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1.United States MunchingOrange82,957,881
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4.Australia UnlistedLeaf63,523,605
5. DavidLafargePokemon56,976,881
6.United States shadypenguinn55,817,960
7.Germany PokemonRangerBoy1246,925,254
8. Mafec33344,725,523
9.United States The Official Pokémon YouTube channel43,737,675
10.United States Nappy43,403,528

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1.United States shadypenguinn971
2. Schesan Lenovoa874
3.Mexico José Pokémon730
4. Mulvone723
5.United States chimpact613
6.United States Nappy547
7. Mega Mew464
8. R. H. Newfield452
9.France Phirrux444
10. RubinNischara430

Latest Let's Plays For Pokemon X and Y

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4 hours agoCanada skatemancory222Pokémon X Casual Playthrough [Part 4]5:51:420
16 hours agoAustralia SVPKingBeePokemon X Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 2647:075
21 hours agoUnited Kingdom TheDarkHorsePlaysTHIS POKEMON EVOLVES?! | POKEMON X FIRST TIME PLAYTHROUGH EP:06 #pokemonx #playthrough #gameplay35:417
1 day agoUnited States Ragebreak GamingRocking Grant! - Let's Play Pokemon Y Part 842:201,958
1 day agoUnited States MonkfernoThe Big Baddie RETURNS!!! | Pokémon X Randomized Nuzlocke EP1526:391
2 days agoGermany 1upGAMeR200Let's Play Pokémon X Nuzlocke #31 - Wer wird Millionär in der 5. ARENA [Deutsch]21:2922
2 days agoFrance JAK0ON N'A PAS LES MÊMES STARTER - Pokémon Y Egglocke Challenge ép 336:1150
2 days agoUnited States Cicada488Pokémon Y Playthrough Part 15 - Reflection Cave & The Birds Final Evolution!21:270
2 days agoUnited States StaticArbiterStaticArbiter plays Pokemon X & Y Soul Link Randomized Nuzlocke w/ArenNorman93 - EP 2731:170
3 days agoUnited States RedEchoGamesNuzlocke! Pokemon X Randomized: Earning Our Respect43:542
4 days agoUnited States UrsusPlaysDRIPPED OUT - POKEMON Y - PART 2117:1217
5 days agoItaly HadesLet's Play Pokemon Y Randomizer Nuzlocke - Ep 20 - Tante catture nei ghiacci26:104
6 days agoCanada RapidAbyssPokemon X Randomized Nuzlocke Ep28: Caves: The Natural Predators Of Let's Plays35:273
6 days agoUnited States Fus Ro DABTHE SECOND GYM AND ON!! · Pokémon X Randomizer Nuzlocke w/ Fus Ro DAB! #41:49:4148
2021-09-06 Wolf GamingLet's Play Pokemon X #121:353
2021-09-03Australia BLUEPLAYSGAMESPokémon Wilting Y Insanity Difficulty LP Part 14:31:45124
2021-08-26 Supernova ultimatePokémon Y let's play part 1 introduction18:525
2021-08-23Brazil Rodolfo the gamesLets Play: Bem Vindo a Kalos - Pokemon Mega X / Part 116:2023
2021-08-23Germany TheSeineTVPokemon Hollow X Nuzlocke - #11 - Mir sind die Hände gebunden! ✶ Let's Play26:0482
2021-08-20Australia PIMPNITEFULL POKEMON ALPHABET TEAM! ( Pokemon Starting With Letter Y )23:1737,275
2021-08-16Spain Tavio World✅DESCARGAR POKEMON X & Y PARA PC Y ANDROID 2021💥(EN ESPAÑOL)11:5323,937
2021-08-09Indonesia KillernuckPokémon Y Playthrough | #133:4216
2021-08-07United States Duchess RattataPokemon X - Full Playthrough | Part 3 | 🔴LIVE🔴3:15:4363
2021-08-07Germany SkytheLegendäres Vogel Trio & Illumina Stil Punkte - POKEMON X #56 [ENDE]17:171
2021-07-28Canada Emulator Testing ChannelPokémon X ​4k | Citra 1717 | 3DS Emulator13:0186

Latest Reviews For Pokemon X and Y

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-09India Dark Side BossPokemon Movie - Secrets of the Jungle / Koko Review | Pokemon New Movie Review in Hindi6:266,136
2021-09-06Indonesia PRUL ChannelBoneka Pokemon Harga PULUHAN JUTA!? | Review Pokemon x Fragment | Boneka Sultan Hypebeast7:34175
2021-08-10Germany PokemonRangerBoy12☆A New Adventure In Kalos & The BEST First Episode EVER?! //Pokemon XY Anime Episode 1 Review☆10:3210,738
2021-07-30Brazil Kaka - Mestre Pokémon!Os melhores rivais de todo o Mangá! - Resumo e Review Mangá Pokémon X e Y17:2612,753
2021-07-05India ZARDTUBER XNew Pokemon XY GBA ROM HACK | ROM HACK 20216:5981
2021-03-13Mexico Wolf Lebrega¿Te Recomiendo Jugar Pokémon Rubí/Zafiro/Esmeralda? | Review6:06163
2020-12-24United States Lumiose Trainer ZacPokémon XY Anime Review37:41551,277
2020-11-15United States Library of EtikaPokemon X and Y Gym Leader Battle Theme/Music Review, What Do YOU Think? - EtikaWorldNetwork6:44981
2020-09-10 The Other Stuff ChannelPokemon X & Y: The Official Kalos Region Pokedex & Postgame Adventure Guide REVIEW!30:06668
2020-08-31United Kingdom Razer CentralWeihuoya - citra 3ds emulator on android - review/settings and download7:01550
2020-08-19Malaysia Gamer Secret 玩家機密UFC 4 遊戲評測 Game Review10:1710,001
2020-08-05United States HamsterBombPlaying With Myself: Game Reviews | Season: 11:56:14214
2020-07-25Canada RandomTensPokemon X/Y In-Depth Review46:52108,412
2020-07-22Australia ZoëTwoDots*HUGE* Pokémon x Blackmilk Clothing HAUL & REVIEW!23:2847,885
2020-07-08Philippines Jad6dBest shoebox available in the Philippines | Sunnyware ShoeMate unboxing, assembling and review5:131,296
2020-07-01United States The Girl with the ControllerMy Top 10 Favorite 3DS Games!14:553,434
2020-06-15 OmoCha ReviewsLet's Build: Pokemon x Nanoblock Gengar4:21102
2020-06-11United States MattCMGPokemon Music SLAPS | Reviewing EVERY Pokemon Album (Part 1) - CMG1:32:07929
2020-04-30United States Silver🎀 Pokemon x Funko Sylveon Figure Unbox & Review 🎀7:20961
2020-04-17United States Caleb Will Try ItPokémon x Daniel Arsham x Uniqlo Collaboration Reaction / Review6:591,040
2019-11-29United States jbladerPokemon X & Y Blue Special Edition 3DSXL Unboxing & Review5:2956
2019-10-20United Kingdom JammoPOKEMON X AND Y (Nintendo 3DS) 2013 - Game Review7:34654
2019-09-04Canada QuinntikPokémon X - Post Playthrough Thoughts and Review18:3117
2019-08-01 GarolnapePokémon Y Nuzlocke Ep.42 - CAMBIO DE LOOK24:2711
2019-07-12Canada PurpleMapleLeafPokémon X and Y Review12:571,088