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1.Russian Federation Joe Speen23,415,570
2.Japan 兄者弟者21,898,222
3.Sweden Coffee Stain Studios19,808,790
4.United States FireSpark8114,576,369
5.Australia Kysen14,421,335
6.United Kingdom ESO12,439,676
7.United States Let's Game It Out12,181,495
8.United Kingdom Broadbent10,970,296
9.Japan あまり驚かないガッチマンはホラーゲームばかりやっている9,894,660
10. Kage8485,560,181

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1. Koren_545
2.Germany Dorklina520
3.Germany Tha Pa492
4.Germany Floatland Games486
5.United States TerraTanzanite474
6.Serbia Kust Jidding458
7.United States CohhCarnage452
8.United States Jiroc the Viking429
9.Germany StewyB374
10.Australia Kysen335

Latest Let's Plays For Valheim

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23 hours agoNorway TCsaysHELLOEikthyr boss looks AMAZING. Valheim First Playthrough0:5723
1 day agoUnited States Slippery SteevValheim - I joined my first CLAN - LET'S PLAY LIVE STREAM2:25:163
1 day ago ZefosLPValheim 164 - Bau des Mittelalter Hauses. Gut Ding will weile haben. (Part 3)30:234
1 day agoGermany Dorklina🍑Scouting out the New Plains 🌾/ Valheim gameplay early access ep.536🍩20:0625
1 day agoGermany Der KalleVALHEIM MISTLANDS ⚔️ #58 - Neuer Ofen, neue Rüstung! ⚔️ - Valheim Mistlands Let`s Play24:4720
1 day agoUnited States Ms. Bella GamesLet's Play - Valheim - Ep 7431:5813
1 day agoUnited Kingdom BulamatariBula & Strikken Play Valheim (Co-Op, PC) Ep. 23: Attacking A Draugr Village1:35:430
2 days agoNew Zealand Random Kiwi GamerWe Finally Found Another One | Valheim Mistlands | 681:01:5019
2 days agoUnited Kingdom CharlieCValheim First Playthrough | Viking Brotherhood | Multiplayer | LIVE Stream | Part 30:000
2 days agoCanada D and Wee GamingValheim Play through 26 - Test out tanking with 3 people, after making more stuff.43:1224
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Epic GamesValheim Funny Moments | Valheim Gameplay | Valheim Tips | Valheim Funny Montage10:2150
3 days agoUnited States xxKanadexxKanade Plays Valheim - Episode 251:29:097
3 days agoGermany FlufuValheim Mistlands #S3-054 | Wir wollten Silber und dann lockte die Ebene | German Lets play30:4410
3 days agoGermany Konny87Der erste Sumpf Ausflug - 49 - Valheim Permadeath44:5822
3 days agoUnited States Dr. IncompetentValheim | Let's Play for the First Time in 2023 | Episode 108 | Time to Sail36:40172
3 days agoIreland Croc o GoldValheim playthrough twitch 24th may 20236:48:284
4 days agoUnited Kingdom IDC GamesTop Epic Plays in Valheim | The best plays and tricks #40:4976
4 days agoFrance Metroid02Let's Play Découverte avec Neo sur Valheim - Partie 51:30:3610
4 days agoUnited Kingdom MegaGranValheim Playthrough - Ep58: Fighting The Queen51:5582
5 days agoUnited States Terence Ch.テレンス[Vtubers Plays] Valheim with @baixuelin9508 and @darkestmessiah8351 part 7!2:30:3715
5 days agoCanada MrFullCrumbDual Plays | Valheim - 1216:2713
5 days agoUnited Kingdom DannoJSExploring the Freezing Mountains of Valheim | Valheim Mistlands Playthrough Part 415:3510
5 days agoUnited States Man Meets GamezLet's Play: Valheim | Crafting New Gear | 7930:0644
5 days agoAustralia HenrikValheim Mistlands - Hardcore Lets Play - Episode 013:34:25358
2023-05-20United States Kongveal GamingPescatarian Valheim: 1st Fishy Day [Charity]3:19:5564

Latest Reviews For Valheim

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-05-05Brazil NΣRDANDTALVALHEIM - ENCONTREI UM TROLL #shorts1:00459
2023-04-27United Kingdom SmashsoulVALHEIM | Xbox Series X Review8:10169
2023-04-26United States DungeonBrewDungeon Games Review: Valheim Mistlands16:4216
2023-04-25 Bong Gaming EsportsValheim Game Review With Gameplay11:0233
2023-04-20United States Aiming4Gaming#valheimbuilding like 🔨📏 ... | #valheim #valheimfunnymoments0:26317
2023-04-20United Kingdom The_PlayerValheim Has So Much Potential9:442,232
2023-04-15United Kingdom Photography GamerIs Valheim a Survival Masterpiece or a Dirty Grind Fest? | Review after 60 hours7:373,571
2023-03-24Morocco Joy Stick NewsIs Valheim on Xbox Series X Worth Your Money? Here's Our Review!2:404
2023-03-23India GamingBoltValheim Xbox Series X Early Access Review8:0314,063
2023-03-22United States NyxsonValheim Review // Is It Worth It in 2023?!0:353,400
2023-03-21 MocklemaneHOW TO VALHEIM12:2224
2023-03-20Brazil TIO Joe🔴 LIVE - VALHEIM - MUNDO ABERTO de Sobrevivência - XCLOUD BRASIL2:20:46169
2023-03-20United Kingdom The Critically CluelessValheim Review (Console) 20238:132,813
2023-03-17United Kingdom Helix Plays GamesVALHEIM! FIRST LOOK ON XBOX GAMEPASS2:46:11180
2023-03-17United States RenfailValheim On The Xbox0:51486
2023-03-15 Skycaptin5Valheim Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized] [Game Preview] [Xbox Game Pass]20:113,683
2023-03-08Belgium BOINGtheGamerVALHEIM part 4 - The Elder , Second Boss5:5250
2023-03-04Australia Its DanzellValheim Feat @AlucardTepez & Jayzee and More3:16:51108
2023-02-24Hong Kong Ironic and DeadValheim - 60 second game review1:0014,203
2023-02-11 SeniorsLordValheim Review Quick Overview Before You Buy #shorts0:5940
2023-02-07 QuickSheathValheim FINAL Review #shorts #valheim0:1632
2023-02-02United States RooslahnTHE SURVIVAL GAME YOU NEVER PLAYED | VALHEIM-LIKE | 20238:341,220
2023-01-26United States PatternValheim Review | Lord of lumber simulator12:054,534
2023-01-24India Game Tech AssistantValheim and First class trouble || Random games and more || Join us at ₹29/-4:13:52106
2023-01-18United Kingdom Blen983My Comprehensive and In depth Valheim Review0:353