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1.United Kingdom Wrestling Video Games128,634
2.United Kingdom WrestleTalk67,222
3.United States JDfromNY20653,737
4.United States Sooplex38,848
5.United Kingdom Cultaholic Wrestling35,579
6.Argentina Sabe9932,851
7.United Kingdom Che Varvaritis31,537
8.United States Phoenix Nitro29,019
9.United Kingdom Wrestling Daze26,759
10.United States Anthony Jimenez26,698

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1.Ireland Sean O Connor75
2. JMFactor30
3. AmitDabydeen28
4.United States brandon lee28
5.United States Dre41Gaming27
6.United States Everything Enigma12
7.Hong Kong hkkaneGAME1212
8.United States Guishmonster12
9. Masa Channel11
10.United States J.D. Brotherhood11

Latest Let's Plays For Wrestle Kingdom

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-01-04Australia GAMER-KINGFULL Segment - Nic Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler) Explosive NJPW Debut - Wrestle Kingdom 18 - 3/1/24 WWE2K227:44382
2024-01-03 The Wresting GroupNic Nemeth FKA Dolph Ziggler shows up in NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom 183:224,238
2023-10-11United Kingdom BrotherBatchWrestle Kingdom (PlayStation 2 Gameplay - Part 3)37:2532
2021-06-16United Kingdom ITSMYYARDLet's Play... Wrestle Kingdom Drama Mode1:08:231,699
2021-04-14Brazil Now Loading Please WaitWrestle Kingdom Japan - Playstation 2 (PS2)0:3929
2018-01-05France Arnaud-VasyParodie:Et Si Christophe Agius et Philippe Chéreau commentait Alpha VS Omega à Wrestle Kingdom 12 ?1:4564

Latest Reviews For Wrestle Kingdom

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-01-05United States GuishmonsterWrestle Kingdom 18 Review33:361
2024-01-03United States Everything EnigmaNJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 Bishamon vs G.o.D. IWGP Tag Team & Strong Openweight Tag Team Titles15:3910
2023-01-08United Kingdom The Stardom Cast100: Triangle Derby 1 Opening Night Review + Wrestle Kingdom & Mercedes Mone Thoughts!1:59:18127
2023-01-04United States Wrestling ExpressIt's Mone Time in NJPW | Wrestle Kingdom 17 Review10:0746
2022-05-07United States attackslugPerplexing Pixels: Wrestle Kingdom | PS2 (review/commentary) Ep47416:475,499
2022-01-11United States YuYuYusuke92NJPW WRESTLE KINGDOM 16 NIGHT 2 REVIEW "OKADA MAKES IT RAIN!"23:2627
2022-01-05Germany Chris I SteaZyNJPW Wrestle Kingdom 16 In Tokyo Dome - Review (Deutsch/German)2:12:2250
2021-04-19Canada cucumberfeetCLASSIC REVIEW | NJPW Wrestle Kingdom (Review)23:3254
2020-01-16United States SooplexMy Review/LIVE EXPERIENCE of Wrestle Kingdom 14 - Chill SPill Podcast #61:28:59232
2020-01-07Germany Spotfight Wrestling PodcastHAUPTKAMPF | Lesnar im Royal Rumble, NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Review - mit Chris1:08:343,880
2020-01-05United States Koco PlaysPro Wrestling Podcast - Wrestle Kingdom 14 Night 2 Review (Wrestle AM)1:05:2855
2020-01-05 GraumEntertainmentNJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Review - Greystlemania #092 [NJPW WK 14 Rückblick german deutsch]1:16:45159
2020-01-04United Kingdom WrestleTalkAEW & New Japan Relationship Rumor Killer! Wrestle Kingdom 14 Review! | WrestleTalk Live52:4146,521
2019-01-26 Mrricanjay21Ghostbusters 3 Thoughts | WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Preview | Wrestle Kingdom 13 Review | - Asylum 80#2:54:42131
2019-01-05 NationalWrestlingShootersNJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 Review: New Champions.7:259
2019-01-04 Around The Point NetworkNJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 Full Show Results & Review | TANAHASHI IS CHAMPION AGAIN !28:1485
2019-01-04United States JDfromNY206Kenny Omega SET TO LEAVE NJPW! NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 Full Show Review | Off The Script 255 Part 11:36:1128,376
2019-01-04United States Noah Nation WrestlingNJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 Review + Kenny Omega's Contract Thoughts18:2226
2019-01-04United Kingdom Wrestling DazeNJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 REVIEW18:522,470
2018-01-06United Kingdom Kermand0Thoughts on Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 1211:18225
2018-01-04United States Part Time PlaysWrestle Kingdom 12 Chris Jericho Vs Kenny Omega Review and Thoughts2:3232
2018-01-04United States WorldofGeekdomNew Japan Wrestle Kingdom 12 Review15:323,691
2018-01-04United States MrBrOkeNaToRNJPW: Wrestle Kingdom 12 - Full PPV {REVIEW}6:3053
2017-01-10France VINCEoWrestling[REVIEW] NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11 (Le show de la décennie) [FR][HD]30:55574
2017-01-06Germany PerkkiXWWE | JonathanNew Japan Pro Wrestling - Wrestle Kingdom 11 Review - DAS BESTE MATCH? (Deutsch/German)1:03:1511,432