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Latest Let's Plays For Subnautica

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States Dare KSITS A NICE PEACEFUL GAME THEY SAID - Subnautica Blind Lets Play #1025:2126
3 days agoUnited Kingdom TheCraftySparrow27Subnautica - LETS PLAY - EPISODE 3 - PS4 EDITION40:4174
3 days agoUnited Kingdom IncompetentDocumentA Futuristic Cast Away without WILSON!!! | SUBNAUTICA | 0236:0821
6 days agoCanada SugarcatSTILL AT ZERO DEATHS! | Subnautica (Blind Playthrough) - Part 1321:4335
2020-06-28Germany Sira KomoriLet's Play Subnautica #054 - [Livestream/Finale] Es geht nach Hause23:091
2020-06-26Germany BurnoutDVSubnautica - #65 - in 1500 Meter Tiefe [Let's Play; ger; Blind]17:2411
2020-06-19United States ghjettoMan with Thalassophobia plays Subnautica | Subnautica Funny Moments6:4726
2020-06-18United Kingdom Game ModeSubnautica Playthrough #420:0264
2020-06-13United States Sleepless Knights StudiosLeaving The Planet & Reaching The END!! - Subnautica LP - E21 (FINALE)29:05165
2020-06-11Switzerland Delta LPSubnautica # 3 | Fleischfressende Fische [Ger]29:127
2020-06-09United Kingdom Solo Gaming GuidesSubnautica S1 [Ep13] Seamoth Upgrades + Nickel Ore And Crystalline Sulphur24:0151
2020-06-02Austria Pat LPSubnautica #26 Stress im Blood Kelp22:310
2020-05-30 New LeafNew Leaf plays: Subnautica - BEAUTIFUL BUT DEADLY OCEAN!41:0148
2020-05-30Norway WekizZLet's play Subnautica - Coop Gameplay with Friends5:52:5048
2020-05-30United States jimbro1025Subnautica First playthrough stream Part 17:01:587
2020-05-28United States TheLtColonelHelp Is Coming and I Have Created Food - Subnautica25:1529
2020-05-21Canada SeitanSubnautica Coop Fr Qc - Épisode 3 - C'est l'épisode le plus difficile!16:16193
2020-05-20Germany Theophil-NerdSubnautica (Let's Play German/Deutsch) ? 52 - Wir haben einen Leviathan Schaden!20:551
2020-05-19United Kingdom Luke AllenLallen Plays - Subnautica - Part 253:541
2020-05-18United Kingdom LewisBlogsGamingSubnautica: Gameplay Part 24 [Hull Breach] Lets Play PS4 - W/Commentary14:24125
2020-05-18United States TolakramUp and Away - Subnautica Survival Gameplay - END34:24370
2020-05-16Austria Danu ThuataSubnautica | Neptun starten | Subnautica Deutsch28:2136
2020-05-14Germany DarkwingDusSubnautica Deutsch | #9 Die schlimmste Folge | Lets Play34:3620
2020-05-11Denmark DgrayWE ARE GOING HOME! ROCKET LAUNCH! (END) – Subnautica 2020 | Blind Let's Play | Gameplay | Part 2448:4779
2020-05-09Denmark creative_stineDestroying A Cyclops With A Little Help From A Friend.. | Weird Subnautica #68:2339

Latest Reviews For Subnautica

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-04-23United Kingdom SCREEN STARSSubnautica: 2020 PS4 Review10:14376
2020-04-11Netherlands Gamekings VaultKevin ontdekt met Subnautica een vochtige parel in het survival-genre: de review8:0816
2020-03-17 SirXphosSubnautica Review 2020: Is it Worth Buying Now?4:0113,322
2020-02-01United States Rekkabites ThirteenSubnautica (Review & Rating) PC [2019's Good Enough to Beat]2:0829
2020-02-01Israel Streviewסאבנאוטיקה - ביקורת - Subnautica - Review - Hebrew14:2910,125
2020-01-25United States Mike BemissSubnautica Review by ChallengeYourself.blog19:27961
2020-01-18United Kingdom MarkGFLWould I Recommend Subnautica? - My Subnautica Review15:324,654
2020-01-10United States Talky Tiki PresentsIs it STILL WORTH it?! | Subnautica 1 Year Later Honest Review6:10264
2020-01-09Australia Skill UpWhy Subnautica Is The Only Survival Game I've Enjoyed (Review)25:34291,395
2019-12-06United States 1 Up NerdcoreDiving Back Into Subnautica VR!22:171,963
2019-11-16United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight - Subnautica4:46130
2019-09-05United States Tsuladan GamingSubnautica #9 - Review and Retrospective54:0219
2019-04-01Germany DadLord ThanosSUBNAUTICA 2019 LETS PLAY[Deutsch][Subnautica Video Review][unterwasser survival game]23:0030
2019-03-22United Kingdom ConsolevaniaSubnautica (PC) Review - Consolevania S05E024:57210
2018-12-28 reaper gaming centralSubnautica: review and announcements58:277
2018-12-24United States John LocksleySubnautica "Review" and Suggestions for Below Zero48:26596
2018-12-24 SapphireTechnologySUBNAUTICA Review - SAPPHIRE PULSE RX580 8GB7:358,994
2018-10-02Germany MaximSubnautica im Weltraum? | Breathedge Review | Steam Montag [Deutsch]8:1678,777
2018-09-23 some wind dudeSubnautica VR part 2 (blueprints)14:328
2018-09-11United Kingdom CallMehTOMMEHIs Subnautica Worth the Plunge? ► AN ANALYSIS, REVIEW + BUYER'S GUIDE (BONUS: Below Zero DLC INFO!)13:0113,739
2018-08-11Australia aBnormalSUBNAUTICA - Review4:12112
2018-07-28Viet Nam Thom Any Review GamePhản Ứng Của Streamer Dũng Ct Khi Gặp Reaper Leviathan Trong Subnautica - Review game10:0496,813
2018-07-12United States PSVR Without ParolePixel Ripped 1989 Release Date | Subnautica PSVR? | Hopalong: The Badlands Coming SOON!1:462,556
2018-06-30United Kingdom DGC ChannelDGC PLAYS: SubNautica Gameplay Review28:1913
2018-06-27Germany Defender833Subnautica | Review | Deutsch | #5MM9:1869