Splitgate: Arena Warfare

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1.United States Splitgate9,765,077
2.United States FaZe Jev4,169,938
3.United States IGN2,907,480
4.United States Macro2,697,660
5.United States OmgItsNikeFinesse2,595,802
6.Japan Fields Food2,575,133
7.United States Dysmo2,207,827
8.United States Cloh1,771,054
9.United States Jameskii1,715,307
10.United States TheDooo1,517,566

Latest Let's Plays For Splitgate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
19 hours agoUnited States Infinite PhoenixSplitgate: Portal Magic Ep 88 Beats and Bullets and some Portal Magic!0:000
4 days ago GenoNarSplitgate Let's Play 2 (FR) : Je fais découvrire ce jeu a AgraDark30:267
5 days ago PinkSparklePuffSniper Woes & Evolution | PSP Plays Splitgate w/ Alex & ati35:0721
2023-03-13Canada TheKingsRoadLet's play ball 😈 #shorts #splitgate 0:2273
2023-03-06Canada Alexander Parcasio IV, Youtube ChannelSplitgate Replay (Retro Domination - Simulation Alpha)6:081
2023-02-28 Jwapz7Jwapz7 PLAYS SPLITGATE14:0517
2023-02-27 Mr.laid- backMr. laid-back plays Splitgate #6 (System: PS5)54:3449
2023-02-25India Gameplay VideosSplit Gate || Gameplay #youtubegames11:093
2023-02-21Canada Bobby LasagnaCrazy Splitgate Plays0:59302
2023-02-20United States InkD3monInkD3mon plays SPLITBALL! | Splitgate1:13:452
2023-02-08 Macy DragonWolf plays splitgate15:331
2023-02-03 GAME ONSplitgate PlayStation 5 Gameplay3:2464
2023-01-29United States Cryptic GamerSplitgate! Take Names! And Winning Games is our Moto!! #gaming15:457
2023-01-25United States ManCatJojoHeadShot only, 2.5x Speed, Let's Play!!!!21:180
2023-01-17United States Fan of Princess Pipp PetalsPlaying Splitgate A Game That Plays Like Halo1:48:212
2023-01-11United States AzraelPOVSplitgate was a good time #gaming #sniper #trickshot #splitgate #sinatraa @azraelpov0:15234
2022-12-30Canada GumwingsMy First Game Playing Splitgate Ranked6:1521
2022-12-29 WWF Our VersionStar Wars battlefront 2(2017) Ep72 PS539:0521
2022-12-29 𝗣𝗢𝗟𝗢 𝟭😍😱BEST Splitgate Montage, 200 IQ Portal Plays & CRAZY PVP! | 2023 | STILL THE BEST ?!4:38264
2022-12-25United Kingdom MoreKazavopkazavop plays some splitgate matches on christmas!44:135
2022-12-24 Lunar D8lets play split gate part 2 what games are good fps?6:553
2022-12-20 sonic movie the hedgehogLet's play every games my favorite20:351
2022-12-11 Misteryman321Help, I'm trying to stream and i'm bad1:59:119
2022-12-08Pakistan EpicBeast007Splitgate portal into kill | Playstation 40:122,667
2022-12-02 Chubby SamsonFortnite player plays Splitgate21:553

Latest Reviews For Splitgate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-02-10United States FlipBrosSplitgate | Should you play? | No Bull**** Review4:27191
2023-02-09 DasaltSplitgate Review 20231:3335
2023-01-31 zerodeathsSplitgate Locker Review + 15 drop opening5:0010
2022-12-13 City GamerEXCLUSIVE “Splitgate Rocket Pop” FOCUS REVIEW | ADVANCEDgg10:0060
2022-12-10 TarnakSingle Review - 'Bridges Burned' by Tattoo The Scars3:1319
2022-10-19Germany ClouthSplitgate - Die KOSTENLOSE Version von HALO! 🌐 TEST / REVIEW7:3556
2022-10-09France La SeguerieGameplay/Review Splitgate 2022 !!!27:2015
2022-10-06United Kingdom ItsAnotherAverageGamerSplitgate Review 2022 - The game that fell off, on the rise again?6:30129
2022-09-21 AQWBlaZer91Kaiser Krom Elite Wired Gamepad for PS3, PS4 & PC Unboxing & First Impression Review1:12:24608
2022-09-20Australia Mr Rat GamingSeason 3 battle pass review splitgate4:5518
2022-09-19 Rhun999Splitgate In 2022 ( Splitgate Funny Moments )8:3892
2022-09-16United States TGR YTNew splitgate battlepass + free drops! | last splitgate update!8:11316
2022-09-15United Kingdom AndyFlossSPLITGATES FINAL BATTLE PASS! (Splitgate Season 3 BP Review)13:18790
2022-08-10United States MayorReynoldsTVCTRL Gingerbread Review: Healthy meal replacement for gamers #ctrl #health #gaming #nutrition6:5615
2022-08-01United States Fear's Gaming Review Channel!Splitgate Review0:196
2022-07-27United Kingdom BuzerioShould You Play Splitgate? (Review)10:39399
2022-07-25United States ChannelZeroSplitgate | All we do is Win!0:0788
2022-07-02 The RetaliatorSplitgate... a Portal to Victory I Review8:419
2022-06-18United States NotoSplitgate Best FPS? (Splitgate Review)8:07242
2022-06-17United Kingdom Worth Your TimeIs SPLITGATE: Season 2 Worth Your Time?11:39122
2022-06-12United Kingdom Nippy LeanzSplitgate Arena Warfare | Live3:13:1665
2022-06-08United States ArrrashWe Hosted The Biggest Splitgate Community Tournament Yet...20:301,504
2022-06-06United States James WildinSplitgate Beta Season 2 IS FREE SO WHY DONT PEOPLE PLAY ITS FUN4:325
2022-06-06Austria doyouknowmarcSplitgate Beta Season 2 Battle Pass Review15:2128
2022-06-05United States Darek BairdSplitgate Season 2 - Battlepass Overview7:0730