Landing a Rover on Duna in KSP 2

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Duration: 40:19

Landing a rover on Duna in today's KSP 2 video. We will show design, launch, how to easily do interplanetary transfer in KSP 2 as well as some epic footage on Duna arrival and landing...



00:00 Intro
00:35 Building a small rover in KSP 2
02:54 Test driving a small rover on the runway
03:12 Duna Lander design in KSP 2
08:04 Design Duna Transfer stage
13:57 Test Launch of Duna Rocket
15:22 Launch
19:30 Kerbin Ejection Maneuver
20:42 Leaving Kerbin
21:17 How to perform Duna interplanetary Transfer Burn in KSP 2
24:13 Arriving at Duna
27:35 Duna Insertion burn
32:03 The greatest moment in my KSP 2 experience EVER - MUSIC
36:00 Final Descent
38:40 Lander Beetle - Decoupling Rover
39:43 Val plants the flag on Duna in Kerbal Space Program 2
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