Splitgate: Arena Warfare

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Channels With The Most Views

1. FaZe Jev6,649,632
2.United States Splitgate3,760,102
3.United States Dysmo1,808,173
4.Japan Fields Food1,732,101
5.United Kingdom Top Splitgate Plays1,625,124
6.United States Cloh1,501,586
7.United States IGN1,351,239
8.United States Macro1,244,824
9.United States End Of Forever1,242,876
10. Dope Nope1,079,230

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States LOADED DIAPER13118
2.United Kingdom JibbinMode82
3.United Kingdom Benzai78
4.Canada CYBERWIZ75
5. DJShenanigans DJShenanigans73
6. Toby Repellant69
7.United States DJ VIACAL64
8.United States Cloh64
9. Whitfield63
10.United States DeJay9961

Latest Let's Plays For Splitgate

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8 hours agoUnited States MODW26Maverick Plays SplitGate 853:2523
13 hours agoPakistan Betagames HDLetsplay Splitgate - Team Deathmatch Online Multiplayer Gameplay15:412
1 day agoUnited States Zylphe RenuisZylphe VS SplitGate: Gotta crush the competition!3:02:422
2 days agoUnited States Hoshi ASMRASMR | Splitgate | Let's Get That W! | Whispering and Keyboard Sounds ⭐27:22164
3 days agoUnited States GW&CO PLAYSGW&CO plays More Splitgate1:21:482
3 days agoJapan k4sen / かせん無限に煽られて何も言えなくなる詐欺師AlphaAzur12:4430,074
4 days agoUnited States GPLAYSUMLAVAWELL is not a good map on SPLITGATE7:5616
4 days agoUnited States Keith BallardLet's Play Splitgate Part 5 - A Shiny Andrew Appears Throw Your Master Ball55:55476
4 days agoUnited States HaxThis is too Easy Splitgate Plays - Hax0:24679
4 days agoUnited States KhaizaKhaiza Plays SPLITGATE!! HYPE COMPILATION!!20:247
4 days agoAustralia Geek AloudInstalled - Splitgate [PlayStation 4]2:0841
5 days ago Joe poseidonLets play splitgate live gameplay1:03:586
5 days agoUnited States Anjim Plays LiveSplitgate PS5 | Cross Platform Online Multiplayer Party1:47:531
6 days agoSwitzerland gioioso632polpoPolpo e le alleanze del Mona ei suoi discepoli! | Splitgate59:040
2021-09-17 Hans_olo_TTV*Plays Splitgate once*2:017
2021-09-15United States Emerald MastersShadow plays Splitgate!12:471,332
2021-09-14United Kingdom DivergenceFirst time on Splitgate - Got some sweet double and triple kills! #Shorts0:39421
2021-09-14United Kingdom Gaming GrandpaGrandpa Plays Splitgate - 15 to 4 - 10 Kill Streak5:1034
2021-09-13United Kingdom RawrSplitgate: TOP 5 PLAYS OF THE WEEK - EPISODE 1 (Splitgate 2021)4:31242
2021-09-12United States NiftyHereNOOB PLAYS SPLITGATE - Splitgate #0016:5926
2021-09-12United States ClohINSANE 40 KILL TOURNAMENT GAMEPLAY! 🤯 CRAZY PORTAL PLAYS! (Splitgate Gameplay)11:013,479
2021-09-10United Kingdom Dr RavenholmSplitgate, Its Like Portal But There Is Running and Screaming1:49:324
2021-09-09 AQWBlaZer91Splitgate / PlayStation 4 / Casual Team Rumble - Contamination Match Gameplay10:371
2021-09-08United States The OuterhavenDoing Casuals - Matt & Ryan Plays Splitgate38:4915

Latest Reviews For Splitgate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days ago Skycaptin5Splitgate Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Free to Play]22:59599
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2021-09-16United States obiemoriyoshiMy Personal Review on Splitgate8:335
2021-09-15Canada Inside The GameSplitgate Looks to Boost Development! ITG Daily For September 15th25:016
2021-09-13 KasOneGamingSplitgate | Kas on dat Clutch #shorts0:2225
2021-09-12India ResonanceYTGoing for Shang Chi tomorrow, reviews? | Splitgate live w/ ResonanceYT3:48:09127
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2021-09-06United States DreamcastGuyThis Game is FREE and GREAT?! - Splitgate Review! (PS4/Ps5/Xbox)10:2312,010
2021-09-05United Kingdom 2ezlma0Splitgate livestream clip professional montage gameplay, splitgate is an easy game #shorts0:245
2021-09-05Morocco MOLSFENJ101THENOOBsplitgate i can't believe that ,definitely my new favorite arena game16:252,956
2021-09-04United States Kiro TTGSplitgate Gold Edition Steam Review4:1877
2021-09-04Australia PangaBrosSplitgate SEASON 0 - Custom Matches With VIEWERS!!!2:34:1043
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2021-09-01United States Mac A SnackSplitgate Season 0 Review10:011
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2021-08-29 Vengefulsplitgate season 0 battle pass review *new*11:097
2021-08-29United States Mic FurySplitgate Review "Unreal Halo Portals" (PS4)11:2214
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