 ROYAL | Review8:04650
2023-10-13United States MaccaTHIS Is The Worst Palace In The Game? Ft. @Oziach | Persona 5 Royal Review Series32:422,784
2023-10-04United States mosthated jcFINALLY Getting To Know The REAL Yoshizawa-san!!! | Persona 5 Royal | #1321:16:10120
2023-09-13 Rushed ReviewsSoulvars Review (Switch)0:4182
2023-09-13 chicken filletsPersona 5 Royal Review (Switch)9:17176
2023-09-06Ireland JokesOnYouISuckPersona 5 Royal - Everything you need to know in 2 minutes! [Gamepass]2:3718
2023-08-16 Donny ProductionsPersona 5 Royal: My Favourite Game Of All Time (Gen Z Review)1:08:4446
2023-08-12Indonesia Main CilPERSONA 5 ROYAL GAMEPLAY | REKOMEN GAK??11:2519
2023-08-08Brazil Pixel Do GustaTá na hora de ESQUECER Persona 5?12:193,407
2023-08-05United States John Tsangsmol Joker Nendoroid | ASMR Unboxing1:48363
2023-07-27United States Izzy's Museum of Underrated GamesIzzy Reviews: Persona 5 Royal22:1416
2023-07-19Spain Shonen GuerraAnálisis y Crítica Personal de Persona 5 Royal en Nintendo Switch - Review Persona 5 | Shonen Guerra24:5534
2023-07-14Portugal ADVNCE SICMaster Detective Archives: RAIN CODE - REVIEW ADVNCE4:2345
2023-07-10Brazil Lives do VagnerVagner joga Persona 5 Royal - #22:54:3332
2023-07-06New Zealand MrEeepPersona 5 Royal Review: The Best Game I've Ever Played.13:50462
2023-06-12 Jacob Gamer VlogsPersona 5 Royal - One Of My Favorite Games EVER (Review)7:4151
2023-06-12United States Hot Gamers OnlySummer Game Fest and Xbox Showcase 2023 Reaction and Review! | The HGO Podcast #1691:22:4882
2023-06-09Germany auch AkayaDer Diebesunterschlupf und Review - P5R🎩 #89 [ENDE] (German/Deutsch)1:08:2522
2023-06-01 Harman SmithDeep Dive Persona 5 Royal Review0:0337